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Updated September 30, 2017 - 9:58 PM EDT
Catalonia Refuses Spanish Demands to Halt Vote
  At Least Four Wounded in Shooting at Catalonia Polling Station
  Catalans Occupy Voting Stations to Preempt Police Crackdown
  How a Dubious CIA Document Is Fueling Tensions in Catalonia
  Google Removes Catalan Referendum App on Spanish Court Order
Kurdish Border Showdown With Iraq, Turkey, Iran
  Tillerson: Kurdish Referendum Lacks Legitimacy
  US Says at Least 1,200 Iraqi Troops Killed in Mosul Offensive
  Turkish Soldier Among 305 Killed in Iraq
US Downplays Airstrike Deaths in Iraq and Syria
  Air Strikes Force Hospital Closures in Northwest Syria: MSF
US Pulls 60% of Staff From Cuba, Limits Travel
EU Launches Online Map for Sanctions Maze
Trump: Iran Is Violating Deal. Top US General: No, It Isn't.
item House Bill Would End US Role in War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
item Trump's Tough Talk at the United Nations  by A. Trevor Thrall
item While US, North Korea Both Make Threats, Only One Killed Millions of the Other's People  by Eoin Higgins
item A Tale of Two Stories  by Uri Avnery
item The Slimy Business of Russia-Gate  by Robert Parry
item After Article Was Rejected, Walt and Mearsheimer Dropped The Israel Lobby  by Philip Weiss

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Trump Administration Lobbying Hard for Sweeping Surveillance Law
Julian Assange Now in War of Words With the Country Protecting Him
ACLU Presses Pentagon Over Captured American ISIS Fighter
Cameroon Tries to Quash Independence Movement in English Regions
Turkish Soldier Among 305 Killed in Iraq
Last Flight Departs as Iraq Imposes Ban for Kurdish Independence Vote
Iran Bans Oil Refinery Products Traffic With Iraqi Kurdistan
As Kurdish Borders Close, War of Words Heats Up
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Sistani Opposes Secession of Kurdish Region
About 500 French Children in Jihadi-Held Areas of Iraq and Syria: Official
Syrian Army and Allies Secure Road After ISIS Attack in Deir Al-Zor: Hezbollah
V-22 Osprey Crashes in Syria, Two US Troops Injured
UN Agrees International Experts to Probe Yemen War Crimes
Yemen Cholera Outbreak Could Hit One Million by 2018
Middle East
Palestinians Slam US Israel Envoy's 'Ignorance'
Turkey Orders 117 Soldiers Detained Over Gulen Links: Sources
Cuba Says US Decision to Reduce Havana Embassy Staff Is 'Hasty'
Cubans Are Heartbroken, Angry Can't Seek US Visas in Havana
Canada Says Has No Plans to Remove Embassy Staff From Cuba
Colombia ELN Rebel Leader Readies Troops Ahead of Ceasefire
Canadian Sentenced to Nine Years for Trying to Join ISIS
Weekend Reviews
World War I: When Dissent Became Treason
Come You Masters of War: America's War for the Greater Middle East by Andrew Bacevich
Peacekeeping in Africa: Problems That Face the Blue Helmets and the Problems They Cause
A Half Century of Occupation – Israel, Palestine, and the World's Most Intractable Conflict
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Catalan Government Says Millions Will Turn Out for Referendum
Spain Warns Polling Supervisors of Fines of Up to EUR300,000
Final Night of Catalonia Referendum Campaign
Catalonia Referendum: Thousands Take to Streets of Barcelona in Final Rally Ahead of Crucial Vote
International Parliamentary Delegation to Observe Sunday's Referendum
Logistics of the Catalonia Referendum (partially) Unveiled
European Parliament Rejects Catalan Referendum Debate
Schools Open After Class to Stay Full Until Sunday – With Catalan Police Approval
Basque Separatists Throw Support Behind Catalan Referendum
German Military Investigating Right-Wing Extremism Within Its Ranks
Germany's Far-Right AFD Has More Immigrant MPs Than Merkel's Conservatives
Russia Detains Two in Crimea for Allegedly Spying for Ukraine
26 Dead in Two Weeks of Clashes in Libya Migrant Hub: Ministry
Haftar Says Force Remains Option in Libya but Political Solution Best
Shabaab Islamists Attack Somali Army Base Killing at Least Eight
Burundi Loses Bid to Stop UN Atrocities Investigation
Eastern Congo Rebels Aim to March on Kinshasa: Spokesman
North Korea
North Korea Seen Moving Missiles From Development Center: South Korean Broadcaster
Russia Says Ready to Work With North Korea to Resolve Missile Crisis
Thousands of Indonesians Hold Anti-Communist Protest in Capital
Suicide Bomb Blast Near Kabul Shia Mosque Kills Five
Women to Plead Not Guilty in High-Profile Kim Jong Nam Murder Trial in Malaysial
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