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Updated September 7, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
UN: Syria Rebels Need to Accept They Didn't Win
Israel Attacks Syrian Military Base, Killing Two
  Syria Trying to Secure a Corridor to Deir Ezzor
South Koreans Protest US Missile Deployment
  Trump Officials Brief Congress on North Korea Strategy
US To Send 3,500 More Troops to Afghanistan
Suu Kyi: 'Terrorists' Misinforming World About Myanmar
US Bombs Southern Somalia, Claims Three 'Militants' Killed
Philippines Army Kills 10 Islamists in Support of Rivals
Israel Plans Expansion of Largest Settlement in East J'lem
item Fool's Errand: A Guide to the New Forgotten War  by Philip Giraldi
item Three Years After the War: Gaza Youth Speak Out  by Ramzy Baroud
item Washington Post Won't Report Truth About North Korea  by Jon Schwarz
item The Bombast of Nikki Haley  by Justin Raimondo
item US, North Korea Play 'Nuclear Chicken'  by Winslow Myers
item Engineering Another Hyped Trump-Russia Story  by Eric Schuler

More Viewpoints

HRW: Egypt Torture Likely 'Crime Against Humanity'
'Horrific' Accusations of Torture, Sex Abuse in Bahrain
Hamas Leader to JPost: We're Ready for Long-Term Cease-Fire With Israel
British Advisers Arrive in Anbar; 124 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Pilot Confirmed Dead in F-16 Crash in Arizona
Trump to Meet Netanyahu and Abbas on Sidelines of UN to Advance Peace Talks
Reform Jews Are Worse Than Holocaust Deniers, Says Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem
Netanyahu Bars Al Jazeera's Israel Chief From State Press Seminar on Freedom of Speech
Middle East
Turkish Police Kill ISIS Militant Set to Attack Police Station
Qatar Waives Visa Requirement for Moroccans
Lebanon Identifies Soldiers Killed in ISIS Captivity
Hundreds of Thousands Togo Protesters Demand Constitutional Reform
Togo Opposition Tells President to Quit as Protests Mount
Angola's Ruling MPLA Wins Election With 61 Percent of Vote: Electoral Commission
Angola's Opposition Parties Vow to Contest Ruling Party's Win
Lesotho Detains Army Major Over Killing of Military Leader
Spain and Morocco Arrest Six Suspected of Practicing Beheadings
Suspected Al Shabaab Militants Behead Four in Kenya's Lamu County: Official
Trump Administration Blacklists Three Officials for South Sudan War
Casualties in Explosion at Airfield Near Kabul: US Military
A Funeral of Two Friends: CIA Deaths Rise in Secret Afghan War
North Korea
Trump, Xi Discuss North Korea as Key Nations Split on Strategy
Putin Rejects Cutting Off Oil to North Korea
UN Mulls Oil Embargo on North Korea, Textile Export Ban
UN to Impose Travel Ban on Kim Jong-Un
'And Then They Exploded': How Rohingya Insurgents Built Support for Assault
UN Expects Up to 300,000 Rohingya Could Flee Myanmar Violence to Bangladesh
Myanmar Plays Diplomatic Card to Avert UN Censure Over Rohingya
Myanmar Laying Landmines on Bangladesh Border: Reports
Thousands of Indonesians Join Anti-Myanmar Rally in Jakarta
China's Military Practices for 'Surprise Attack' Over Sea Near Korea
Philippines: Two Indonesians Escape From Abu Sayyaf Captors
Indian Journalists, Activists Protest Murder of Newspaper Publisher
US Cautiously Welcomes Russia's Call for UN Force in Ukraine
Germany Says Putin Move on UN Peacekeepers in Ukraine a 'Step'
Moldovan President Vetoes Participation in NATO Country Exercises
Explosive Used by ISIS Militants Found in Apartment Near Paris
Catalonia Parliament OKs Oct. 1 Referendum on Split From Spain
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