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Updated October 17, 2017 - 11:06 PM EDT
Arms Shipments to Saudis Soar Under Trump
  Pentagon: US Kills Dozens in Yemen Training Camp Attacks
Thousands Flee as Iraqi Forces Seize Kirkuk
  Pentagon Backs Away as US Allies Prepare to Battle in Kurdistan
  Peshmerga: Iraqi Offensive Is a 'Declaration of War'
Major Taliban Attacks Kill 74 Across Afghanistan
Israel Attacks Syrian Air Defenses
North Korea Rejects US Talks Amid Threats
US Drone Strike Kills 20 in Pakistan Tribal Area
Spain Ratchets Up Threats as Catalonia Won't Respond
item The Deep Unfairness of America's All-Volunteer Force  by Dennis Laich & Lawrence Wilkerson
item The Battlefield Is Dead  by Antoine Bousquet
item New Palestinian Unity Deal May Not Change Much  by Patrick Cockburn
item Is War With Iran Now Inevitable?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item President Trump Beats War Drums for Iran  by Ron Paul
item Let the Catalonians Leave  by John Stossel

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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to Desertion
Too Fat to Fight: Military Threatened by Childhood Obesity
Microsoft Said Police Can't Seize Data It Stores Overseas. US Disagrees.
NATO Ships Hold Missile Defense Drill Near Scotland, Pentagon Says
North Korea Warns States: Don't Join Any US Action and You're Safe
US, South Korea Begin Major Navy Drill
North Korea Rejects Direct Talks With South Korea in Russia: RIA
North Korea Says 'A Nuclear War May Break Out Any Moment'
US Military to Begin Drills to Evacuate Americans From South Korea
North Korean Propaganda Leaflets Declaring 'Death to Old Lunatic Trump!' Dropped Over Seoul
EU Imposes Oil Embargo on North Korea in Symbolic Gesture
Russia's Putin Signs Decree Imposing Restrictions on North Korea
Russia Reopens Ferry Route to North Korea
Philippine Military Chief Says 'Matter of Days' Before Marawi Liberated
Malaysian Teacher Seen as New 'Emir' of Pro-ISIS Militants in Philippines
Four Nations Meet to Resume Stalled Afghan Peace Talks in Oman
Bombs Kill Pakistani Soldiers Hunting US-Canadian Family's Kidnappers
Observers: Vote-Buying, Counting Glitches Marred Kyrgyzstan Vote
Catalan Leader Stalls on Independence Drive
Catalan Govt Will Not Respond to Madrid's Order on Thursday
Spanish High Court Jails Two Catalan Separatist Leaders Pending Investigation
Catalan Police Chief Walks Free After Sedition Hearing
Venezuela Vote Dispute Increases Threat of New Foreign Sanctions
Border Gunbattles Leave 11 Dead in Northern Mexico
Drone Hits Commercial Airliner in Canada, No Injuries
Kurds Flee as Baghdad Captures Kirkuk; 60 Killed, 133 Wounded
US 'Not Taking Sides' Between Iraqi Forces, Kurds: Trump
US-Led Anti-ISIS Coalition Says Iraqi-Kurdish Clash in Kirkuk Is Misunderstanding
US Military, in Iraq, Urges Iraqis, Kurds to Avoid Escalation
Iraq Appoints Arab Has Head of Disputed Kirkuk
Turkey Ready to Cooperate With Iraq Against Kurdish Militants: Foreign Ministry
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Northern Iraq: Military Statement
McCain Warns Iraq Against Misuse of US Arms Against Kurds
ISIS Claims Two Rockets Fired From Sinai Into Israel
Israel Approves Building Plans for 31 Settler Homes in West Bank's Hebron
Middle East
US-Backed Forces in Final Push Against ISIS in Raqqa
Hezbollah Claims to Have Captured Three Mossad Agents
Turkey Detained More Than 1,200 People in Last Week
UK Concerned by Implications of US Decision on Iran Deal: Minister
Death Toll From Somalia Bomb Attacks Tops 300
Terrorist Attack in Somalia Underscores Al-Shabab's Resilience
33 Died in Police Crackdown in Nairobi: Rights Groups
Police Fire Tear Gas to Halt Opposition Protests in Two Kenyan Cities
Militants Kill Five in Attack in Egypt's Sinai: Interior Ministry
Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist
Death Toll in Collision Between Tunisian Navy and Migrant Boat Reaches 34
South Sudan Opposition Groups Meet in Kenya to 'Harmonize Voices'
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