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Updated October 16, 2017 - 11:09 PM EDT
Tillerson: NK Diplomacy Until 'First Bomb Drops'
Trump's Iran Plan Faces Resistance in Congress
Israel Attacks Syrian Air Defenses
  Iraq Accuses Kurds of 'Declaring War' Over Kirkuk
  Syria Demands Turkey Withdraw From Idlib
  US Reaches ISIS Evacuation Deal From Raqqa
US Military Sees More Casualties in Non-Combat Situations
  US Air Force Just Bought 100 Stealth Fighters That Can't Fight
Spain Threatens to Seize Catalonia as Deadline Looms
Hamas Agrees No Terror, Rocket Attacks Under Unity Deal
item Fueling More Bloodshed in Ukraine  by James W. Carden
item I Am in Gitmo. The US Govt Is Starving Me to Death  by Khalid Qassim
item The Vietnam War Is Not History for Victims of Agent Orange  by Marjorie Cohn & Jonathan Moore
item Gitmo's Living Legacy in the Trump Era  by Karen J. Greenberg
item Yes, Israel Can Accept the Right of Return  by Uri Avnery
item The Dark History of Fear, Inc.  by Mark Perry

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Plans to Move 5,000 Marines to Guam, Train Them, Hits Snag
Here's What Concerns the General in Charge of Recruiting Future US Army
Fort Hood Soldier Killed Self After Police Chase
Deadliest Attacks in Somalia Since 2010
US Officials Try to Ease Concerns Trump May Quit Iran Deal
Approach to Iran Exposes Growing Irritation Between US and Allies
Iran: We Will Stick to Nuclear Deal if Europe Does
Poll: Most Americans Support the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal
Trump Hostility Set to Deepen Iran Power Struggles
New Iran Sanctions Could Send Oil Prices Higher
Iranians Fear Economic Hardship, but United Against Trump
Israeli Opposition Leaders Call for Iran Sanctions but No Pullout From Nuke Deal
Iranian Foreign Minister: 'Nobody Else Will Trust' US if It Pulls Out of Iran Deal
Coup, Revolution, and Mistrust: Moments in Iran-US Relations
Almost Half of GOP Backs Preemptive Strike on North Korea, Poll Finds
North Korea Lawmaker: We Need Nukes Because of US Threat
South Korea Parliament Chief Tells North Korea to Resume Missile Talks
A Secretive NYC Backchannel May Be the Best Hope for Avoiding War With North Korea
Russian Senate Head to Discuss Nuclear Program With North, South Korea
US Drone Strike Kills 14 Suspected ISIS Militants in Afghanistan
Afghan Police Seize Truck, Foil Bomb Bid
Canadian Says Child Killed, US Wife Raped During Afghan Kidnapping
Afghan Taliban Deny Former Hostage's Claims of Murder, Rape
India to Close Colonial-Era Military Farms
Two Lashkar-E-Taiba Fighters Killed in Kashmir Raid
Philippines: Last Leaders of ISIS-Tied Siege Killed in Marawi
Thousands Rally in Malaysia to Oust Premier Najib
Kyrgyz Leader's Chosen Successor Wins Presidential Vote
China Confirms Will Amend Party Constitution, Likely to Include Xi's Theories
Gunmen Attack Kenyan School, Killing Six Children: Officials
Three Shot Dead During Kenya's Anti-Government Protests
24 Militants, Six Soldiers Killed in Attacks in Egypt's Sinai: Military
Bodies of Ambushed Travelers Found in Eastern Congo: Chief
Boko Haram Fighters Surrender in Northern Cameroon
Moroccan Police Break Up ISIS Cell Planning Attacks: Ministry
Italian Priest Kidnapped in Southern Nigeria: Vatican
Four Moldovans Die as French Army Charter Jet Crashes in Ivory Coast
Australian Defense Firm Was Hacked and F-35 Data Stolen, DoD Confirms
Hundreds of US Marines Leave Australia After Troop Rotation
The War at Home
Army Fires 2-Star General Amid Improper Relationship Probe
Pentagon Tightens Rules for Immigrant Recruits
Atlas V Rocket Launches Another Secret US Spy Satellite
Michigan Military Base Is Third in State to Test Positive for Contaminated Water
Raheel Siddiqui's Family Sues Marines for $100 Million in Son's Death
Iraq Forgets ISIS, Moves Against Kirkuk; 15 Killed in Iraq
Tillerson Letters Show US Nearly Averted Kurdish Referendum
Kurds Block Iraqi Forces' Access to Kirkuk Oil Fields; Iran Shuts Border Crossings
As Iraqis and Kurds Square Off Over Kirkuk, City Life Goes On
400,000 Children Still Displaced From Mosul Fighting: Save the Children
ISIS Loses Al-Mayadeen in Eastern Syria: Military Source
US-Led Coalition Says 100 ISIS Fighters in Raqqa Surrendered in Last 24 Hours: Spokesman
Eighty-Five Percent of Raqqa Liberated From ISIS
ISIS Faces Imminent Raqqa Defeat, Syrian YPG Says
Syrian Town Struggles to Cope Alone After Key Victory Over ISIS
Turkey Orders Detention of 100 Former Police Officers in Post-Coup Probe
Why a New York Court Case Has Rattled Turkey's President
Turkey Determined to Maintain EU Accession Process, Government Says
Yemen's Ex-President Saleh Stable After Russian Medics Operate
Southern Yemen Leader Sees Independence Referendum, Parliament Body
With Palestinian Reconciliation, West Faces Hamas Dilemma
Key Points of the Hamas-Fatah Palestinian Reconciliation Deal
Top Israeli Minister to Demand PM Cut All Ties to PA After Hamas Unity Deal
Two Rockets Fired Into Israel From Sinai, No Injuries
Israel to Clamp Down on Foreign Funding of NGOs
Qatari Sheikh Says Assets Frozen Over Gulf Crisis
Spain to Take Control of Catalonia if Gets Ambiguous Reply on Independence
Catalan Talks With Spain 'Would Aim at Independence'
Spain's Far-Right Gains Visibility in Catalonia Crisis
Catalan Leader Calls for Calm Ahead of Madrid Deadline
Ukraine's Nationalists Mark 75th Anniversary of Insurgent Army
Venezuela Ruling Party Wins Most Governor Races
Documenting US Role in Democracy's Fall and Dictator's Rise in Chile
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