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Updated August 28, 2017 - 10:51 PM EDT
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan
US-Somali Raid Killed Civilians, Not Militants
US Used Diplomatic Flights To Arm Terrorists
  Pentagon's Concealment of Troop Levels Faces Mounting Criticism
Pak FM: Afghan Troops Sell US Arms to Taliban
  US Commander: Afghan Taliban Leadership All in Pakistan
  Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Southern Afghanistan
Saudis Admit Airstrike Killed 16 Yemen Civilians
Ceasefire on Syria-Leb Border, ISIS to Evacuate
Tal Afar Captured; 162 Killed in Iraq
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More Viewpoints

in Mosul

by Patrick Cockburn
Trump Prepares to Lift Limits on Military Gear for Police
Pakistan Postpones US Visit After Trump Speech
US Marines Live-Fire Range Planned on 'Pristine' Guam Land
Sailors: Fatigue and Training Gaps Spell Danger at Sea
After Decades of War, Colombia's FARC Rebels Debut Political Party
Tal Afar Captured; 162 Killed in Iraq
Tal Afar: Iraq Forces Wait for Fighting to Stop in Small Area Before Declaring Victory
France Pledges Support to Stabilize Post-ISIS Iraq
Syrian Troops Capture Wide Areas From ISIS in Country's Center
Changes to Proposed US Anti-Hezbollah Sanctions Allay Lebanon's Fears
Lebanese Army Arrests ISIS Attack Plotter: Statement
Israeli Envoy Says UN Must Address Hezbollah 'Weapons Buildup'
Turkey Opposition Chief Challenges Erdogan With 'Justice' Congress
German Hardline on Turkey Softens in Face of Skepticism
Houthis and Saleh Forces Clash in Sanaa, at Least Two Dead
Yemen: Cholera Death Rates Soar in Rebel-Held Areas
The Silencing of a Yemeni Social Media Star
US Black Hawk Helicopter Crashes Off Yemen, One Service Member Missing
Iranians Up in Arms as Apple Removes Top Apps to Comply With Sanctions
Chador In, Hijab Out: Iran Female VP's Wardrobe Draws Criticism
Qatar Says Five Suspects in News Agency Hacking Detained in Turkey
No Hajj for Qataris This Year Amid Saudi Dispute
White House Official: Kushner Never Said Settlement Freeze Will Topple Netanyahu
Israel Finalizes Deal for 17 More F-35 Stealth Fighters
Jerusalem Stakeout Reveals 'New Generation' of Radical Jewish Settlers
Israeli State Panel Proposes Special Status for 'Jew-Ish' Non-Jews – Letting Them Stay Longer in Israel
Occupation Forces Detain Two Palestinians
After Palestinians Petition, Israel Says It Will Remove Settlers From Hebron House
For One Night Only: Gaza's First Proper Cinema in Three Decades
French-Palestinian Prisoner Released in Gilad Schalit Exchange Re-Arrested
How the NSC Outmaneuvered the State Department on Venezuela
Civilians Join Venezuela War Games After US Invasion Threat
Venezuela Shuts Two Radio Stations
Botched Surveillance Job May Have Led to Strange Injuries at US Embassy in Cuba
Canada Says Not Assuming Cuba Was Behind Acoustic Incidents
In a Mexico 'Tired of Violence,' Zapatista Rebels Venture Into Politics
Guatemala Faces Crisis After President Turns on UN Man
Pot Was Flying Off the Shelves in Uruguay. Then US Banks Weighed In.
The War at Home
Court: Locating Suspect Via Stingray Definitely Requires a Warrant, But....
Trump Cybersecurity Advisors Resign, Citing His 'Insufficient Attention' to Threats
Hit App Sarahah Quietly Uploads Your Address Book
US Navy
USS John S. McCain: Bodies of 10 Sailors Recovered After Collision With Tanker
Retired Admiral: Basic Training, Maintenance 'Stretched' on US Warships Overseas
Investigators Warned of Overworked Sailors Ahead of Navy Ship Crashes
With the USS John McCain Collision, Even Navy Tech Can't Overcome Human Shortcomings
71 of the Navy's T-45 Trainer Jets Could Not Evacuate Storm
Ongoing Myanmar Clashes Leave 96 Dead, Including 6 Civilians
Myanmar Troops Open Fire on Fleeing Rohingya Villagers
Gunfire Heard Near Bangladesh Border as Thousands Flee Myanmar Violence
North Korea
Tillerson Says US Will Keep Up 'Peaceful Pressure' on North Korea
US Revises Assessment of North Korea Launch
North Korea Used Multiple-Rocket Launchers to Test Missiles
China Bans New Business With North Korea in Line With Sanctions
Afghanistan's Shi'ites Call for Protection After Latest Mosque Attack
New Law Needed to Allow Torture Victims to Sue Afghan Government: Activists
Uneasy Calm After 36 Die in India Riots Over Guru Verdict
Two Militants, Eight Indian Police Killed in Year's Deadliest Kashmir Attack
Father of Philippine Islamist Militant Leaders Dies in Government Custody
Three Missing After Japan Military Helicopter Loses Contact Over Sea of Japan
Buckingham Palace Attacker Had '4-Foot Sword,' Shouted 'Allahu Akbar'
UK Police Arrest Second Suspect After Buckingham Palace Attack
Barcelona Terror Attack Toll Rises to 16
Hundreds of Russians Protest Tighter Internet Controls
Finnish Police Release Man Arrested Over Knife Attack
ISIS Claims Brussels Knife Attack on Soldiers
Azerbaijan Military Ammunition Dump Catches Fire, Six Injured
Belarus Opposition Leader Statkevich Jailed for 15 Days
Somalis Refuse to Bury Dead Until State Admits Killing Them in US-Backed Raid
Al-Qaeda Confirms Death of Shabaab General in Earlier US Air Strike
US Journalist Among 19 Killed in South Sudan Fighting: Rebels
3.8 Million Displaced by DR Congo Violence: UN
Italy's Interior Minister Meets Libyan Mayors Over People Smuggling
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