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Updated October 11, 2017 - 9:44 PM EDT
Trump Denies Seeking 10-Fold Nuke Increase
  Trump Threatens NBC, News Networks With License Revocation
Iraq: Hundreds of ISIS Surrendered in Past Week
  Syrian Rebels Hand Border Crossing to Turkey-Backed Rebel Govt
Catalan Leaders Sign Declaration of Independence
  Spanish PM Gives Catalonia Eight Days to Withdraw Declaration
Trump to Unveil 'Overall Iran Strategy' This Week
South Korea MP Claims North Hacked War Plans
How the CIA Secretly Recruits Academics
Russia Will Let CNN International Keep Broadcasting
US Says Hezbollah Seeking 'Option' of Terror Attacks In US
item The Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops  by William Hartung
item Balfour Declaration Destroyed Palestine, Not Palestinian People  by Ramzy Baroud
item A Trumped-Up Drone Program  by Christopher J. Coyne & Abby Hall
item Trump Is Pulling a Libya on Iran  by Robert W. Merry
item Sputnik and RT Under Investigation  by Philip Giraldi
item Anti-Nuke Activists Win Nobel Prize  by Elizabeth Murray

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Stop the Unconstitutional War in Yemen
by Reps. Ro Khanna, Mark Pocan,
and Walter Jones
Army Chief: Modernization Reform Means New Tanks, Aircraft, Weapons
Kissinger Meets Trump to Advise on N. Korea, China
USS McCain's Top Officers Fired After Deadly Collision
CIA Official Tells Jury About Day 'All Hell Broke Loose' in Benghazi
Trump May Visit Demilitarized Zone During Trip to South Korea
Jimmy Carter Offers to Talk Peace With North Korea's Kim, Says Academic
US Fly Bombers Over Korean Peninsula Late Tuesday: Yonhap
Wonsan: Where Tourism Meets Tanks
US Warship Sails Near Islands Beijing Claims in South China Sea: US Officials
Afghan-Pakistan Border Villages Brace for Berlin Wall-Style Divide
Thai Junta Sets Firm Date for Election After Many False Starts
Bangladesh Detains Leaders of Islamist Party for Militant 'Plot'
Malaysia's Royals Call for Religious Tolerance in Rare Public Intervention
Philippine Lawmakers Reject Fifth Duterte Cabinet Pick
Kenyan Opposition Leader Quits Election Rerun in Test of Law
Gunmen Kill Two in Attack on University Convoy in Kenya
Activist Dedicates Rights Award to 'Tortured, Imprisoned' Egyptians
Security Council Endorses UN Plan to Break Libya Stalemate
Scotland Can Still Offer Choice on Independence From UK: Sturgeon
Talks to Let Civilians Leave ISIS-Held Raqqa: Coalition
Turkish PM Says Idlib Operation Aims to Prevent Migrant Wave From Syria
Russian Military Jet Crashes on Takeoff in Syria, Crew Killed: Agencies
Grenade Attacks Kill Tribal Fighters' Family; 32 Killed in Iraq
Iraq PM Abadi Expects ISIS's Complete Defeat in Iraq This Year
Turkey's Erdogan Blames US Envoy for Diplomatic Crisis
Pentagon Says Diplomatic Tension With Turkey Not Affecting Military Operations
No Angst Over Turkey's Air Defense Deal With Russia, Says NATO Chief
Wall Street Journal Reporter Sentenced to Prison by Turkish Court

Senator Schumer Slams Trump Over 'Indecisiveness' on US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Official Says Egypt to Expand Buffer Zone Along Gaza Boarder
Middle East
Iraq and Iran Boost Oil Exports in Sales Battle With Saudis
Opposition Magistrates Holed Up in Chile Residence Flee Venezuela: Source
Colombia President Vows to Replace Officers After Coca Clash
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