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Updated September 10, 2017 - 9:25 PM EDT
Saudi Govt Allegedly Funded a 'Dry Run' For 9/11
State Dept OKs $3.8 Billion Arms Sales to Bahrain
  Bahrain Rages as Amnesty Reports Crackdown on Political Opposition
Egypt Faces US Aid Delay Over North Korea Ties
  Egypt Blocks Human Rights Watch Website Over Torture Report
Retreating ISIS Fighters Set for Syria 'Last Stand'
  Mosul Removes Militant Corpses From Streets; 233 Killed in Iraq
  US Calls Off Surveillance of ISIS Convoy at Russia's Request
  Russia Says Airstrikes Killed Several Top ISIS Commanders in Syria
Qatari, Saudi Leaders Have a Phone Call, Start New Dispute
Most South Koreans Doubt the North Will Start a War: Poll
item The Endangered Iran Nuclear Deal  by Mel Gurtov
item Seven Steps to a Saner US Policy Towards North Korea  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item How 'Regime Change' Wars Led to Korea Crisis  by Robert Parry
item The Saudi Trillions
 by Malise Ruthven
item CNN's Jake Tapper Is a Warmonger  by Max Blumenthal
item Sanctions Are an Act of War  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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US Calls for UN Security Council Vote on North Korea on Monday
Lebanese Army to Deploy Along Entire Eastern Border: Army Chief
UN: We Lack the Resources to Handle Rohingya Crisis
Mosul Removes Militant Corpses From Streets; 233 Killed in Iraq
US-Backed SDF to Announce Operation in Syria's Deir Ezzor: SDF Official
Following Airstrike, Syria Files Complaint Against Israel at UN
Lone Hospital Active in Fight for Syria's Raqqa, Group Says
Syrian Government Denies UN Chemical Attack Report
Erdogan Urges US to Review 'Political' Charges Against Turkish Ex-Minister
Turkish Court Orders Release of Pro-Kurdish Party's Former Spokesman: Party Official
German Lawmakers Visit Turkish Air Base but Dispute Unresolved
Settlers Attack Arab Bus Driver, Transit Company Ceases Activities
Israeli Soldier Seriously Hurt in Grenade Explosion During Training
Middle East
Czechs Refuse to Lift Ban on Nuclear Supplies for Iran
Report: Qatar Signs $50,000 Contract to Court American Jews
US Military
Pilot Dies in Another Plane Crash at Nevada Training Range
Air Force Report: Airman Died After Bomb Rack Unit Fell, Struck Her Head in March
Americans Still Dying
Tucson (AZ) Sergeant Killed in Helicopter Mission Off Yemen Coast
Cable (OH) Sailor, Killed in McCain Collision. Remembered Fondly by Family and Community
UN Says 270,000 Rohingya Fled Myanmar in Past Two Weeks
US Says Myanmar Should Respond Responsibly to Attacks on Security Forces
Bangladesh Wants 'Safe Zones' to Ease Rohingya Crisis, but Seen Unlikely
Malaysia Ready to Provide Temporary Shelter for Rohingya Fleeing Violence
Philippines' Duterte Says No Peace Talks Without Communists' Ceasefire
North Korea-US Tensions Are Not Mexico's Business: Diplomat
Afghanistan to Get 150 Scout Helicopters by 2022
Taiwan Activist to Be Tried for Subversion in China in 'Open' Hearing
UN Beefs Up Guards as It Scales Up Presence in Libya
UN Rights Chief Says EU Deal on Libya Migrants Falls Short
Togo Blocks Internet as Protests Continue
Central African Republic Risks Return to Major Conflict: UN Report
Officials Found List of Targets With 5,000 Names in East German Raid
Protesters in Minsk Denounce Military Exercises With Russia
Foreigner Killed in Car Explosion in Central Kiev, Police Say
Son of Russian Lawmaker Pleads Guilty in Cyber Crime Cases
Venezuela's Maduro Seeks Debt Negotiations After US Sanctions
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