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Updated August 30, 2017 - 11:08 PM EDT
US Hits Highway to Block ISIS Evacuation Convoy
US Military Battles Syrian Rebels Armed by CIA
  Iraqi Army: Fighting Near Tal Afar Worse Than Mosul Battles
Trump: Talking With N. Korea Is 'Not the Answer'
  Trump Threatens North Korea as South Conducts Simulated Attack
  North Korea: Missile Launch a Response to 'Provocative' US Acts
NATO Strikes Kill 16 Civilians in W. Afghanistan
  Afghan Intelligence Officials Talk Almost Daily With Taliban
Pakistanis Rally Against Trump Over Accusations
US Air Force Admits to Clandestine Base in UAE
Yemen Allies Agree to End Tensions After Deadly Clash
item Trump: Let Our Police Armor Up Like Soldiers  by Jason Ditz
item Key to the Whole Business: Fool's Errand by Scott Horton  by C. Edward Kelso
item Afghanistan Is President Donald Trump's War Now  by Doug Bandow
item Iran, Again: Will Israel Start a New War?  by Philip Giraldi
item The Terror Next Time: The Daesh Story Is Not Ending  by Ramzy Baroud
item Inflating the Russian Threat  by Jonathan Marshall

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19 Indicted for Attack on Protesters Outside Turkish Embassy
How Pentagon Officials May Have Encouraged a 2009 Coup in Honduras
Mattis Freezes Transgender Policy; Allows Troops to Continue Serving, For Now
Bolton Says He's No Longer Allowed to See Trump
Fierce Fighting Outside Tal Afar; 187 Killed in Iraq
Kirkuk Province to Vote in Kurdish Independence Referendum
Jordan Border Crossing With Iraq to Reopen in Major Boost to Ties
US, Iraq Blacklist ISIS Finance Official: US Treasury
Lebanon's Negotiated ISIS Evacuation Angers Many
ISIS Convoy Reaches East Syria After Ceasefire: Hezbollah-Run Media
Lebanon Calls on UN to Renew Peacekeepers' Mandate
Palestinian Authority: US Asked for 3-4 Months to Prepare Its Peace Plan
UN: Israel Settlements Big Hurdle to Two-State Solution
Hamas Official Denies Group Upped Demands in Prisoner-Swap Talks
Israeli Legislators Enter Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound
Arab League Chief Condemns Netanyahu Settlements Remark
Israeli Defense Chief Blasts Radical Settler Youth as 'Disturbed Idiots'
Israeli Justice Minister: Courts Put Too Much Emphasis on Individual Rights, Not Enough on Zionism
Middle East
Iran Rejects US Demand for UN Visit to Military Sites
Saudi Security Forces Brace for Haj but No Militant Threats Detected
Search Still Underway for Service Member Missing After Army Black Hawk Crash Off Yemen
The War at Home
Trump Just Reauthorized Police to Use High-Tech Military Gear Here's What They Can Get
Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025
Venezuela's Assembly Votes to Prosecute 'Traitors'
Venezuela Eyes Censoring Social Media After Public Shaming Wave
North Korea
South Korean Jets Simulate Strike to 'Wipe Out' Kim Jong-Un
North Korea Launch Increases Focus on Risky US Shootdown Option
US Provoked North Korea to Fire Missile, Says Russia

US Proposes UN Statement Condemning North Korea Missile Launch

HRW: Satellite Data Show Fires Burning in Rakhine State
Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar Violence Face Expulsion Despite UN Appeal
Thailand 'Preparing to Receive' Those Fleeing Myanmar Violence
Guam Officials Say No Change in Threat Level
A Uranium Bank Just Opened in Kazakhstan to Stop the Spread of Nukes
Suicide Bomber Kills Five at Bank in Afghan Capital
Pakistan Census Sparks Row Over Growth in Major Cities
Finland Says No Fighter Deal With Boeing After Trump's Comments
Finnish Police Study 'Manifesto' by Knife Attack Suspect
Germany Keen to Avoid New 'Ice Age' in Ties Between Russia, West
Russia Seeks to Reassure Over War Games, Denies Invasion Plans
Ukraine Bars Two Spanish Journalists Over War Coverage
Drone Sale to Azeris Halted as Maker Accused of Bombing Armenia in Demo
Barcelona Attackers' Suspected Supplier Arrested in Morocco
Pentagon Notifies US Congress of Weapon Sale to Nigeria
Sudan's Bashir Pardons Top Activist Accused of Spying
War-Ravaged South Sudan Passes Budget, but Funding Will Be 'Difficult'
Retired US Army Colonel Charged in Haitian Bribery Scheme
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