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Updated September 15, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Rep. Rohrabacher Sought Trump-Assange Deal
North Korea Fires Another Missile Over Japan
  South Korea Responds to North's Missile Test With One of Its Own
  South Korea President Rules Out Hosting Nuclear Weapons
ISIS Attacks Southern Iraq Restaurant, Kills 83
  American ISIS Surrenders in Syria, Is Ruled 'Enemy Combatant'
Trump Extends Post-9/11 State of Emergency
  House Backs $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill With More Cash for Military
ISIS Claims Blast in London Underground Train
Spain Ratchets Up Police Action to Prevent Catalonia Vote
Over 6,000 US Troops Set for Deployment to Afghanistan
Myanmar Military, Political Leaders United Against Rohingya
NATO Leaders: Troops in Cities Limits Overseas Wars
Harvard Rescinds Chelsea Manning's Visiting Fellow Invite
item How the US Makes South Korea's Life More Difficult  by Geoffrey Fattig
item How the NSA Built a Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia  by Nick Turse
item Five Lies Nikki Haley Told About the Iran Deal  by Ryan Costello
item The Saudi Project Has Failed  by Rannie Amiri
item Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton?  by Jerrod A. Laber
item Trump's Confused Embrace of Egypt's Sisi  by Jonathan Marshall

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How Dennis Rodman Came to Stand Between the World and Nuclear War
6 Marines in Critical Condition After Camp Pendleton Training Accident
Remains of Air Force Colonel Killed in Vietnam Identified
Erdogan Hosts Qatar Emir on First Trip Since Crisis
The War at Home
Confusion Hits Consumer Market Over US Ban of Kaspersky
One Special Ops Soldier Killed, Seven Injured in Fort Bragg Accident
NSA Quietly Awards a Classified $2.4b Tech Contract, With More to Come
Trump Blocks Chinese Deal to Buy US Chips With Military Uses
North Korea
North Korea Threatens to 'Sink' Japan, Reduce US to 'Ashes and Darkness'
North Korea Launch Put Millions in Japan Into 'Duck and Cover': Mattis
US Calls on China to Use 'Powerful Tool' of Oil to Sway North Korea
UN Says 389,000 Rohingyas Have Fled in 3 Weeks
Amnesty Decries 'Campaign of Burnings' Targeting Rohingya
McConnell: Myanmar's Suu Kyi Working to Get Aid to Rohingya
India Calls Rohingya Refugees 'Threat to National Security'
Pak, Afghanistan, US Vow to Eliminate Daesh in Tripartite Kabul Meeting
Finland Says No Ransom Paid for Released Aid Worker in Kabul
ISIS Recruits Fighters for the Philippines Instead of Syria
Japan Refuels US Missile Defense Ships Under New Security Laws
Cambodia Suspends Cooperation With US in Finding War Remains
East Timor Set to Swear in Mari Alkatiri as PM
Roadside Bombs Wound 20, Kill Soldier in Thailand's Troubled South
Venezuela's Feuding Sides in Dominican Republic for Mediation Bid
Venezuela State Oil Firm's Credit Woes Spread to US Unit Citgo
Cuba Mystery Grows: New Details on What Befell US Diplomats
UN Adopts New Mission Aimed at Reintegrating Colombia Rebels
Mexico Accepts Israeli Offer to Help Develop Central America
Bombers Strike in Shi'ite South; 111 Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Leaders Studying Western Plan to Delay Referendum
Iraqi Parliament Votes to Remove Kirkuk Governor From Office
Iraqi Kurd President Says Ties With Baghdad Are Cut Over Sacking of Kirkuk Governor
Western Powers Press Iraq Kurd Leaders to Shelve 'Very Risky' Independence Vote
Iraqi Kurdish Referendum 'Historic Mistake': Turkey
Russian Submarines Fire Cruise Missiles at ISIS in Syria
ISIS Convoy Reportedly Crosses Syria, at Russia's Request
Syria Talks in Astana Aim for Lasting Ceasefires
Turkey Remains Dependable Ally in NATO: Erdogan Spokesman
Trial of Two Turkish Teachers on Hunger Strike Starts Amid Protests and Tear Gas
Yemeni Rebel Leader Threatens Attacks on UAE Territory
Yemen's Houthi Leader Says Could Target Saudi Oil Tankers if Hodeidah Attacked
Middle East
US Must Consider Broader Iran Threats When Formulating New Strategy: Tillerson
German Firm Whitewashes Its Plunder of Palestinian Resources
Head of Russian General Staff Reassures NATO Over War Games
Kremlin Accuses West of 'Whipping Up Hysteria' Over Russian War Games
Catalan Independence Campaign Kicks Off as Barcelona Gives Backing
Catalonia Refuses to Send Weekly Accounts to Madrid Before Vote
Independent Catalonia Would Need to Apply to Join EU: Juncker
Ukraine Gives Cautious Welcome to Putin's Peacekeepers Offer
Security Forces, Pro-Biafra Group Clash in Nigeria
Uganda Is the Most Refugee-Friendly Country in the World
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