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Updated September 24, 2017 - 10:48 PM EDT
Trump's First Airstrikes on Libya Kill 17
Europe Tries to Undermine Catalonia Vote
  Spanish National Police Aim to Seize Control of Catalonia
  Catalonia Closes Ranks Against Spanish Crackdown
  Top Spanish Paper Blames Russia, for Catalonia News
  Thousands More Spanish Police Arrive for Catalonia Crackdown
  Spanish Prosecutors Formally Accuse Catalan Separatists of Sedition
US Takes NK Pacific H-Bomb Threat 'Seriously'
  Aides Warned Trump Not to Personally Attack Kim at UN
Israeli Warplanes Attack Damascus Airport
  Civilians Leave ISIS-Area in Eastern Syria After Evacuation Deal
US-Made Bomb Killed 16 Yemeni Civilians
Trump, Ghani Agree to Develop Afghan Rare Earth Minerals
Trump Looking to Loosen Obama Limits on Drone Strikes
item Catalonia: Spanish Centralism or Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind?  Thomas Harrington
item How WWI Still Haunts America  by James Bovard
item Overwhelming Resistance to Trump's Plan to Scuttle Iran Deal  by John Glaser
item It's Time to Make a Deal With North Korea  by John Feffer
item US 'Totally Destroyed' North Korea Once Before  by David McNeill
item The Nuclear War That Almost Was and the Man Who Prevented It  by Brittany Hunter

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Russia: US Relations Poor Over 'Russo-Phobic Hysteria'
UN Completes Disarmament in Colombia as FARC Honors Slain Rebel
Drone Hits US Army Helo Over NYC
Germany's Heckler & Koch to Stop Selling Guns to Israel
Shirqat Nearly Liberated; 297 Killed in Iraq
Kurds Ready to Pay Any Price for Freedom, Barzani Says, Sticking by Independence Vote
Turkey Says It Won't Accept Kurdish Independence Vote
Russia Supports Iraq's Territorial Integrity: Lavrov
Russian Submarine Fires Cruise Missiles at Jihadi Targets in Syria
Syrian Activist and Daughter Murdered in Istanbul Home: Turkish Police
Trump Praises Erdogan for 'High Marks' Amid Crackdown Concerns
Fighting Breaks Out at Turkish President's Speech in New York
Turkish Missile Deal With Russia Reflects Stormy Relationship With NATO
Miss Turkey Dethroned Over 'Unacceptable' Tweet on Coup
Ship Carrying Migrants Sinks Off Turkish Coast, Kills 15: Coast Guard
Iran Unveils a Ballistic Missile With Range of 1,200 Miles
Russia: Collapse of Iran Deal Would Discourage North Korea From Stopping Nuclear Program
Gulf Media Promotes Emigre Qatari Royals as Feud Sours
Three Dead After Sudan Clashes Over Bashir Visit to South Darfur: UN
Cameroon Anglophone Protests Reignite With Separatist Tinge
Cuba Urges US Not to Politicize Allegations of Harmed Diplomats
Cuban Official: Still No Clue on US Diplomat Health Mystery
Canada to Impose Sanctions on Venezuela's Maduro and Top Officials
Brazil Army Deploys in Rio Slum as Drug-Related Violence Worsens
The War at Home
Facebook to Overhaul Political Ads After Threat of US Regulation
Conan O'Brien Edits Israel Travel Special After Controversy Over Contents
Rex Tillerson Denies Reports That Nikki Haley May Take Over at State Dept.
Outrage at Catalonia Crackdown a Likely Spur for Independence
Referendum in Catalonia: National Police Arrive in Barcelona on Ferry Decorated With Looney Tunes
Protests in Catalonia Over Crackdown on Banned Independence Vote
Barcelona Demonstration Ends After Releases
Spain Police Detain Man Accused of Link to Barcelona Attacks
Catalonia Referendum: Fears in Barcelona as Biggest Annual Festival Comes Amid Independence Unrest
Smaller EU States Need Stronger Voice, Not Brussels, Says Czech Election Favorite
Teenager Appears in UK Court Charged With London Bomb Attack
Germany Expels Second Vietnamese Diplomat Over 'Cold War-Style' Abduction
China Imposes Limit on Oil Supply to North Korea
Trump, South Korea's Moon Agree to Boost Defenses: White House
US Navy Carrier Drills With Japanese Navy Amid North Korean Tension
US Challenged by Rising North Korea Tensions, Russia Urges Calm
Shelling Across Pakistan-India Border Kills 6 Civilians, Wounds 30
3 Police Chiefs Are Killed in a Month in Volatile Afghan District
Roadside Bomb Kills Four in Thailand's Troubled South: Security Official
Filipino Bishops Urge Bell-Ringing, Prayers to Protest Bloody Drugs War
Cambodia: Switching Off Independent Radio Stations
Amnesty Says Fires Continue at Rohingya Villages in Myanmar
India Using Chilli Sprays, Stun Grenades to Dissuade Rohingya Influx
Uzbekistan Pulls Students, Teachers, Nurses From Cotton Fields: Sources
Americans Still Dying
Dunstable (MA) Family Mourns Soldier Killed During Demolitions Training at Ft Bragg
Ballwin (MO) Army Medic Dies During Medevac Training at Fort Hood
Navy Information Systems Tech From Manchester (MD) Died in McCain Collision
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