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Updated September 1, 2017 - 9:05 PM EDT
Pentagon in Mystery Escalation of Afghan War
US Warns Russia Ties Are in a 'Downward Spiral'
  US Orders Russia to Close Consulate, Two Other Offices
US Strikes Inflict Huge Civilian Toll in Raqqa: UN
  ISIS Evacuation Buses Stuck in Syria as US Forbids Passage
  2,152 Killed in Iraq During August
IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal
  Trump Keeps World Guessing on Future of Iran Deal
Somali Govt: 10 Civilians Killed in US-Somali Raid
Yemen: Photo Sole Surviving Girl Sparks Antiwar Reaction
item Israel Creatively Countering Its Demographic Disadvantage  by Jonathan Cook
item Media Obscure US Responsibility for Killing Yemeni Civilians  by Ben Norton
item New York Times Distorts Reality of Israel's Walls  by Michael F. Brown
item 'Missile Gap' Redux: Heroic Days of Threat Inflation Aren't Over  by Andrew Cockburn
item The Man Who Stood Up to Armageddon  by Robert Koehler
item Time to Terminate Washington's Defense Welfare  by Doug Bandow

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WikiLeaks 'Hacked' as Ourmine Group Answers 'Hack Us' Challenge
How Israeli Citizens Are Becoming Stateless
Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivor and Victims' Advocate Taniguchi Dies at 88
FDA Calls Ecstasy a PTSD 'Breakthrough' Therapy
2,152 Killed in Iraq During August
More British Troops to Deploy to Iraq
Iraq PM Declares Victory in Nineveh
ISIS Chief Baghdadi Likely Still Alive: US General
Lebanon Arrests ISIS Commander
Hezbollah Leader Says He Met Assad in Syria Over ISIS Evacuation
Palestinian Students Prepare for Settler Attacks
Israel Nuclear Program Has Less Oversight Than Other Democracies
Palestinians Vie With Israel Over Muslim Pilgrims to Jerusalem
Israel's High Court Sends Clear Message to Govt: Reconsider 'Frozen' Western Wall Deal
Middle East
Several Wounded After Blast Hits Bus in Turkey's Izmir
Yemen Ex-President Seeks Arrest of Aide's Killers
Car Bomb Kills Four Libyan Troops at Checkpoint: Security Sources
Nigeria Asks Britain for Gear to Fight Islamists: Johnson
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Algeria Suicide Attack
Somalia Hands Over ONLF Rebel Leader to Ethiopia: Group
Tired of War, South Sudanese Youth Turn to Art to Push for Peace
The War at Home
Trump Nominates 'Backdoor Search' Defender to Lead Privacy Board
US Air Force B-1 Bombers Are Hunting Drug Smugglers From Key West
North Korea
US, South Korean, and Japanese Warplanes Carry Out Show of Force Against North Korea

Mattis: US 'Never Out of Diplomatic Solutions'

Americans Fly Out From North Korea Before US Travel Ban
Russia Warns US Against Using Force Over North Korea
Japan Seeks Funds to Boost Missile Ranges Days After North Korea Threat
UK PM May Says Agreed With Japan to Speed Up North Korea Sanctions
UK Summons North Korean Ambassador Over Missile Launch
Pakistani Court Declares Musharraf a Fugitive, Five Others Acquited in Bhutto Murder Case
Four Parties Barred From Contesting Pakistani Election
China Says to Beef Up Patrols Along Indian Border
After Taiwan Alarm, China Says Air Force Drills Were Routine
Vietnam Protests at Chinese Military Drill in South China Sea
Dozens of Fleeing Rohingya Die After Boats Capsize
Another Osprey Makes Emergency Landing in Japan
Philippine Lawmakers Concerned About Big Jump in Drug-War Budget
'Recognize New Reality', Macedonia Asks Greece
Huge WW2 Bomb to Be Defused Close to German Gold Reserves
Colombia's FARC Rebels Keep Famous Acronym for New Political Party
Panama Ex-President Facing Political Spying Charges Should Be Extradited: US Judge
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