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Updated September 8, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Seeks UN Okay to Board North Korean Ships
  Trump May Find Deterrence His Only Viable Option on North Korea
  Why US Bases Make Guam, Okinawa Nuclear 'Targets'
Israel Attacks Syrian Military Base, Killing Two
  US Calls Off Surveillance of ISIS Convoy at Russia's Request
  Here Is the Syria Report Withdrawn by the US Holocaust Museum
German DM Sounds Alarm on 'Huge' Russian Wargames
  Moldova President to Punish Soldiers Who Went to NATO Wargames
Trump Offer Eases Tensions Between Qatar, Arab Nations
Israeli Intel Chief: Military to Attack Enemies 'Near and Far'
Many US Pacific Warships Have Expired Certifications
item The Holocaust Museum Shouldn't Have Cancelled Its Syria Study  by Jesse Singal
item On the Brink of Nuclear War  by William R. Polk
item Sony, Obama, Seth Rogen, and CIA Planned to Force North Korea Regime Change  by Tim Shorrock
item War in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We're the Bad Guys  by Danny Sjursen & Tom Engelhardt
item Begging for War
 by Robert Koehler
item Haley Debuts Trump's Case for Ending Iran Deal  by Kelley Vlahos

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Former Guerrilla Coalition Gets Mandate to Form Kosovo Government
Shadowbrokers Accelerating NSA Leaks to Twice a Month
DoD Pushing Another Round of Base Closings in 2021
China Tightens Regulation of Religion to 'Block Extremism'
Sadr to Disband Militia After ISIS Defeat; 64 Killed in Iraq
Aid Convoy Reaches Syria's Deir Al-Zor After Three-Year Siege
Some Syrian Schools Erase Assad but Tensions Rise Over Kurdish
Donald Trump Has Europe Concerned Over Iran Nuclear Deal
US Charges Ex-Turkish Minister With Conspiring to Evade Sanctions Against Iran
US Requires Enhanced Screening of Cargo From Turkey
German Citizen on Trial in Turkey on Political Charges: Media
Middle East
Trump Sees 'Chance' for Peace in Middle East
Lebanese Army Begins Investigation Into Arsal Clashes
North Korea Pledges 'Powerful Counter Measures' Against US-Backed Sanctions
Russian and Japanese Leaders 'Decisively Condemn' North Korean Tests
Trump: 'Sad Day' for North Korea if US Takes Military Action
China Lodges Stern Protest With South Korea Over THAAD Deployment
NATO Head Says All States Must Comply With North Korea Sanctions
Mexico Expels North Korean Ambassador Over Nuclear Tests
Rohingya Say Their Village Is Lost to Myanmar's Spiraling Conflict
Massacre at Tula Toli: Rohingya Recall Horror of Myanmar Army Attack
Washington Begins to Sour on Aung San Suu Kyi Amid Mounting Ethnic Violence in Myanmar
New Fires in Empty Rohingya Village Challenge Myanmar Claims
Suu Kyi Says Myanmar Trying to Protect All Citizens in Strife-Torn State
Indonesian School a Launchpad To Send Child Fighters for ISIS in Syria
Three Georgian Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Singapore Man and Woman Arrested for 'Terrorism-Related' Activity
Doctors Beat Irma to Guantanamo to Operate on Alleged War Criminal's Spine
The War at Home
Anonymous Anti-BDS Group Publishes 'Blacklist' of Boycott Supporters in New York
Anti-Terror Chiefs Want Social Media Help With 'Lone Wolves'
Buried in Backlog, Feds Give Top-Secret Clearances to Murderers, Rapists
Vet Says Iowa Official Used Deceit to Recruit Him to Lobby in Saudi Drive Against 9/11 Law
Police Report: Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Planted Computer for Investigators to Find
US Military
GAO: Navy Crews Undermanned, Overworked, and Lack Training
Trove of Private Military Contractor Job Applicants Exposed Online
Spacex Successfully Launches
X-37b, the Pentagon's Secretive Autonomous Space Drone
US Navy to Transport Damaged Destroyer From Singapore to Japan
Two A-10s Crash in Nevada, Pilots Eject, Air Force Says
'Tension in the Air' as Togo Faces Second Day of Protests
Togo Forces Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Gnassingbe Opponents
Egypt Blocks Human Rights Watch Website Amid Widespread Media Blockade
Nigeria Cholera Outbreak Threatens More Than 1 Million People in Refugee Camps
Linguistic Tensions Boil Over in Cameroon
South Sudan Judges End Strike to Return to Huge Legal Backlog
Critic of Tanzanian President Seriously Hurt in Gun Attack
Spain Blocks Catalan Independence Vote, Threatens Charges
French Police Find More Explosives After Raid Near Paris
France Offers Belgium to Supply Its Army With Rafale War Planes
Greece 'Ready and Determined' to Exit Bailout in 2018: PM
Cuban Dissidents in Electoral Challenge as Castro Era Nears End
Three Policemen Killed in Peru in Drug-Trafficking Region: Govt
Three Years After 43 Students Disappeared in Mexico, a New Visualization Reveals the Cracks in the Government's Story
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