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Updated October 19, 2017 - 10:06 PM EDT
Afghan Army Base Destroyed by Taliban Bombers
Iraqi Kurds Withdraw to June 2014 Lines
  Kurdish Independence at Risk Amid Iraqi Offensive
  Germany Suspends Training for Iraqi Kurdish Troops
Spain to Revoke Catalan Autonomy on Saturday
Saudis Kill Six Civilians, Mostly Children, in North Yemen
Oil Firm Sees Vote on Iran Deal as Potential Positive
item Insider Threat Program Training and Trump's War on Leaks  by Jesselyn Radack & Kathleen McClellan
item Is America an Empire?  by David C. Hendrickson
item Iran Doesn't Have a Nuclear Arms Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?  by Adam Johnson
item McCain as Metaphor  by Justin Raimondo
item How Netanyahu Pulls Trump's Strings  by Robert Parry
item With Increased US Bombings, Afghan Civilian Deaths Surge  by Andrea Germanos

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Experts: As Nuclear Threat Mushrooms, Situation Worse Than Cold War
Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the US and Iran on the Same Side
African Rulers' Weapon Against Web-Based Dissent: The Off Switch
Peshmerga Casualty Figures Raised; 90 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Asks BP to Update Kirkuk Oil Fields in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Forces Take Control of Kurdish-Held Areas in Mosul's Nineveh Province
Saudi Airplane Arrives in Baghdad, First Time in 27 Years
US Wants Quick Vote on Syria Chemical Weapons Inspectors
Iran Military Chief of Staff Says Not Acceptable for Israel to Violate Syria
Syrian Militant Group Releases Video of Leader Apparently Uninjured
Khamenei Says Iran Will 'Shred' Nuclear Deal if US Quits It
Nikki Haley Urges UN Security Council to Adopt Trump's Approach to Iran
Israeli Settlers Filmed Stealing Olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinian Farmers
EU Calls on Israel to Stop Plans for New West Bank Settlements
Ice Cream and Mosquitoes Force Israel to Extend Its State of Emergency
Middle East
Qatar Says Gulf Crisis 'Undermines' Fight Against ISIS
UN Urges Yemen War Rivals to Consider Schools Safe Zones
Turkey Says Will Not Submit to 'Impositions' From United States in Visa Crisis
Bosnia's Serb Region Declares Neutrality in Bid to Block NATO Membership
Reveal Your Sources: Swiss Suspect Told in German Spy Trial
The War at Home
CIA Urges Trump to Delay Release of 3,000 Never-Before-Seen Documents on JFK Assassination
Ahmad Khan Rahimi Convicted in New York City Pressure-Cooker Bomb Case
Commission for Modern Military to Consider Skills-Based Draft, Women's Roles, Millennial Recruitment
Seoul Considers Unilateral Sanctions Against North Korea
Draft: EU Leaders to Call for End to N. Korea's Weapons Program
Pakistani Taliban Suicide Bomber Rams Police Truck, Kills Seven
US Wants to Build Ties With Pakistan: Pence
Pakistan, Afghanistan in Angry Tangle Over Chicken-Wire Border Fence to Keep Out Militants
US Knew of 1960s Indonesian Anti-Communist Massacre Which Killed Half a Million People
Trump White House Debates Presidential Visit to Demilitarized Zone Along North Korean Border
China Vows to Scrap Secret Interrogations of Communist Party Members
Philippines Arrests Militant Widow for Trying to Recruit Fighters
US Says Holds Myanmar Military Leaders Accountable in Rohingya Crisis
US Wants Stronger India Economic, Defense Ties Given China's Rise: Tillerson
Four Britons Kidnapped in Nigeria's Delta State: Police
5 Dead, 60 Arrested During Togo Protests for Term Limits
Somalis Defy Police to Protest Against Deadly Truck Bombings
South Sudan: UN, US Failed to Prevent Ethnic Cleansing
UN Chief Pushes for 900 More Peacekeepers in Central African Republic
One Dead at Protest Against Extending Ugandan President's Rule
Kenyan Election Head: No Guarantee Vote Will Be Free and Fair
Venezuela Opposition Refuses Swearing In, Small Protest Breaks Out
Report: Excessive Force Used Against Mexican Protesters
Chile Sentences 35 Dictatorship Agents for Disappearance
Argentine Mid-Term Campaign Pauses After Body Found in Patagonia
Canada's Quebec Province to Ban Face Coverings in Public Sector
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