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Updated September 13, 2017 - 11:26 PM EDT
Senate Defeats Repeal of AUMF
New Snowden Documents Released
Trump Vows More Than Sanctions on N. Korea
  China and Russia Warn US Not to Seek N, Korea Regime Change
  UN Ban on N. Korean Textiles Will Disrupt Ordinary Lives: Experts
Russia Hypes Syria's Gains Against ISIS
  ISIS Defectors Flock to Syrian Border Looking to Flee
US Bombings in Afghanistan Hit 5-Year High in August
Iraqi Kurds to Hold Referendum Despite Parliament's Ban
Pakistan Says Hasn't Received Trump Terror Demand List
Senate Panel OKs Bill That Allows Spying on US Citizens
US, Russian Diplomats 'Don't Want Further Escalations'
item 16 Years Ago, We Began a 'War on Terror' That Will Never End  by Jack Hunter
item Once Dovish-Sounding Trump Getting Bad Foreign Policy Advice  by Bonnie Kristian
item The Insanity of Giving Military Gear to Cops  by David Axe
item The Superpower That Fought Itself – and Lost  by William Astore
item The Dangerous Decline of US Hegemony  by Daniel Lazare
item Israel, White House Abandon Pretense of Peace Process  by Geoffrey Aronson

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Edward Snowden: 'There Is Still Hope – Even for Me'
Mattis: Budget Stopgap Will Hurt Military
Lawmakers Want More Info on State Dept Redesign as Proposal Comes Due
Mattis Signs Orders to Send About 3,500 More US Troops to Afghanistan
Hamas Ready to Reconcile With Fatah: Reports
Israeli Minister: The West, US, Israel Have 'Major Interest' in Kurdish State
Netanyahu: Israel Views PKK as Terrorist Organization
Israel's High Court Strikes Down Exemption of Ultra-Orthodox From Military Service
UN Slams Israel for 'De-Development' of Palestine
Qatar Says Has Not Missed Any Oil or Gas Shipments Since Gulf Crisis
Qatar, Neighbors Trade Barbs at Arab League Over Boycott
Qatar Trying to Arrange Meeting With Jewish American Leaders as Part of PR Push
Human Rights Watch Says Saudi-Led Air Strikes in Yemen Are War Crimes
Abducted Indian Priest Rescued in Yemen After 18 Months
Middle East
More Arrests in Apparent Saudi Campaign Against Critics
IDF Officer: Israel to Occupy Parts of South Lebanon in Next Conflict With Hezbollah'
US Arms Sale to Bahrain Raises Questions About Sustainability
South Korea Plans 'Decapitation Unit' to Try to Scare North's Leaders
South Korea Confirms Traces of Radioactive Gas From North Korea's Nuclear Test
North Korea Warns US of 'Greatest Pain', Rejects Sanctions
Number of Rohingya in Bangladesh Jumps to 370,000, UNHCR Says
Hundreds of Afghans Demonstrate Against 'Offensive' US Leaflets
US Rejects Cambodian Accusations, Calls for Opposition Leader's Release
EU Anti-Terror Chief: ISIS Still Has 2,500 European Fighters
Catalan Independence: Police Told to Seize Ballot Boxes
San Francisco Cites Russian Diplomats Over Mystery Smoke
12 Terror Attacks Foiled in France This Year, Minister Says
Kurdish President Vows Independence Vote Will Happen; 52 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Official Says Iraqi Vote Rejecting Kurdish Independence Referendum Is Non-Binding
Rich Tycoon Takes on Iraqi Kurdish Leaders Over Independence
Russian ISIS Fighter Sentenced to Hang in Iraq
Iraq's Turkmen, the Refugees Created and Forgotten by Everyone
Air Strikes Kill 69 in Syrian East Since Sunday: Observatory
Russia Urges Syria Not to Respond to Israel's Attack
Hezbollah Declares Syria Victory, Russia Says Much of Country Won Back
Aleppo Still Badly Scarred by War, Months After Rebel Defeat
Russian Defence Minister Visits Assad Ahead of Syrian Offensive
Iran Strikes Deal With Syria to Repair Power Grid
Turkey Needles NATO by Buying Russian Weapons
Turkey Signs Deal to Get Russian S-400 Air Defense Missiles
Germany Softens Stance on Turkish Arms Sales, Citing Security
German Block on Arms Sales to Turkey Weakens Anti-Terrorism Fight: Turkish Minister
Egypt Defends Human Rights Position After Criticism From OHCHR
First Soccer Game in Somalia in Three Decades
Biafra Separatists, Nigerian Army Disagree Over Siege Allegations
Uganda Ruling Party Seeks to Scrap Age Limit to Extend President's Rule
Authorities Says 11 Killed in Clash With Venezuelan Soldiers
Venezuela Supreme Court Has Staged Effective Coup: Jurists' Group
Peru: Shining Path Leaders Fail to Show for Trial
US: Two More Americans Were Affected by Cuba Health 'Attacks'
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