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Updated September 29, 2017 - 11:07 PM EDT
US Pulls 60% of Staff From Cuba, Limits Travel
Catalan Groups Call for Peaceful Referendum
  UN Officials Condemn Spain's Violent Crackdown on Catalan Voters
  Spanish Police Seize Millions of Ballots to Undermine Vote
Iraq Cuts Off All Flights Into Kurdish Capital
  Turkey Halts Training for Iraqi Peshmerga Over Referendum
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Accused of Rights Abuses in Hawija Operation
Haley Declares Iran Deal 'Empty,' Blames Russia
US Kills Several in Central Libya Airstrikes
Anger in Kabul After US Air Raid Wounds Civilians
US Envoy Says Israel Only Occupies 2% of West Bank
Turkey's Erdogan Links Fate of US Pastor to Cleric Gulen
Lawmakers Demand US Withdrawal From War in Yemen
item Iran Hardliners Lining Up Behind Bolton Plan to Leave the Deal  by Curt Mills
item The Rise of the New McCarthyism  by Robert Parry
item Iraqi Kurds Again Make Statehood an Issue but There Are Risks  by Patrick Cockburn
item Trump's Generals Fatten Pentagon  by JP Sottile
item Leave Veterans and Soldiers Out of the Anthem Debate  by Danny Sjursen
item Vietnam War Protesters Have Nothing to Apologize For  by David Zeiger

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Here's How Much of Your Taxes Have Gone to Wars
Can a War of Words Become a World of War?: Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew Bacevich
Senate Confirms Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia
Russia Tell US to Step Back From Dispute Over Military Observation Flights
Iraq & Kurdistan
Bloody Shirqat Battles Continue; 96 Killed in Iraq
Foreigners Leave Iraqi Kurdistan to Avoid Being 'Stuck'
UN Offers to Help Resolve Iraqi Kurdish Independence Crisis
Turkey Calls on Citizens to Leave Northern Iraq Before Flights Suspended on Friday
Turkey Raises Oil Threat After Iraqi Kurds Back Independence
US Willing, if Asked, to Facilitate Talks Between Kurds, Baghdad: State Department
Hostage Crises
Syrian Observatory Says ISIS Cut Deir Al-Zor Road, Military Source Denies
Russia's Putin Says De Facto Conditions Created for End to Syrian Civil War
ISIS's Baghdadi, in Undated Audio, Urges Militants to Keep Fighting
Bernie Sanders Meets With Prominent Palestinian Activist Targeted by Israel and Abbas
Israel Says It Foiled Planned ISIS-Inspired Attack at Jerusalem Holy Site
German Military Leaves Turkey's Incirlik Airbase
Russia's Putin Visits Turkey as Ties Between Nation's Deepen
Middle East
Yemen Houthis Say US Citizen Kidnapped by Unknown Gunmen
Car Bomb Blast Kills Seven in Somalia's Mogadishu
Six Civilians Wounded in Kenyan Airstrike Near Bardere Town
Congo Naval Boats Battle Rebels on Lake Tanganyika
Egyptian Court Hands Fresh Life Sentence to Muslim Brotherhood Leader
UN Agrees New Team of Experts for Burundi but EU and US Decry Move
US Says Cuba Not Behind Sonic Attacks on Diplomats
US Preparing Plan to Draw Down Embassy Staff in Havana: Sources
Madrid Escalates Tactics to Halt Catalan Vote
Catalans Say Secession Vote to Happen, They Hope Peacefully
Catalan Official Accuses EU of Tacitly Backing Madrid
Catalonia Urges EU Intervention in Independence Vote Dispute
Independent Expert Proposes UN Hold Catalan Referendum
Catalonia: Public Safety Main Concern at Bilateral Security Meeting
'Catalonia Will Set a Precedent for Democracy in Europe and the Western World,' Said Assange
Ukraine Arms Dump Fire Alarm 'Was Not Working'
French Court Jails Woman Who Sent Money to Son Killed in Syria
Czech President's Spokesman Likens EU to Third Reich in Outburst Over Spirit Ingredient
South Korea Says It's Speeding Up Arms Buildup to Counter the North
China Support for North Korea Clampdown Growing: US Official
China Says Will Protect Sovereignty From Any Conflict on Korean Peninsula
North Korea: Millions Sign Up for the Military to Counter US
Russia and North Korea to Discuss Nuclear Crisis in Moscow
12 Afghan Security Forces Killed in Kandahar by Suicide Bomb
How 'Ghost Soldiers' Could Frustrate Trump's Plans for Afghanistan
Scores of Rohingya Feared Drowned After Boat Capsizes
US Envoy to UN Demands Myanmar Prosecutions, Weapons Curbs, Over Rohingya
Philippine Leader Changes His Tune With Praise for US 'Allies'
Japanese Opposition Abolishes Itself in Risky Attempt to Force Out Shinzo Abe
Pakistan Ministry Seeks Ban on New Party Backed by Prominent Islamist
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