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Updated October 4, 2017 - 11:25 PM EDT
Three US Troops Killed in Niger Ambush
Saudis on UN Blacklist for Killing Yemen Children
  The House Should Vote to End the US Role in the War on Yemen
  Shameless Saudi Propaganda Via the New York Times
General Strike, Protests Bring Catalonia to a Halt
  Catalan Leader Says Independence Will Be Declared in Days
  Spain Losing Control of Catalonia, Analysts Warn
Iraqi Kurdistan Announces New Elections
  Turkey Tries to Isolate al-Qaeda Forces in Syria's Idlib Province
Mattis Backs US Staying in Iran Nuclear Deal
US Expels 15 Cuban Diplomats
3,000 US Troops in Afghanistan Will Be on 'Combat Duty'

US Opposes UN Ban on Death Penalty for Homosexuality

Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Palestinian Unity Deal
item Will Trump Recognize Israeli Annexations?  by Grant Smith
item How US and North Korea Could Start a Nuclear War  by Doug Bandow
item Abu Ghraib: The Legacy of Torture in the War on Terror  by Maha Hilal
item The American Religion of War  by William J. Astore
item The Cost of Empire  by Mark Weisbrot
item Flags, Football, and Begged Questions  by Sheldon Richman

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ISIS Takes Credit for a Lot of Mass Shootings. Don't Always Believe Them
Why US Aid to Egypt Is Never Under Threat
The City That Bears the Brunt of the National Terror Watchlist
How One Man Helped Burn Down North Korea
Thousands Displaced in Hawija, Anbar; 17 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Steps Up Retaliation Against Kurdish Independence Vote With Dollar Ban
UN Says 78,000 Civilians Could Be Trapped in Iraq's Hawija
Iraqi Kurds Face More Sanctions After Calling Elections
Kurdish Leader and Ex-Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Dies: State TV
ISIS Releases Video It Says Shows Two Russians Captured in Syria
Lieberman Sees Assad Winning Syria War, Urges More US Involvement
Syrian Girl, Who Tweeted From Aleppo, Documents Horrors in New Memoir
Palestinian Cabinet Meets in Gaza in Latest Move Toward Reconciliation With Hamas
Israel Destroys Bedouin Village for the 119th Time
Settlers Warn PM: 'Freeze in Building Will Cause Unprecedented Protest'
Middle East
Iran Foreign Minister Visits Qatar Amid Diplomatic Standoff
Saudi King Heads to Russia, With Oil, Investment and Syria on Agenda
Kenya: University of Nairobi Closes After Violent Clashes
Tension Grips Nigerian City as Separatist Leader Goes Missing
Rwanda Charges Kagame Critic With Insurrection
Dutch Defense Minister Resigns Over Peacekeepers' Deaths in Mali
Spain's King Accuses 'Disloyal' Separatists of Breaking the Law
Serbia Accuses World of Double Standards Over Catalonia and Kosovo
Catalans Should Be Allowed to Determine Their Own Future: Scottish Govt
Russia Threatens Retaliation Over US 'Break-In' at Consulate
Russian Military Holds Missile Drills
UK Government Could Imprison People for Looking at Terrorist Content
French Police Arrest Couple With Rocket Launcher and Kalashnikov Near Marseille
North Korea
North Korea Accuses US of Imposing an Economic Blockade
Despite Trump's Rhetoric, US-North Korea 'Back-Channel Talks Happening'
Mattis Plays Down Split Between Trump, Tillerson on North Korea
EU's Diplomatic Back Channel in Pyongyang Goes Cold
Pentagon Says Trump's Afghan Troop Boost to Cost $1 Billion a Year
US to Decide Soon on Future of Taliban Office in Qatar
Afghan Army Plane Crash Lands in Daikundi
Four Killed as Militants Attack Airport Security Camp in Indian-Controlled Kashmir
Mattis Says Will Try to Work With Pakistan 'One More Time'
Uzbekistan Releases Dissident, Arrests Another
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