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Updated September 18, 2017 - 11:23 PM EDT
Haley: UN Out of Options on North Korea
  US Policy Is 'Not to Defend Canada' From an Attack by North Korea
Hamas Accepts Abbas Demands for Unity Govt
  Remembering the Sabra and Shatila Massacre 35 Years On
  Israel Reveals the Truth About the 1982 Lebanon War
Turkey Masses Troops, Armored Vehicles Along Syrian Border
  US, Russia Militaries Talk Increased Communication in Syria
  Nusra Front Denounces Syria De-Escalation Deal, Vows to Fight On
Iraq PM: Half of Detained ISIS Families Are Turkish
  ISIS Families Relocated Without Warning; 387 Killed in Iraq
Digging in for Next Decade, US Expands Kabul Security Zone
Netanyahu at Odds With Military in Pushing Trump on Iran
item Nikki Haley Meltdown: Assad Must Go... and War With North Korea!  by Daniel McAdams
item Trump's Legal Basis for Syria Strike Is Bogus  by Alex Emmons
item North Korea's Nuclear Threat Is America's (Not the World's) Problem  by Doug Bandow
item In Catalonia: A Spanish Tiananmen Square?  by Justin Raimondo
item The NYT's Yellow Journalism on Russia  by Robert Parry
item MBS' Crackdown and the Noxious US-Saudi Relationship  by Daniel Larison

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Nine Killed in Mistaken Fighting Between Different Branches of Somali Govt
Venezuela's Maduro Upbeat on Talks, Opposition Fear 'Show'
High Suicide Rate Among Military Vets in Western US, Rural Areas
ISIS Families Relocated Without Warning; 387 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Army Regains ISIS Area on Syrian Border
Car Bomb Kills Three in Iraq's Kirkuk
Iraq PM Says Mosul Abuses Not Systematic
Transcript of AP Interview With Iraqi PM
Aid Officials 'Gravely Concerned' Over Fate of Relocated ISIS Families in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Vote
Iraq Leader Says He Will Use Force if Kurdish Referendum Turns Violent
Iraq Vice President Warns Against 'Second Israel' in Kurdistan
UN Chief: Northern Iraq Vote Would Detract From ISIS Fight
Turkey Says Northern Iraqi Referendum an Issue of National Security
US Urges Kurds to Call Off Independence Vote
Russia Shows Off Captured ISIS 'Suicide Tanks' in Syrian Desert
Turkey Sends Military Vehicles, Equipment to Syrian Border
US and Iran Accuse Each Other of Backsliding on Nuclear Deal
Iran Won't Bow to US 'Bullying' on Nuclear Deal: Khamenei
Two Killed in Clashes Between Rival Yemeni Security Forces
Shelling Kills Three Children in Yemeni City of Taez
Red Cross Condemns Children's Death in Recent Yemen Shelling
20 Houthi Rebels Killed in Coalition Airstrikes in Yemen's Medi
Indian Priest Says Yemeni Captors Did Him No Physical Harm
Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Arrested in Violent Clash in Jerusalem
Jewish Law Should Not Be Above Israel's Democratic Values, Knesset Counsel Says
Palestinian Orchestra Uses 'Music as Resistance'
'Saudis Should Lead Delegation to Israel,' Former US Mideast Envoy Says
Israeli Defense Minister Wants to Increase Defense Budget, Violating Predecessor's 'Historic' Deal
Middle East
Qatar Agrees to Buy 24 Fighter Jets From Britain
Istanbul Police Detain 74 Suspected ISIS Militants
Bahrain King Denounces Arab Boycott of Israel, Says Countrymen May Visit
Egypt Court Sentences Morsi to 25 Years in Qatar Spy Case
Egypt Court Sentences Seven to Death Over Links to ISIS
Week of Clashes in Eastern Ethiopia Kill 50, Displace 50,000: Officials
Ethiopia Sending Troops to Region of Deadly Ethnic Clashes
Ethiopia Struggling to Resolve Oromia-Somali Crisis
DR Congo Forces Kill at Least 36 Burundi Refugees
Instability Lingers in Lesotho After Deadly Shootout
Zimbabwe Opposition Chief Tsvangirai Suddenly Ill, Airlifted to Hospital: Source
China 'Will Not Accept North Korea as Nuclear Weapons State'
China's Washington Envoy Says US Should Stop Threats Over North Korea
South Korea's Creating a Special Military Unit to Assassinate Kim Jong Un
North Korea Releases Photos It Claims Are of Latest Missile Test
Ahead of UN Meetings, Trump Aides Call for More Pressure on North Korea
House Considers Harsher Rules for Banks With North Korean Ties
UN: Rohingya Exodus to Bangladesh Exceeds 400,000
Bangladesh Warns Myanmar Over Border Amid Refugee Crisis
Aid Group Warns of Death Among Rohingya in Bangladesh
How Violence in Myanmar Radicalized a New Generation of Rohingya
'Blood Flowed in the Streets': Refugees From One Rohingya Hamlet Recount Days of Horror
Roadside Bomb Kills Tribal Officials in Pakistan
Pakistani Taliban Says Behind Deadly Blast in Tribal Region
Pakistan PM Claims Conspiracies Being Hatched Against Ruling Party
Wife of Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif Wins By-Election in Test of Support for Ruling Party
Entire Philippine City Police Force Fired Over Killings
Four Killed in Market Explosion in Afghanistan: Officials
Singaporeans Protest Against Uncontested Presidential Election
Students Sent Home From Indonesian Islamic School Linked to Child Fighters
Catalan Mayors Defy Spanish Courts Ahead of Independence Vote
Catalonia Divided as Controversial Poll on Independence Sparks Conflict With Madrid
Spanish Police Seize Pro-Catalan Referendum Pamphlets
Basques March in Solidarity With Catalan Independence Vote
UN Envoy Welcomes Russian Idea for UN Troops in Eastern Ukraine
Putin Ally: No Logic in Deploying UN Forces on Russia-Ukraine Border
UK Lowers Terror Threat Level as Subway Bomb Probe Advances
British Police Arrest Second Man Over London Train Bomb
UK Experts Say London Bomb Didn't Detonate Properly, Could've Left Dozens Dead
Lithuania Put to the Test by Fears of Separatism at Borders
Raul Castro's Surprising Response to Harmed US Diplomats
Tillerson Says US Weighing Closing Embassy in Cuba Over Sonic Attacks
Cuba Mystery: What Theories US Investigators Are Pursuing
Clash Between Military and Suspected Gang Leaves Nine Dead in Southern Mexico
Location Scout for Netflix Drug War Drama Narcos Shot Dead in Mexico
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