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Updated October 13, 2017 - 10:11 PM EDT
Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Vows New Sanctions
  Official: President Donald J. Trump's New Strategy on Iran
  US General 'Concerned' About Iran's Activities in Iran Region
War Powers Challenge on Yemen Delayed to Nov. 2
  Lawmakers Want to Force US Military Out of Yemen War
Raqqa Civilians Say US Strikes Taking Heavy Toll
  Iraqi Spokesman: Kurdish Leader 'Worse Than ISIS'
  ISIS Suicide Attacks Kill at Least 50 in Northeast Syria
Afghan Civilian Casualties From US Strikes Up 50%
  Karzai Warns Afghans and Neighbors to Resist 'US Agenda'
US Military Sends Troops to Russian Border
item Why North Korea Wants Nuke Deterrence  by Nicolas JS Davies
item What Is Behind the Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Will Donald Trump's Twitter War Spark a Nuclear War?  by Doug Bandow
item Embracing Our Inner Empire  by Danny Sjursen
item Mises, Rothbard, and Catalonia  by David Gordon
item Trump's Horrifying Iran Gambit  by Joe Cirincione

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US Quits UNESCO Over 'Anti-Israel Bias'
Yemen's Cholera Outbreak Worst in History as Millionth Case Looms
US to Demolish Isolation Cell Block at Guantanamo
The War at Home
Pentagon Has No Plans to Boost Size of Nuclear Arsenal
Recordings Capture Brutal FBI Tactics to Recruit a Potential Informant
The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About
Army Schedules Hearing to Consider Bergdahl Guilty Plea
'No Kin in the Game': Study Finds Members of Congress Without Draft-Age Sons Were More Hawkish
Russia Says US Military in Baltic Contradicts Russia-NATO Agreement: RIA
Russia May Send More Iskander Missiles to Kaliningrad After US Moves
Russia Accuses US of Denying Entry to Senior Military Official
Spanish Police Used 'Excessive Force' in Catalan Vote: HRW
China Offers Support to Spanish Government Amid Catalonia Crisis
Eurofighter Jet Crashes in Spain, Killing Pilot
FDP's Push to Invite Putin to G7 Sows Discord Within Possible German Coalition
North Korea
US Believes Current North Korea Nuclear Threat Is Manageable: White House
UAE Terminates North Korean Diplomatic Mission, Ends Visas
Trump Says He Believes Pakistan Starting to Respect US Again
After 5 Years, American-Canadian Family Kidnapped by Terrorists in Afghanistan Now Free
Mass Hysteria May Explain 'Sonic Attacks' in Cuba, Say Top Neurologists
Cuba Could Stop 'Attacks' Against Americans: White House
The Sound in Havana: What Americans Heard in Cuba Attacks
Ceasefire Deal Sealed for Rebel Pocket Near Damascus
In Schools and Hospitals, Turkey Carves North Syria Role
British ISIS Recruiter Sally-Anne Jones Killed by Drone in Syria
Kurdish Peshmerga Block Roads; Six Killed in Iraq
Iraq Refuses Talks With Kurds Unless They Commit to Unity
Turkey's Erdogan Says US Consulate Hiding Suspect
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for 25 Soldiers in Post-Coup Probe
Israeli Defense Experts Warn Against Dropping Iran Nuke Deal
Ehud Barak Warns Trump: Scrapping Nuclear Deal Would Embolden Iran and North Korea
Germany's Sigmar Gabriel Warns Donald Trump: Revoking Iran Deal Could Push EU to Russia and China
Israel to Join US in Quitting UNESCO
Deadline for Palestinian Authority Takeover of Gaza Set for December 1
Attack in Egypt's Sinai Kills Six Police
Egyptian Coptic Priest Killed in Cairo Attack
Egypt Extends State of Emergency for Three Months Starting Friday: Official Gazette
Military Heats Up Battle in Libya as ISIS Militants Seek Refuge
Chad Withdraws Troops From Fight Against Boko Haram in Niger
Kenya Bans City-Center Protests as Vote Tension Mounts
Colombia Peace Deal Cannot Be Modified for 12 Years, Court Rules
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