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Updated August 31, 2017 - 10:48 PM EDT
Pentagon Admits Far More Troops in Afghanistan
  DOD: We Lowballed Number of Troops in Combat Zones for Years
2nd Day in a Row, US Strikes Kill Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Officials Deny AP Report of Being in Contact With Taliban
  Pakistan Parliament Unanimously Condemns US Allegations
US Hits Highway to Block ISIS Evacuation Convoy
  US Slams ISIS Families Evacuation, Demands Fighters All Be Killed
Trump: Talking With N. Korea Is 'Not the Answer'
Latest Saudi Strike Kills Five Yemen Civilians
US Troops Risk Inflaming Somali Clan Conflict
US Sends Warplanes to Baltic Amid 'Fear' of Russia
item Has Netanyahu Defeated the Palestinians?  by Daniel Levy
item Will the Real GOP Non-Interventionists Stand Up?  by Jonathan Tkachuk
item Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Push Is Going Nowhere. That's Why Israelis Love It.  by Benny Avni
item Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan  by Justin Raimondo
item Battlefield America Is the New Normal  by John W. Whitehead
item US Airstrikes Are Wiping Out Entire Families in Yemen and Syria  by Darius Shahtahmasebi

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Guam Residents Protest Planned US Firing Range
Kremlin Says Got Trump Adviser Email About Tower Project but Ignored It
New Russian Envoy Calls for Resumed Military Contacts
Israel Suspends Decision to Bar Al Jazeera Journalist
Fierce Fighting Outside Tal Afar; 187 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Evacuation Deal Angers Iraq
Iraqi Forces Begin House-by-House Fight for Last ISIS Holdout Near Tal Afar
Hezbollah Leader Defends Evacuation of ISIS Fighters
Lebanon Finds Soldiers' Bodies After Retaking ISIS-Held Area
After Tense Talks, UN Agrees to Renew Peacekeepers in Lebanon
In Call With Saudi King, Trump Urges End to Qatar Dispute: White House
Qatar Says No Sign Arab States Willing to Negotiate Over Boycott
Qatar and Russia to Bolster Economic Ties
IMF Says Transport, Food Costs Are Up in Qatar After Rift
Israel to Advance Plans for 3,000 Settlement Homes: Report
Trump's Mideast Envoy: PA Must Rule Gaza, Hamas Harming Palestinians
Israeli Mayors to US: Help Resolve Gaza Electricity, Water Crisis
Netanyahu Assails Israel's 'Fake News Industry' to Thousands of Supporters
Israeli Firm Loses Kamikaze-Drone Export License After Complaint It Carried Out Live Demo on Armenian Army
Middle East
Turkey Slams 'Biased' US Indictment Over Washington Brawl
After Last Year's Ban, Iran Hajj Pilgrims Flock to Saudi in Diplomatic Icebreaker
Jordan Refuses to Accept Israeli Ambassador's Return
Since Trump's Mideast Visit, Extrajudicial Killings Have Spiked in Egypt
UN Condemns Egypt's Widening 'Assault on Free Speech'
Sudan President Pardons, Frees Rights Activist: Family
Italy Denies Supporting Libyan Traffickers to Stop Migrants
The War at Home
Senate Armed Service Leaders Ask Pentagon for List of Damage From Continuing Resolution
Value of Trump's Brand Up in Middle East, His Gulf Partner Says
US Conducts Missile Defense Test Off Hawaii Coast
At Guantanamo, Men Accused in 9/11 Attacks Faced Their 24th Round of Pretrial Hearings
North Korea
Mattis Says US Not Out of Diplomatic Solutions With North Korea
Japan, US Look to Cut Off North Korea's Oil Supply
Japan Pushes US to Propose New UN Sanctions on North Korea
Thousands More Rohingya Flee to Border as Myanmar Violence Flares
Myanmar Buddhists Seek Tougher Action Against Rohingya
Blackwater Founder Calls for Military Contractors in Afghanistan
Pakistan: Transgender People Targeted in Fatal Karachi Attack
The Endless Wait for Kashmir's Disappeared to Return
After 100 Days, Philippine Army Says 'Last Stand' Near for Marawi Fighters
German Federal Police Storing 'Illegal' Data on Journalists: Report
Former German Chancellor Accuses His Critics of Wanting a 'New Cold War'
Berlin Tegel Airport Closed by WW2 Bomb, Flights Land at Berlin Brandenburg
Ukraine Preparing to Deport Russian Journalist for 'Propaganda'
Spanish Archaeologists Dig Up More Civil War Dead From Mass Graves
Poland Calls for Reparations During Strains With Germany, EU
Mexico: Seven Killed in Acapulco Amid Ongoing Wave of Violence
Colombia's 50,000 Disappeared Should Become 'National Cause': Government
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