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Updated September 6, 2017 - 11:17 PM EDT
White House: Denuclearizing N. Korea Is Priority
  Trump to Sell South Korea Billions of Dollars in Weapons
  US Call for Oil Embargo on N. Korea Puts China in a Tough Spot
  Can North Korea Target a US City? Experts Say Not Yet
Syria Army Breaches 3-Year Deir Ezzor ISIS Siege
  US Targets Stranded ISIS Fighters When They Go to the Bathroom
Haley Falsely Claims Iran to Be 'Violating' Deal
More Than 5,000 Killed in Yemen Conflict: UN
item 62% of Americans Oppose Giving
F-35 Jets to Israel
 by Grant Smith
item US Military: Battling Syrian Rebels, Propping Up Hezbollah Allies  by Marko Marjanovic
item Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict With Iran  by Daniel Larison
item Trump's Generals: The Last Men Standing  by Tom Engelhardt
item Nikki Haley: Neocon Heartthrob  by Jim Lobe
item Israel's Minister of Truth  by Gideon Levy

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Israel Arming Myanmar Amid Ongoing Rohingya Crackdown
Yemen's Cholera Epidemic Hits 600,000, Confounding Expectations
Egypt Says Suspended US Military Exercises to Resume
Albania Gets US Military Humvees to Bolster Its Army
Satellite Images of North Korea Show Landslides at Nuclear Test Site
Hundreds Flee ISIS Territory in Anbar; 43 Killed in Iraq
German Teen Who Joined ISIS on Trial in Iraq, Could Face Death
Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS Targets in Syria
Putin, in Telegram to Assad, Hails 'Strategic' Deir Al-Zor Victory
Jesus Heads to Jerusalem, but Is Blocked by Wall, Revised Iconic Poster Shows
Gazan Girl Paralyzed by Israeli Airstrike Lives and Paints in Jerusalem
Palestinian Activist Arrested Over Facebook Post Slamming PA Crackdown on Journalists
Middle East
Saudi FM Says Iranian Talk of Rapprochement Is Laughable
Turkey Adds to Its Critical Deficit of Military Pilots
Putin Orders Foreign Ministry to Sue US Over Seizure of Diplomatic Property
Putin: Russia Reserves Right to Cut Further US Diplomatic Mission
Putin Warns US Not to Supply Ukraine With Defensive Weapons
Russia Asks UN to Set Up Mission for East Ukraine
Germany Welcomes Russia's Call for UN Ukraine Peacekeepers
Ex-Georgian Leader Risks Extradition on Return to Ukraine
UK Police Arrest Four, Including Soldiers, Over Suspected Far-Right Terrorism
Spanish Auditors Demand Catalan Leaders Pay for Previous Independence Vote
Two UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali When Convoy Hits Explosives
UN Enacts Sanctions Against Anyone Hindering Mali Peace
Boko Haram Resurgence Kills 381 Civilians Since April: Amnesty
France Turns to Armed Drones in Fight Against Sahel Militants
Commander of Lesotho Defense Force Shot Dead, South Africa Calls for Calm
South Korea Displays Military Strength Amid North Korean Crisis
Private University in North Korea Reopens Despite Travel Ban
Putin Calls Tougher North Korea Sanctions Senseless, Warns of 'Global Catastrophe'
China Rules Out Military Force as Option to Resolve Korean Peninsula Issues
Russia Says 'Will Consider' US Resolution on North Korea but With Caveats
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Under Pressure as Almost 125,000 Rohingya Flee Violence
Turkey to Start First Foreign Aid Distribution in Myanmar
Crowded Bangladesh Revives Plan to Settle Rohingya on Isolated Island
Malaysia Summons Myanmar Envoy Over Rakhine Violence
Kidnapped Red Cross Staff Released in Afghanistan After Seven Months
Disabled in War, Afghan Soldiers Seek a Living on the Streets
Ansar-Ul-Sharia Pakistan Chief Arrested
Pakistan Rejects BRICS' Statement on Militant Groups
Cambodia Charges Opposition Leader With Treason
Cambodia Raises Possibility Opposition Party Could Be Ruled Out of Election
Vietnam Protests Over Chinese Live-Fire Drills in South China Sea
Indian Journalist Gauri Lankesh Shot Dead in Bangalore
Venezuela Arrests Top Oil Executive, Eight Other PDVSA Employees: Sources
Venezuelan Opposition Pins Hopes on Elections as Protests Falter
Ex-Presidents Accused of Forming Criminal Group in Brazil
Colombia Urges ELN Rebels to Turn Over Body of Russian Hostage
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