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Updated October 23, 2017 - 10:10 PM EDT
Tillerson: Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Must Leave Iraq
  US-Made Vehicles Led Iraqi Invasion of Kurdish Town
Israel Says It Will Step Up Attacks Against Syria
  At Least 67 Civilians Found Dead in Syria Town Taken From ISIS
  Foreign ISIS Fighters Left in Raqqa Face 'Certain Death'
Spain Seeks To Oust Entire Catalan Leadership
  Catalan Leaders Vow to Resist Spain's Attempted Takeover
Next Catalonias? Italian Regions Vote for More Autonomy
Niger Ambush Used to Seek More Funds for AFRICOM
item What It's Like to Be at a Nuclear Bomb Detonation  by Ralph Benko
item Man Bites Dog: NYT Does Journalism  by Robert Parry
item Trump and the Second Coming of Nuclear Nightmares (Literally)  by Rick Salutin
item Getting It Right on Catalonia  by Justin Raimondo
item Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point  by Erik Edstrom
item Permanent Warfare as Normality  by Paul R. Pillar

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Trump to Release JFK Files, Subject to 'Further Info'
JFK Files: What Are They and Why Is Trump Releasing Them?
Tillerson Says Saudi Arabia Not Ready for Talks With Qatar on Gulf Crisis
Mattis Praises Philippines Progress Against Militants
Looting, Violence Continues in Captured Towns; 57 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Opposition Party Gorran Calls on Barzani to Step Down
Russia Accuses US-Led Coalition of 'Barbaric' Bombing of Syria's Raqqa
Syria Blames Israel for Faking Attack to Justify Own Aggression
US-Backed Militias Seize Key Oil Field in East Syria: SDF
Heartbroken Raqqa Residents Return to City in Ruins
Drone Footage Captures Apocalyptic Aftermath of ISIS in Raqqa
Erdogan Says US Cannot Be 'Civilized Country'
Turkey Bank Regulator Dismisses 'Rumors' After Iran Sanctions Report

Rex Tillerson Tries to Undercut Iran in Saudi Arabia Summit

Tillerson Warns Europe Against Iran Investments
Trump Tells Paris, Berlin to 'Keep Making Money' With Tehran
Yemeni Journalist Denied Entry to US to Receive Press Award
Yemeni PM Says Fishermen Have Seized Iranian Vessel, Sailors
After TV Report, US Official Says No Peace Proposal 'Imminent'
Peace Now, Settlers Clash in Hebron Over Evacuation Demand
Israel Police Detain 15 Over Campaign to Stop Jewish-Arab Dating
US: If Hamas Wants Any Role in Palestinian Government, It Must Disarm and Recognize Israel
Highlighting Rift Between Israel and US Jews, Netanyahu Won't Address Annual Jewish Federation Confab
The War at Home
Air Force: No Plans to Recall Retired Pilots to Fix Shortage
Mattis Pushes Congress for Another Round of Base Closings
Dramatic Sentencing Hearing Expected in Bergdahl Case
FBI Couldn't Access Nearly 7k Devices Because of Encryption
Spanish Catalonia Move Likened to Franco
Protesters Vow to Surround Puigdemont to Protect Him From Arrest
Spain Takes Control of Catalan Public Media to 'Guarantee Accurate, Objective, and Balanced Information'
In Catalonia, Language and Identity Go Hand in Hand
New Report Reveals Extent of Police Violence on Catalan Referendum Day
Catalan Parties Condemn Madrid's Measure to Seize Power
Spain's Tough Stance on Catalonia Could Cause 'Tension' in Other Regions
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Weighs in on Catalonian Independence
24 Nobel Prize Laureates Call for 'Mediation and Dialogue' Between Catalonia and Spain
Will Italy's Lombardy and Veneto Follow Catalonia?
Terror Ruled Out in Munich Knife Attack
Deadly Infighting Among Taliban Leaves 40 Dead in Herat
Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 15 Army Trainees in Kabul
A Newly Assertive CIA Expands Its Taliban Hunt in Afghanistan
Fierce Firefight as Philippines' Toughest Urban War Down to Last Building
Indonesian Military Chief Denied Entry to the United States
Abe Retains Supermajority in Japan, May Push to Amend Constitution
Journalist Shot Dead in Northern India: Police
Gunmen Kill 13 Niger Gendarmes in Attack Near Mali Border
Roadside Bomb Kills Seven Outside Somali Capital Mogadishu
Militants Attack Egypt Police, Dozens Killed
11 Killed in Clashes in Ethiopia's Oromiya Region, Official Says
Mali Extends State of Emergency by a Year
Venezuelans Use Bitcoin 'Mining' to Escape Inflation
Three Men, Apparently Mennonites, Killed in N. Mexico
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