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Updated October 24, 2017 - 10:02 PM EDT
US Airstrike Kills 14 Civilians in Eastern Syria
  ISIS Executed 116 Syrians Before Christian Town Fell
Iraq Rebuffs Tillerson Call to Disband Militias
  Iraqi Troops Build Up Near Key Kurdish Oil Export Pipeline
Senators 'Stunned': US Has 1,000 Troops in Niger
  Niger Mayor: Villagers Suspected of Helping in Ambush of US Troops
US to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert
Kaspersky Will Show Its Code and Operations to Outsiders
Catalonia Threatens Disobedience as Spain Sets Takeover
item Trump's Iran Obsession and the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
item The US Invasion of West Africa – A New Pentagon War Game  by Nick Turse
item Are Our Mideast Wars Forever?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Trump's Scary Nuclear Doctrine  by Alastair Crooke

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Bergdahl Sentencing Delayed Until Wednesday
US Drone Advisory Group Meeting in Secret for Months. It Hasn't Gone Well.
Pence Says 1983 Beirut Bombing Was Opening Salvo in 'War on Terror'
US Reverses Decision to Bar a Prominent Kremlin Critic
US-Pakistan Ties Falter as Afghanistan War Drags On
ISIS Stages Small Attacks on Mosul, Hawija; 36 Killed in Iraq
Russia Says Iraqi Kurds Must Act in Concert With Baghdad
Iraq's Kurdistan Region Delays Elections
Iraq PM to Visit Turkey on Wednesday, Discuss Northern Iraq Referendum: Turkish Sources
Israeli Brass Casts Doubt on Blaming Shelling on Hezbollah
Israel Said to Carry Out Airstrike on ISIS-Linked Group in Syria

YPG Fighters Credit Ocalan With Syria Victory

Syria's Assad Meets Once Dissident Footballers in Damascus
Turkish Soldier Killed in PKK Attack in Southeast
Germany: Turkey Made 81 Extradition Requests Since Failed Coup
Turkey to Investigate Galatasaray's 'Rocky' Poster Over Coup Links
Arabs and Jews Join Hands to Keep Palestinians Out of Israeli Town
Senior Israeli General Accused of Hoarding Container Full of Weapons
Germany Approves Sale of Three Thyssenkrupp Submarines to Israel
Middle East
Trump's Tougher Stance Could Backfire by Boosting Iran's Guards
Four Yemeni Soldiers Killed by Suspected al-Qaeda Truck Bombing
Qatar Opens New Military Office in DC, Showing US Close Ties
Egyptian Air Force Says Strikes Arms Convoy at Libya Border
Egypt Authorities Challenge Reuters and BBC on Casualties in Western Desert Attack
Two Somali Soldiers Wounded in Gun Fight With Fellow Troops
Somalia to Declare 'State of War' Against Terrorists
US Mulls South Sudan Pressure, Cutting Aid May Not Work: UN Envoy
Kenya to Charge Opposition Leader's Sister With Incitement to Violence
French Catalans Offer to Host 'Government in Exile'
Catalan Parliament to Discuss Response to Self-Rule Suspension on Thursday
Catalan Separatists Vow 'Civil Disobedience' in Standoff With Madrid
EU Commission Says It Has Not Changed Its Position on Catalonia
EU Will Lose Credibility if It Tolerates Direct Rule of Catalonia by Madrid: Regional Official
Q&A: To What Extent Is Catalonia's Self-Rule Suspended?
Kaspersky Lab Founder Won't Move Firm Out of Russia
Israeli Stabs Well-Known Moscow Journalist
Russian Serviceman in Chechnya Kills Four Servicemen, Then Is Killed, Tass Reports
Italian Regions Start Pursuing Greater Autonomy in Shadow of Catalonia Crisis
Slovakia a Pro-European Island in Its Region, PM Says
North Korea
Trump Likely Won't Visit Korean Demilitarized Zone During Asia Trip, White House Says
Southeast Asian Ministers Urge North Korea to Rein in Weapons Programs
Trump Sought Dissident's Expulsion After Hand-Delivered Letter From China: Report
Trump to Press China on North Korea, Trade on Beijing Visit
Marawi Siege: Philippines Defense Minister Declares End of Fighting
ISIS Threat in Philippines Spreads in Remote Battles
Two Dead, Two Wounded in Shooting Incident on Myanmar-Bangladesh Border
Japan's Abe to Push Pacifist Constitution Reform After Strong Election Win
Six Police Wounded, One Killed in Separatist Shootings Near Indonesia's Freeport Mine
US Sending Back Diplomats Pulled From Venezuela Amid Unrest
After UN Troubles, Haiti Wary of New Justice Mission
March for Peace in Northern Mexico Followed by More Killings
DEA Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. a Video Suggests Otherwise
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