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Updated October 25, 2017 - 10:10 PM EDT
Niger Is 'Hub' for US Operations in Western Africa
Iraqi Kurdistan to Freeze Referendum, Offer Talks
  Iraqi Militias Clash With Kurds Near Key Oil Hub
Turkey's Op in Syria's Idlib 'Largely Complete'
  Saudi Prince Ordered Coordinated Attack by Rebels on Damascus
  Russia Vetoes Renewal of Syria Chemical Weapons Probe
Catalonia May Call Elections to Preempt Takeover
  Catalonia to Appeal Spanish Takeover in Court
US Lawmakers Seek Vote to Abandon Saudi War on Yemen
Judge Won't Let Three Guantanamo Defense Lawyers Quit
item Gearing Up for Nuclear War Is Not a Way to Prevent Nuclear War  by Bonnie Kristian
item Steve Bannon Launches His Big Foreign Policy Crusade  by Curt Mills
item NYT Laments 'Forever Wars' Its Editorials Helped Create  by Adam Johnson
item Palestinian Unity: Beyond Hamas and Fatah  by Ramzy Baroud
item Our Quest for 'Absolute Security' Guarantees Forever War  by Danny Sjursen
item Trump's Iran Contradiction  by Matthew Sheffield

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Bowe Bergdahl's Bid to Have Case Tossed May Work
New Wave of Cyber Attacks Hits Russia, Other Nations
Rand Paul Says 'Warmonger' Lindsay Graham Can't Follow How Many Wars US Is In
Air Force F-35s Coming to Japan in November
Deep Cracks in Venezuela's Weakened Opposition
Militias Shell Christian Town, Large Mass Grave Found; 219 Killed in Iraq
Netanyahu: World Should Take Care of Kurds' Future
Potential Showdown in Eastern Syria Over ISIS-Held Territory
Amid Visa Row, Turkey's Justice Ministry Cancels US Visit
Turkey Says Doesn't Want Greece to Become 'Safe Haven' for Coup Plotters
Saudi Foreign Minister Says Backs Trump's Stance on Iran
Iran Sentences 'Mossad Agent' to Death Over Assassinations of Nuclear Scientists
UN Relief Chief Makes First Visit to Yemen
Recovering From Severe Malnutrition in Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince Pledges More 'Moderate' Kingdom
Saudis Set $500 Billion Plan to Develop Border Region With Jordan, Egypt
Abbas: We Don't Want Armed Militias in the Gaza Strip
Hamas-Israel Prisoner Swap Deal Nears Conclusion
Settlers Pitch Protest Tent Outside PM's Residence
Kuwait Ruler Sees Complications From Prolonged Qatar Dispute
Kenya Police Disperse Protesters as Odinga Tempers Vote Protest Call
Kenya Opposition Chief: People Should Stay Home, Not Protest During Polls
Kenya Officials Change Way of Announcing Election Results
Gunman Injures Bodyguard of Kenya's Deputy Chief Justice
Egypt Security Forces Arrest 12 Suspected Militants South of Cairo: Ministry
Macron Avoids 'Lecturing' Egypt on Rights, Sisi Defends His Record
Serbian Minister Denounces US Official for 'Hostile' Remarks
Mexican Prosecutors Says Suspects Found With Exploding Drone
Argentina Midterm Vote Leaves Peronism Divided, Leaderless
The War at Home
Pentagon Advocates Requiring Women to Sign Up for Military Draft
Senate Diverges on Renewal of Internet Spying Law
Air Force: Pilots Recalled Under Trump Order Will Serve as Instructors, Staff
US Reverses Decision to Bar a Prominent Kremlin Critic
Airlines Get Ready for New US Security Rules From Thursday
The Air Force Hasn't Used Nuclear 'Alert Pads' Since the Cold War. Now They're Being Upgraded.
China's Leader Xi Elevated to the Level of Mao in Communist Pantheon
China Enshrines 'Xi Jinping Thought', Key Xi Ally to Step Down
Who's In? Who's Out? China's Communist Party Central Committee
China and ASEAN to Go Ahead With First Joint Naval Exercise in Sign of Greater Engagement
Trump to Skip Key Asia Summit in Philippines to Go Home Earlier
US Touts Military Ties in Philippines as Duterte Courts Russia, China
Families Returning to Ruined Philippine City Taught to Identify Bombs
Israel Sold Advanced Weapons to Myanmar During Anti-Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing Campaign
Myanmar Rohingya Crisis: US Withdraws Military Assistance
US Mulls Sanctions on Myanmar Over Rohingya Crisis
Pakistan Tells Tillerson It Has 'Produced Results' in Fighting Terrorism
Indonesia Passes Law to Ban Organizations Deemed Against Its Ideology
Indian State Ruled by PM Modi's Party Defers Media Curbs Until Next Year
Wheelbarrow Bomb Kills Man Pushing It in Somalia's Puntland
Tanzania Suspends Fourth Newspaper Since June in Media Crackdown
Dutchman Put on Trial for Ethiopian War Crimes in 1970s
Mozambique's President Dismisses Head of Intel and Army Chief
Six Crew From German Ship Kidnapped in Nigerian Waters
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