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Updated October 15, 2017 - 11:13 PM EDT
Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Vows New Sanctions
  Pentagon Reviews Plans, Seeking Ways to Confront Iran
  EU, UN Defend Iran Deal After Trump Speech
  Israeli Minister Says Trump Speech May Start War With Iran
Iraq Kurds Set Up Defensive Line Around Kirkuk
  Iraq Seizes Positions Around Kirkuk as Peshmerga Withdraws
US Gen.: Embedded Troops Will Break Afghan Stalemate
  Karzai: Afghans Must Resist 'US Agenda'
Mogadishu: Worst-Ever Somalia Bomb Attacks Kill 231
War Powers Challenge on Yemen Delayed to Nov. 2
Allies Press Catalan President to Declare Independence
item This Is Trump's Moment of Truth on the Iran Deal  by Curt Mills
item Trump Signaling Unprecedented Right Turn on Foreign Policy  by John Feffer
item The Low-Rent Bullying of the Zionist Ideologue  by Thomas Harrington
item The Deep State's Bogus 'Iranian Threat'  by David Stockman
item The Impact of the US War on Afghanistan  by Marcelo Guadiana
item America's Shadow War in Africa  by Wesley Morgan & Bryan Bender

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Kremlin Raps US for Not Issuing Visas to UN-Bound Officials
Russia Summons US Envoy Over Missing Consular Flags
Navy to Send Destroyer to Far East to Boost Ballistic Missile Defense
US to Maintain Cuba, Venezuela Sanctions Until Freedoms Restored: Trump
Rouhani: Iran Will Stick to Nuclear Deal
Iran Says Will Respond Strongly to Any Action Against Its Military Forces: TV
Advocates for Americans Held in Iran Worried by Trump's Hard Line
Boeing, GE Iran Contracts Face New Uncertainties
Full Text: Trump's Speech Decertifying Iran Nuclear Deal
Global Reaction on Iran
UN Nuclear Watchdog Reiterates Iran Subject to World's Toughest Controls
Russia Says Trump's Iran Deal Actions Are 'Doomed to Fail'
Saudi Arabia Welcomes New US Strategy Toward Iran
UAE Says Fully Supports New US Policy Against Iran
Netanyahu Congratulates Trump for 'Courageous Decision' to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal
North Korea
EU to Ban Business Ties With Pyongyang Over Nuclear Tests
Former Friend Malaysia Halts All Imports From North Korea
Philippines Retreats From Threat to Expel EU Envoys
Philippine Anti-Narcotics Chief Warns of Drugs War Slowdown, Police Target Assassins
Pakistan's Hostage Rescue Hailed, but Tensions With US Remain
Closely Fought Election to Test Kyrgyzstan's Fragile Stability
Kenya Police Shoot Dead Two During Opposition Protest
Nigeria Jails 45 Boko Haram Suspects in Secret Mass Trial
Somalia's Defense Minister and Army Chief Resign
Over 500 Anglophones Arrested in Cameroon After Demonstrations: Amnesty
'Star Wars' Fantasy? Cubans Doubt US Sonic Attacks Claims
Venezuela Ex-Prosecutor Gives US Evidence on Maduro Officials
Authorities in Southern Mexico Find Bodies in Secret Graves
Shots Fired Between Kurdish Peshmerga and Shi'ite Militia; 50 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Kurds Beef Up, Move Back Defense Line Around Oil-Rich Kirkuk
Iraq Forces Retake Positions From Kurds in Disputed Kirkuk
Turkish Forces Set Up Positions in Syria's Idlib
WHO Says Attack on Syria Vaccine Store Leaves Children at Risk
Russia Questions Future of Syria Chemical Weapons Inquiry
Syrian Fighter Pilot on Trial for Espionage in Turkey Returns to Syria
Middle East
Joy Mixed With Caution in Gaza After Palestinian Unity Deal
Turkey's Erdogan Says No Problem With Russian S-400 Purchases
Catalonia's Independence Leader Wages His Own Battle for Unity
Business Exodus Deepens Catalan Economy Fears
Carles Puigdemont's Roots and the Struggle for Independence From Spain
Juncker Says Catalan Split Would Lead to Splintering EU
How Catalonia Pulled Off Its Independence Vote From Spain Using 'Pizza' Code Words and Secret Schemes
Norway Plans to Send Armored Unit Close to Russian Border
Investigative Journalist Attacked in Kosovo
Americans Still Dying
Sergeant From Puyallup (WA) Killed in Niger Ambush
Miami Gardens' (FL) Beloved 'Wheelie King' Dies Fighting Niger Jihadists
Staff Sgt From Springboro (OH) Killed in Niger Attack
Toombs County (GA) Green Beret Killed in the Line of Duty in Niger
Horn Lake (MS) Man Killed in Military Plane Crash in Tennessee
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