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Updated September 21, 2017 - 11:28 PM EDT
StratCom Chief: Iran Fully Adhering to Deal
  Trump Claims to Have Decided on Iran Deal, Offers No Details
Report: US Killed 433 Civilians in Raqqa in Aug.
  Russia Says 850 Nusra Fighters Killed in Syria in 24 Hours
  State Dept: US 'Strongly Opposes' Kurdish Independence Vote
51 Countries Ratify UN Nuclear Weapons Ban
  Nuclear Weapons: Who Are the World's Haves and Have Nots?
Mattis: Budget Uncertainty Endangers US Survival
US Allies Split on Trump's Threat to Destroy North Korea
Spanish Police Step Up Catalonia Raids to Try to Block Vote
item The Real Danger to US National Security  Col. Douglas Macgregor
item Negotiated Curbing of North Korea Nukes Good, but Not Good Enough  by Lawrence Wittner
item US-Trained Warlords Committing Atrocities in Afghanistan  by May Jeong
item Trump at the UN: The Politics of Rodomontade  by Justin Raimondo
item More Holes in Russia-Gate Narrative  William Binney/Ray McGovern
item Foreign Policy 'Realists' Hit Nerve With Establishment Elite  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Rand Paul: Don't Blow Up Iran Deal
UN: South Sudan Vote Would Heap Disaster Upon Catastrophe
Defense Chief Mattis Asks for Answers in Spike of Non-Combat Troop Deaths
Dozens of Bodies Found in Mass Graves; 121 Killed in Iraq
Manafort Working on Kurdish Referendum Opposed by US
Turkey Threatens Sanctions Over Kurdish Independence Vote
Iraq Launches Offensive on Hawija, an ISIS-Held Region Near Oil City Kirkuk
Kirkuk Shaping Up as Flashpoint Ahead of Kurdistan Vote
ISIS Targets Iranian Aid Convoy in Eastern Syria
Erdogan, Putin to Discuss Syrian Peace Plan Next Week
Iran's Hassan Rouhani Hits Back at Trump in UNGA Speech
Senate Democrats Want Iran Nuclear Info From White House
Iran Says It Does Not Expect US to Leave Nuclear Deal
What's at Stake if US Scraps Iran Deal? Another North Korea Crisis, French President Says
Abbas: UN Must Try to End Israeli Occupation 'Within Set Timeframe'
Palestinian Abbas Says Middle East Peace Closer With Trump Engaged
Likely Transfer of Entire Bedouin Town 'Unprecedented'
Full Text of Mahmoud Abbas's Speech to the UN
Netanyahu's Address to UN General Assembly
Tortured by the PA for Foiling Terror, Palestinian Finds Remedy in Israeli Court
Palestinians Submit Israel 'War Crime' Evidence to ICC
Turkish President: Trump Apologized for Indictment of Security Staff in Brawl
Turkey Hosts NATO Naval Exercises Amid Tensions
Saudi Arabia
Saudi University to Dismiss Suspected Brotherhood-Linked Academics
Togo Security Forces Clash With Protesters in North, Boy Killed
Why Are People Marching Against President Gnassingbe?
One Soldier Dead, UN Base Attacked in Mali
Unveiling New Libya Plan, UN Sees Opportunity for Peace
Sudan's Bashir Pushes for Darfur Arms Collection
Cameroon Using 'Anti-Terror' Law to Silence Media: CPJ
Ugandan MPs Cite Intimidation Ahead of Move to Extend Museveni Rule
Opposition Official, Others Charged With Plotting Against Rwandan Government
Kenya Supreme Court Criticizes Election Board in Verdict on Polls
12 Arrested in Raids on Catalan Officials
Catalonia Dotcat Registry Offices Raided by Spanish Police
Spain's Rajoy Calls on Catalonia Leaders to Cancel Referendum
UK Police Arrest Three in Wales Over London Train Bomb Attack
UK's May Urges Internet Firms to Remove Extremist Content Quicker
Belarus Plays Down Western Fears of Aggression Stirred by Joint War Games With Russia
German Court Finds Syrian Guilty Over UN Peacekeeper Abduction
Bulgaria Warplane Purchase on Hold After Lawmakers Demur
Slovakia Delays Decision to Replace Russian Fighter Jets
North Korea
German Chancellor Angela Merkel: 'There Is a Clear Disagreement With Trump on North Korea'
Seoul to Resume Humanitarian Aid to North Korea; Doesn't Set Date
South Korea Says Trump's Warning to North Korea 'Firm and Specific'
Pakistan's Leader Says Military Has Routed Taliban From Afghan Border
Afghan President Says Trump War Plan Has Better Chance Than Obama's
More Polish Soldiers to Go to Afghanistan in Trade for US Support on Patriot Missiles
Myanmar Mob Attacks Aid Shipment Bound for Rohingya
Myanmar Tries to Reassure the World Over Refugee Crisis
China Calls for Understanding of Myanmar's Need to Protect Stability
Philippine Soldiers Kill Nine Maoist Rebels in Gunbattle
Islamists Lure Youngsters in the Philippines With Payments, Promise of Paradise
Philippine Congress Agrees to Restore Rights Commission Budget From $20
Inspired by 'Blasphemy Killer', New Pakistani Party Eyes 2018 Vote
Kyrgyzstan Accuses Kazakhstan of Backing Opposition Presidential Candidate
State Department Kept Silent on Acoustic Attacks in Cuban Embassy for Weeks: Report
Trump's Central America Plan Will Not Boost Militarization: Honduras President
Marchers Demand Haiti's President Step Down
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