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Updated October 5, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
Trump Will Declare Iran Deal 'Not in US Interest'
Three US Troops Killed in Niger Ambush
US Eases Rules of Engagement for Afghanistan
  In a Wartime First, Afghan Military Fully on Offensive
Russia Says US Forces Helping ISIS in Syria
  Khamenei: Iran and Turkey Must Prevent Iraqi Kurds' Secession
Spain Rules Out Mediation With Catalonia
  Int'l Observers 'Strongly Condemn' Spanish Crackdown on Catalonia
  EU Commission Defends 'Necessary' Crackdown on Catalonia
Trump: Netanyahu Harder To Work With Than Abbas
item Last Sunday in Catalonia: Pirates 1, The Invincible Armada 0  by Thomas Harrington
item Congress's War Powers Must Be Made Reality  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
item Our 'Enemies' Are Winning Syria's Future  by Geoffrey Aronson
item The Campaign to Rein in the Internet  by Justin Raimondo
item Why Israel Supports Kurdish Independence  by Jonathan Cook
item Kurdistan Ignites New Mideast Fires  by Doug Bandow

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CIA Director Says More Agents Being Sent Into Field
UAE Secretly Picked Up the Tab for the Egyptian Dictatorship's DC Lobbying
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Court in Libya's Misrata
Houthi Mortar Attack Kills 9 Pro-Govt Yemeni Fighters
Children Wounded in Sinjar Bombing; 48 Killed in Iraq
Turkey to Take Stronger Steps in Response to Iraqi Kurdish Referendum: Erdogan
Slovakia to Send Soldiers to Iraq to Train Security Forces
Iraqi Forces Say in Final Assault to Take Hawija From ISIS
In Mosul's Fall, Informers Played Vital Role Against ISIS
Putin, on Iraqi Kurdistan, Says Moscow Handles Situation With Care
Russia Says Critically Injures Ex-Qaeda Leader in Syria; Group Denies
Russia Investigating ISIS Claim About Russian Hostages: RIA
Bomb Blast in Southeast Turkey Kills Four Soldiers, Wounds Four Governor
Turkish Judge Finds 42 Soldiers Guilty of Trying to Kill Erdogan
Trump to Receive Multiple Options on Iran Nuclear Deal: Tillerson
European Envoys Take Fight for Iran Nuclear Deal to US Congress
Iran Sentences Member of Nuclear Negotiating Team to Five Years in Jail
Israel Forces Shoot Palestinian Child in the Head in E. Jerusalem
Israel Seals Off West Bank and Gaza as Sukkot Begins
Mohammed Dahlan Speaks About Palestinian Unity and His Back-Room Role
Saudi Arabia
Germany Redeploys Anti-ISIS Surveillance Jets to Jordan
Saudi Arabia Arrests 46 for Stirring Divisions
Narco Fugitives Caught Trying to Co-Opt Colombia Peace Deal
Catalonia Moves to Declare Independence From Spain on Monday
Spanish Police Used 'Excessive and Disproportionate' Force on Sunday, Says Amnesty International
Catalan Police Chief and Pro-Independence Civil Society Leaders Called to Testify in Sedition Case
Catalan Head Says Already Feels Like the President of a Free Country: Interview
Puigdemont Slams Spanish King for 'Disappointing' Catalans
Catalan Business Lobby Says Worried by Any Declaration of Independence
Catalan Leader Accuses Central Government of 'Catastrophic' Policies
North Korea
CIA Says North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-UN Is Not Crazy, but 'Very Rational'
Putin Says Military Strike Against North Korea Not Sure to Succeed
Putin Says Trump Is Listening to Russia's Views on North Korea Crisis
Trump and Japan's Abe Agree to Keep Pressure on North Korea
Russia Throws North Korea Lifeline to Stymie Regime Change
Pakistan Army Kills Three Indian Soldiers in Retaliatory Firing
Sudan Expects US to Lift Sanctions, Conditions Met: State Minister
The War at Home
Yahoo Just Said Every Single Account Was Affected by 2013 Attack – 3 Billion in All
Navy Identifies Two Pilots Killed in T-45 Crash
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