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Updated October 12, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
War Powers Challenge on Yemen Delayed to Nov. 2
US Bombers Fly Over Korea in Show of Force
  North Korea FM: Trump Has 'Lit the Wick of War'
  Most Americans Say Trump Making North Korea Situation Worse
Trump Denies Seeking 10-Fold Nuke Increase
  Trump Threatens NBC, News Networks With License Revocation
Fatah, Hamas Sign Palestinian Unity Deal in Cairo
  US Quits UNESCO Over 'Anti-Israel Bias'
  Israel Approves Thousands More Settlement Homes in the West Bank
US Lawmakers, Euro Nations Scramble to Save Iran Deal
  Trump Expected to Designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terrorists
Spanish PM Gives Catalonia 8 Days to Drop Independence
In Blocking Arms, Saudis Squeeze a Starving Yemen
Germany: No Evidence Kaspersky Lab Worked With Russia
item Whap! Pow! Fans Boot Defense Contractor Out of Marvel Comics  by Jason Ditz
item Russia-Gate Jumps the Shark  by Robert Parry
item Trump's New Gitmo Policy: Let Hunger Strikers Starve to Death  by Andy Worthington
item Trump Looks Set to Start Blowing Up the Iran Deal  by Eli Clifton
item The Atrocious Nature of the Vietnam War  by William J. Astore
item It's Time to End America's Longest War  by Brock Carlson

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Game of Drones: US Poised to Boost Unmanned Aircraft Exports
Mattis Looking to See if Changes Need to Be Made After Niger Ambush
Moscow May Demand US Cut Diplomatic Staff in Russia to 300 or Below: RIA
Russia Protests 'Shameful' US Theft of Consulate Flags
Grenade Attacks Kill Tribal Fighters' Family; 32 Killed in Iraq
Kurdistan Region Says Iraqi Forces Preparing Major Attack in Oil-Rich Kirkuk
Suicide Bombers Attack Damascus Police Center: Syrian State Media
How a Businessman Struck a Deal With ISIS to Help Assad Feed Syrians
Chemical Weapons Watchdog to Get New Leader as It Investigates Syria
Donald Trump's Expected Withdrawal From Iran Deal Threatens World Peace: Experts
Iran Still Trying to Buy Items for Missile Development: Germany
Ehud Barak, Israeli Hawk and No Friend of Iran, Urges Trump to Keep Nuclear Deal
How Palestinian Reconciliation Could Put US in Legal Bind
Bennett Reveals Plan for Peace, Calls for Drastic West Bank Change
Israel Cancels Ban on Racist Answers in Civics Exam
Middle East
US Still Seeking Explanation for Arrest of Staff in Turkey: Ambassador
Hezbollah Dismisses US Rewards for Arrest of Its Operatives
Yemen Islamist Party Members Arrested, Ratcheting Up Tensions
Death Toll From Northern Mexico Prison Riot Rises to 16
Pro-Catalonia Anarchists Enter Spanish Embassy in Athens
Spain's Socialist Leader Agrees With Rajoy to Launch Constitutional Reform
Armed Ground Robots Could Join the Ukrainian Conflict Next Year
Hungary Demands Faster EU, NATO Integration of West Balkans
Pakistan Bars a Militant-Linked Group From Forming New Political Party
Lahore: Section 144 Imposed Barring 'Discussion on Sensitive Topics'
Turkish Teacher and Family Missing in Pakistan as Court Orders Inquiry Into Intel Agencies
US Carrier Drills With Japanese Navy Around Okinawa, Southwest of Korean Peninsula
Emergency Landing as Marine Super Stallion Catches Fire Over Okinawa
China Says US Violated Its Sovereignty in South China Sea
Indian Troops and Rebels Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle
New Afghan Peace Talks Expected in Oman but Taliban Participation Unclear
Russia to Donate Kalashnikovs, Trucks, Munitions to Philippines
New Rape Claims Against UN Peacekeepers in Central Africa
No Congo Election Until Mid-2019, Vote Commission Says, Angering Opposition
Cameroon: Why English Speakers Demanding Their Own Country
Kenya Election Board: All Eight Candidates Will Be on Ballot in Repeat Poll
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