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Updated August 29, 2017 - 11:00 PM EDT
US Military Battles Syrian Rebels Armed by CIA
NATO Strikes Kill 16 Civilians in W. Afghanistan
North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan
Trump Restarts Providing Military Gear to Police
Trump Says US 'Very Protective' of Baltic Region
Trump Moves Ahead on Costly Nuclear Weapons Plan
Trump Pressures US Officials to Claim Iran 'Violates' Deal
Louise Mensch's Trump Allegations Came From Hoaxer
item Can the US and North Korea Move From Threats to Negotiations?  by Gareth Porter
item As US Empire Fails, Trump Enters a Quagmire  Kevin Zeese/Margaret Flowers
item Arms Bazaar: Needs Wars, Eats Lives  by Paul Rogers
item Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?  by Ron Paul
item Iranians and Their iPhones, and the Futility of Sanctions  by Paul Pillar
item Taliban Tried To Surrender and the US Rebuffed Them  by Ryan Grim

More Viewpoints

Digging Deeper Into the Afghan Abyss
by Chris Coyne & Jerrod Laber
India and China Agree to End Border Standoff
$727M Contract Awarded by US To Support Afghan Air Force, Special Mission Wing
7 Dead in Clashes Between Police, Militants in S. Russia
Venezuela Ex-AG Says Contract Killers After Her
ACLU Sues Trump Over Transgender Military Ban
Bombers Strike in Sadr City; 29 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Leaves Syria-Lebanon Border Zone
US-Backed Raqqa Battle Should End in Two Months, Says Senior SDF Commander
After Syria Fall-Out, Hamas Ties With Iran Restored: Hamas Chief
Israeli Settler Accused of Running Over and Killing Palestinian Girl
In West Bank, Netanyahu Vows to Never Remove Settlements: 'We're Here to Stay'
Middle East
Houthis Place Saleh Under House Arrest in Yemen, Reports Say
Two Americans Serving 10 Years in Iran Lose Appeal: Lawyer
US 'Closely' Monitoring Sudan Over Embargo: Aid Chief
Libya Navy Seizes Oil Tanker, Detains Filipino Crew
UN Moves to Protect South Sudan Civilians After Years of Criticism
Pakistan, US in War of Words
We Cannot Bring Afghan War Into Pakistan: Army Chief
Pakistan Says Indian Attack in Kashmir Killed Three Civilians
Pakistani, Chinese Officials Discuss Afghanistan Amid Tension With US
Myanmar Army 'Killed a Baby' in Crackdown on Rohingya Muslims, Villager Claims
Russian-North Korea Projects Foundering Because of Missile Tests: Minister
Indonesian Woman Jailed for Suicide Bomb Plot at Jakarta Palace
Barcelona Attackers Evaded Checks Specially Designed to Prevent Attacks: Minister
Catalan Parties Step Up Referendum Planning in Clash With Madrid
Russia Deploys Two Stealth Submarines to Mediterranean
Finnish Court Names Knife Attack Suspect
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