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Updated September 26, 2017 - 10:52 PM EDT
Trump Declares Catalonia Referendum 'Foolish'
  Spanish Officials: Catalan Referendum Has Been 'Discredited'
  Spain's Attorney General: Catalonia President May Face Arrest
Iraqi Kurds Overwhelming Vote for Secession
  Region Moves to Isolate Iraqi Kurdistan as Votes Are Counted
  Iraq's Parliament Votes to Deploy Troops to Kirkuk, Disputed Areas
  Turkey's Erdogan Threatens Oil Flow From Iraq's Kurdish Area

US-Backed Kurds Say Russian Warplanes Attacked Them

North Korea Says Trump Has Declared War, US Says No
Palestinian Authority Convenes in Gaza Amid Reconciliation
How Sudan Got Off Trump's Latest Travel Ban List
item Trump Is Trying to Hoodwink Us Into War With Iran  by Rep. Mark Pocan & Kate Gould
item Trump Is Able to Ramp Up the Drone War Because of Obama  by Bonnie Kristian
item US Launches Another Land Grab in Syria  by Marko Marjanovic
item How To End the Korea Crisis  by Ron Paul
item The Worst Mistake in US History  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Facing Trump's Threats, Why Would North Korea Disarm?  by Danielle Ryan

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The Truth About Vietnam
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Recalling Muhammad Ali's Vietnam War Resistance
Chelsea Manning Says Was Denied Entry Into Canada
US Appeals Court to Review Reversal of Conviction for Blackwater Iraq Massacre
Israel Builds Settlements 'At High Rate': UN
European Ambassadors to US Back Iran Nuclear Pact
Catalonia: Police Raid Town Halls in Bid to Stop Referendum
Catalonia: The Fight for Independence Explained
Who Gives the Orders? Spain, Catalonia Both Claim Police
Spanish President Asks Trump to Oppose Catalonia Referendum
'We Are Catalans': Scots Voice Referendum Solidarity
Trump's New UK Ambassador Wrongly Accuses Britain of Spending 'Minimum' on Its Military
Man Found Guilty Under UK Terrorism Laws After Refusing to Reveal Passwords
China's UN Envoy Says N. Korea, US Rhetoric 'Too Dangerous'
Myanmar Says No 'Ethnic Cleansing,' Genocide Against Muslims
Ivory Coast Accepts Tribunal Ruling in Border Dispute With Ghana
Seven Arrested in Egypt After Raising Rainbow Flag at Concert
Qatar Says Trump Wants to Fix Gulf Crisis With Dialogue
Qatar FM: Blockade Pushing It Closer to Iran Economically
Kurdistan Referendum
Iraq Refuses Talks With Kurdistan About Independence Referendum Results
Turkey Weighing Border, Air Space Measures Over Iraqi Kurdish Referendum: PM
Turkey to Form Closer Ties With Iraqi Central Government After Referendum, PM Says
Netanyahu Muzzles Israeli Officials on Kurdish Referendum
Iran Closes Border With Iraqi Kurdistan Over Independence Vote Fears
Damascus Rejects Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum
China Says Supports Iraq's Unity as Kurds Vote in Referendum
Kurds Celebrate Referendum; 27 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Asks US Contractors in Iraq to Pay Higher Taxes
Iraq Says Shell May Not Quit Majnoon Oilfield
Coalition Airstrikes Killed 84 Civilians Near Raqqa in March
Syrian Militias Aim to Push ISIS Out of Raqqa Within a Month
Middle East
Settlers Enraged by PM Decision to Halt Settlement Planning Talks
US Citizen Detained in Yemeni Capital Sanaa: Colleagues
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