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Updated October 2, 2017 - 10:33 PM EDT
Bill Would End US Support for Saudi War in Yemen
FBI: No Terror Link as 58 Dead in Vegas Shooting
  ISIS Claim of Vegas Link Is a Sign of 'Desperation': Experts Say
90% Yes: Catalans Vote to Secede Amid Crackdown
  Catalonia Demands All Spanish Police Leave, Calls for Mediation
  Catalonia: Spanish Repression Bound to Backfire
Trump Undercuts NK Diplomacy, Threatens War
  North Korea: UN Sanctions Causing Colossal Damages to Civilians
Iraqi Kurdistan Voted to Secede, Now What?
  Erdogan Blames Israel's Mossad for Iraqi Kurdistan's Secession
  3,129 Killed in Iraq During September
Sen. Corker: US in Afghanistan for Next Decade
  Official: 10 Afghan Forces Mistakenly Killed in Airstrike
Iran FM: Europe Should Keep Deal Intact if US Withdraws
US-Backed Syrian Forces Tighten Noose on Raqqa Hospital
item Latest Fake News Panic Appears to Be Fake News  by Matt Taibbi
item Lawmakers Exploit Tragedy to Demand Defense Dollars  by Dan Grazier
item North Korea Would Be Stupid to Trust the US  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Catalonia: What's Next?  by Justin Raimondo
item Russia-Gate's Shaky Foundation  by Daniel Herman
item NFL, Pentagon, and Hijacking of Pat Tillman's Story  by Ryan Devereaux

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Beyond Catalonia: Autonomous Movements in Western Europe
Turkey Sets Up Largest Overseas Base in Somalia
Facebook Blocks Chinese Billionaire Who Tells Tales of Corruption
Judge Releasing Reality Winner, NSA Contractor, Ahead of Leak Trial
3,129 Killed in Iraq During September
Australian Airstrike May Have Killed Iraqi Child
Kirkuk's Inclusion in Kurdish Vote Angers Iraq
Iran and Iraq to Hold Joint Border Drills
Turkey's Erdogan Says Iraqi Kurdish Authorities 'Will Pay Price' for Vote
Iran Puts Economic Squeeze on Iraqi Kurds
How Kurdistan Bypassed Baghdad and Sold Oil on Global Markets
Iraqi PM Presses Case for Baghdad to Receive Kurdistan Oil Revenue
Syria's War Has Deadliest Month This Year: Monitor Group
Syrian Observatory: ISIS Captures Town From Government
ISIS Propaganda Showcases US Weapons, Including an AT-4 Rocket
Air Strikes in Syria's Rebel-Held Idlib Kill 28: Observatory
Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Areas in Syria Kill and Wound Dozens
Syrian Army, Allies Seize More of Jordanian Frontier
Turkey No Longer Needs EU Membership but Won't Quit Talks: Erdogan
Turkish Police Arrest Family Member in Killing of Syrian Activist
Israel Announces Extended, 11-Day Closure of West Bank, Gaza for Jewish Holiday
Palestinian Rivals Fatah and Hamas to Hold Talks
One Eve of Gaza Reconciliation, Hamas Frees Fatah Men
US State Department Distances Itself From Israel Ambassador's Comments
'It's an Injustice': Life After Israeli Demolitions
Egyptian Officials in Gaza Ahead of Palestinian Unity Talks
This Ethnic Minority in Israel Still Swears Allegiance to Syria. but for Many Young People That's Changing
Middle East
Innocent People Suffering From Qatar Blockade: British Delegation
Yemen Houthis Say Have Shot Down US Surveillance Drone
Hezbollah Says Kurdish Vote a Step Toward Wider Mideast Partition
The War at Home
Judge Mulls Releasing Reality Winner, NSA Contractor, Ahead of Leak Trial
Old Military Explosives Found in Yard of California Home
How Arnold Mesches Turned His FBI Surveillance Files Into Eerily Prescient Works of Art
Catalonian Independence
Catalan Referendum: Catalonia Has 'Won Right to Statehood'
Catalan Leader Opens Door to Secession From Spain After Vote
40 Powerful Images of Catalonians Voting for Self-Determination and Spain's Crackdown
Catalonia's Puigdemont, a Dyed-In-The-Wool Partisan of Independence
Catalonia, One of Spain's Economic Heavyweights
Spanish Minister Exploits Catalan Referendum to Insult Gibraltar
Gibraltar Very Concerned by Violence in Catalonia, Chief Minister Says
After Israeli Ambassador Intervened, UK University Made Holocaust Survivor Change Title of Speech
ISIS Claims Marseille Knife Attack That Killed Two People
Russian Soldier Who Killed Three Comrades Shot Dead
Cameroon's English-Speakers Call for Independence
At Least Eight Dead Amid Cameroon Anglophone Protests
In Cameroon, Religious Leaders Worry About the Rise of 'Ambazonia'
British Company Made Arms Deal With South Sudan, Amnesty Claims
No Survivors in Russian Military Cargo Plane Crash in DR Congo
Egypt 'Hunting Down' Gays, Conducting Forced Anal Exams: Amnesty
Nigeria President Denounces Biafran Separatists
Cash Crunch Risks Grounding UN Air Ops in Sudan
Port in Libya's Benghazi Reopens After Three-Year Closure Due to Clashes
Anti-Government Chants Ring Out on Anniversary of Ethiopian Festival Deaths
North Korea
Military Action Over North Korea 'Worst Possible Option', Says UK Diplomat
Trump Signed Presidential Directive Ordering Actions to Pressure North Korea
Guam Governor Asks DoD to Stop Construction
China Says US Should Respect Concerns on Taiwan
Kyrgyzstan Accuses Opposition MP of Planning Riots, Coup
Colombia and Last Rebel Group to Begin a Truce on Sunday
Canadian Police Say Suspect in Deadly Edmonton Attacks Is Somali National
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