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Updated September 20, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
Trump: US May Have to Totally Destroy N. Korea
  Mattis Discussed Use of Tactical Nukes With South Korea
  Trump's Threats Make It Harder to Get N. Korea to Talk Disarmament
  US May Try to Shoot Down N. Korean Missiles That Aren't a Threat
Mattis: Budget Uncertainty Endangers US Survival
  US Bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria at Record Pace
  Trump Gives CIA More Autonomy on Drone Strikes
  US Facing Court Challenges From Drone 'Kill List' Survivors
Catalonia Mayors Remain Silent in Interrogation
  Catalonia Dotcat Registry Offices Raided by Spanish Police
  Forced Takeover of Catalan Govt Institutions by Spanish Police
Western Nations Clash at UN Over Iran Deal
Nine Civilians Killed by Airstrike in NW Yemen
Syria Informs US Leaders on Future Air Wars
item Afghanistan Again? When Will They Ever Learn?  by Ann Jones
item US Military Can't Keep Track of its Yemen Missions  by Samuel Oakford
item Courting the Global South: Will Israel Become a UN Security Council Member?  by Ramzy Baroud
item How the UN Covers for US Aggression  by JP Sottile
item Trump Falls in Line With Interventionism  by Robert Parry
item America's Vietnam Amnesia  by Thomas A. Bass

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Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman Declare 'War' on Russia
UN Head Says 'We Must Not Sleepwalk Our Way Into Nuclear War'
Senate Votes to Buy More Military Planes Than Pentagon Requested
Trump's Full Speech to the UN General Assembly
Suicide Bombers Attack Restaurant; 64 Killed in Iraq
Turkish Warplanes Kill Three Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
Three Dead in Iraq Restaurant Attack Claimed by ISIS
Police Deploy in Iraqi Oil City as Tensions Rise Before Kurdish Independence Vote
Kurdistan Referendum Leaves Iraq's Turkmens in Quandary
Curfew Imposed in Iraqi City Ahead of Kurdistan Independence Vote
Rebels Say US Evacuates Base in Southern Syrian Desert
US Delivers 120 Trucks of Weapons to SDF
Israel Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syrian Frontier: Military
Turkey, Opposing Kurdish Independence, Warns of Global Conflict if Iraq or Syria Break Up
Suspicious Abductions in Turkey Raise Fears of State Role
Turkish Newspaper Staff Remanded in Custody Over Coup Attempt Links
France's Macron Seeks to Play Mediation Role Between Iran, US
New Survey Examines Iranian Attitudes Towards Foreign Investment, Multinational Firms
Qatari Emir Condemns 'Unjust Blockade' at UN Speech
Qatar Emir Again Urges Dialogue, Trump Says Dispute to Be Resolved Quickly
Bahrain Accuses Qatar of Illegally Seizing Three Boats
Hamas Asks Abbas to Lift Gaza Sanctions After Disbanding Shadow Government
Majority of Palestinians Fear Loss of Liberties in PA, Poll Shows
Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars for Oil Payments Following US Sanctions
Canada's Privacy Commissioner 'Very Concerned' About US Border Phone Searches
US, South Korea Troops Stage Mock Battle to Retake Village Near North Korean Border
Threats Cannot Help Resolve Korean Peninsula Situation, China Says
Countries Which Have Expelled North Korean Ambassadors After Nuclear Test
Satellite Images Show More Than 200 Rohingya Villages Burned in Myanmar
Britain Says Suspends Training of Myanmar Military Following Violence
Suu Kyi Silence on Myanmar Ethnic Cleansing Charge Draws Cool Response
Afghanistan Takes Delivery of First Black Hawks
Chinese, Vietnamese Communist Parties Have 'Shared Destiny': Beijing
Hong Kong Leader Demands End of Independence Talk, Warns Ties With Beijing at Risk
Germany Sees No Sign of Cyber Attack Before Sept. 24 Election
German WW1 U-Boat Found Off Belgian Coast
Helicopter Mistakenly Fires on Parked Vehicles in Russia War Games: Media
British Police Arrest Third Man in London Tube Attack Investigation
Egypt's Sisi, Israel's Netanyahu Meet for First Time in Public
US Report Says Egypt Falls Short on Rights
Sisi Urges Palestinians to Unite, Co-Exist With Israelis
Fighting Kills at Least 25 in Oil Region of South Sudan
Sudan's Bashir Visits Darfur Ahead of US Sanctions Decision
Nigerian Air Force Deploys Aircraft to Restive Southeast
Congo Leader Opens Peace Conference in Bloody Kasai Region
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