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Updated September 4, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
After Bomb Test, Trump Mulls Attacking N. Korea
  Mattis: Many Options for 'Total Annihilation' of North Korea
  Japan Hawks Look for Preemptive Attack Capability
  Russia, China See No Point to More North Korea Sanctions
  Here Are the Facts About North Korea's Nuclear Test
Central Syria: 120 ISIS, 35 Troops Killed in a Day
  Fresh ISIS Arrivals in Anbar Province; 21 Killed in Iraq
  Syrian Army Races East, Trying to Stop Deir Ezzor Defenses Falling
  Pentagon Can't Confirm Claims of Raqqa's Old City Being Captured
  Lethal US Anti-Tank Missiles Are Showing Up in ISIS Arsenals
Russia Protests Over US Closure of Trade Mission
item GOP Congressman: Trump Losing Me on Foreign Policy  by Rep. John J. Duncan Jr.
item The Safe Haven Notion
 by Paul R. Pillar
item General McMaster and the Miniskirts  by Rafia Zakaria
item The Korean Crisis: A Way Out  by Justin Raimondo
item Listen to Those 'Or Elses'  by Eric Margolis
item Russia-Gate's Totalitarian Style  by Robert Parry

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John Bolton Urges Trump to Foment Sectarian Civil War in Iran
Trump Lacks Art of the Deal on F-18s to Finland
Spacex to Launch Secret US Spaceplane Next Week
Australian Military Probes 'Rumors' of Possible War Crimes in Afghanistan
The War at Home
Thousands of Military Contractor Files Left Online, Unsecure
Lawmakers to Grill Navy Officials Over Fatal Mishaps
Future Spy Satellites Just Got Exponentially Smaller
FBI Pressured Lonely Man Into a Bomb Plot. He Tried to Back Out. Now He's Serving Life in Prison.
Forbes Reporter: Google Successfully Pressured Me to Take Down Critical Story
A Giant Nuclear Blast, but a Hydrogen Bomb? Too Soon to Say
South Korea May Deploy 'Most Powerful US Tactical Weapons' in Response
China's Anger at West to Overshadow Tougher Action on North Korea
Trump Preparing Withdrawal From South Korea Trade Deal, a Move Opposed by Top Aides
UN Chief Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test, Says It Is 'Profoundly Destabilizing'
Pakistan Will Be Defended, Announces China
Child, Guard Die as Pakistan Gunmen Target Politician
I'll Return to Pakistan When Health Allows to Face Benazir Murder Trial: Musharraf
UN Suspends Food Aid to Refugees in Myanmar
Scorched-Earth Policy as Rohingya Flee Myanmar Soldiers
Humanitarian Crisis Hits Bangladesh as Nearly 60,000 Rohingya Flee Myanmar
More Than 2,600 Houses Burned in Myanmar's Rakhine
Fears Mount of Myanmar Atrocities as Fleeing Rohingya Families Drown
Myanmar Urges Rohingya Muslims to Help Hunt Insurgents Amid Deadly Violence
Yemeni al-Qaeda Leader Calls for Attacks in Support of Myanmar's Rohingya
Malaysian Police Arrest Suspected Abu Sayyaf Leader, Seven Others
Cambodian Paper Shuts With 'Dictatorship' Parting Shot
Opposition Leader Kem Sokha Arrested for Treason in Cambodia
Indian Crossborder Gunfire Kills Pakistan Girl in Kashmir: Officials
Sri Lankan Leader Will Protect General Accused of War Crimes
Philippines Eyes Counter-Terrorism Task Force With Malaysia, Indonesia
Australia, East Timor Reach Agreement on Maritime Border
Fresh ISIS Arrivals in Anbar Province; 21 Killed in Iraq
Kirkuk May Be Ticking Time Bomb as It Joins Kurdish Referendum
Syrian Army, Allies Race to Relieve Deir Al-Zor
Iran Sees Little Chance of Enemy Attack: Military Chief
Iran Says Warns Off US U2 Spy Plane, Drone
Iran's Priority to Boost Missile Program: Defense Minister
Iranian Military Chief Warns Attack on Iran Will Spill Over Into Region
Thousands of Arab-Israelis to Have Citizenship Revoked
US Ambassador Refers to 'Alleged' Israeli Occupation
Farmers in Israeli South Urge Defense Minister: Let Gazans Work for Us
Middle East
In Shift, Merkel Backs End to EU-Turkey Membership Talks
Saudi King Says Kingdom Has Made Progress in Tackling Terrorism
Russia: US Closure of Diplomatic Sites a 'Blatantly Hostile Act'
Russian Diplomats Vacate Three Properties on US Orders
Russian Minister Criticizes Moldova's Call for Troop Pullout
Another Frankfurt WW2 Bomb Defused After Mass Evacuation
Koblenz Residents Move Out as World War Two US Bomb Made Safe
Kenyan President, Election Overturned by Court, Attacks Judiciary
Kenya Opposition Leader Odinga Says He Will Not Share Power
Gunmen Kill Two Policemen at Church on Kenya's Coast
South Sudan
US Warns South Sudan: Continued Chaos Is Not Acceptable, Aid May Be Pulled
South Sudan's Sacked Army Chief 'Confined' to Juba Home, Minister Says
Suspected Boko Haram Members Kill 18 People in Northeast Nigeria
Al Shabaab Attacks Military Base Near Somalia's Kismayu: Military
'People Are Dying': Violence Forces Aid Workers Out of Central African Republic
Colombia's ELN Says It Killed Russian Hostage; Risks Peace Talks With Government
Searching DNA: Identifying the Disappeared in Colombia
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