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Updated September 2, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Admits Killing Civilians in Iraq, Syria
  Syria Rebel Groups Endorse Call to Form United 'National Army'
  US Says ISIS Evacuation Convoy Remains Stranded in Syrian Desert
Putin Warns US-North Korea Standoff Risks War
Pakistan: No High-Level Contacts With US
Russia to 'Respond Harshly' to Latest US Measures
Sessions: Hurricane Is Proof We Need to Militarize Police
US Plans More S. China Sea Patrols to 'Challenge China'
item Is US Congress Declaring War on WikiLeaks?  by Philip Giraldi
item Trump: Don't Militarize the Police  by Laura Finley
item The Stain of Yemen: US Support in Saudi War Remains Appalling  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
item Crusaders and Zionists  by Uri Avnery
item Credibility Equals Annihilation  by Winslow Myers
item Donald Trump Recycles Failed Strategy in Afghanistan  by Doug Bandow

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Army to Send 1,200 Alaska-Based Soldiers to Afghanistan
Finnish Police Release One More Held Over Aug 18 Knife Attack
Top Hamas Leader Hassan Yousif Released From Prison
Al Shabaab Bomb Kills 12 in Somalia's Puntland
ISIS Fail in Fresh Tal Afar Attack; 13 Killed in Iraq
US-Backed Syria Force Says Seizes Raqqa Old City From ISIS
Syria Rebels Release Captured Government Pilot
Erdogan Says US Indictment of Turkish Security Guards a 'Scandal'
Open Letter From Jailed Journalist Deniz Yucel's Wife: Open the Door, It's Me
Colombia's FARC Political Party Looks to Coalition for 2018 Vote
Venezuela Secret Service Holding Ex-Minister: Family
Thousands March for Missing Argentine Activist Santiago Maldonado
US Diplomats Suffered 'Brain Injuries' in Cuba Attack
The War at Home
DOJ to Retry Woman Who Laughed During Sessions' Confirmation Hearing
Reality Winner Was Not Told She Had the Right to Remain Silent
Smoke Pours Out of Russian Consulate in San Francisco as Staff 'Burn Unidentified Items'
Americans Still Dying
Family and Community Remember Poughkeepsie (NY) Sailor Who Died in USS Mccain Collision
Family Calls Decatur (IL) Sailor Who Died in USS Mccain Collision 'Our Pride and Joy'
Former 101st Airborne Soldier, Antioch (TN) Killed in Black Hawk Crash in Hawaii
Sailor Killed in Destroyer Collision to Be Buried in His Hometown of Killeen (TX)
Decatur (AL) Instructor Pilot, Father of Three, Killed in Helicopter Crash
Nearly 400 Die as Myanmar Army Steps Up Crackdown on Rohingya Militants
Displaced Rohingya in Camps Face Aid Crisis After Myanmar Violence
Rohingya Refugees Heeding 'Call to Arms' and Returning to Myanmar to Fight Alongside Rebel Group
Myanmar Army Drops Charges Against Six Journalists Amid Free Speech Concerns
Vietnam Protests Over Chinese Military Drill in South China Sea
Despite Strains, Vietnam and China Forge Closer Economic Ties
US, South Korea Agree to Revise Missile Treaty in Face of North Korean Threats
Philippine Troops in Tough Push in Marawi; Three Dead, 52 Hurt
Uzbekistan Removes 16,000 People From Security Blacklist
Tajikistan Agrees to More Intelligence Exchanges With China
Kenya's Supreme Court Declares Presidential Vote Invalid, Calls for New Polls
Russia Balks at France's UN Proposal for Mali Sanctions
Cameroon Frees Dozens of English-Speaking Activists; Others Still Held
Weekend Reviews
Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
Blowback by Chalmers Johnson
The Voices of Syria Have Always Been Ignored by the West
Key to the Whole Business: Fool's Errand by Scott Horton
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