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Updated October 26, 2017 - 11:22 PM EDT
Lawmakers Demand End to US Role in Yemen War
  US Drone Strikes Kill at Least Nine in Central Yemen
Trump: 'My Generals' Authorized Niger Missions
  US Prepares Armed Drones for 'Lethal Strikes' in Niger
House Passes 'Harshest Ever' North Korea Sanctions
Catalonia VP: 'No Choice' but to Declare Independence
Kaspersky Software Caught Classified NSA Malware
item A US Soldier Died in Niger. What on Earth Are We Doing There?  by Peter Certo
item Presidents Are Reckless With Soldiers' Lives  by Jacob Sullum
item Getting the Left to Embrace US 'Exceptionalism'  by James W. Carden
item WikiLeaks, Bitcoin, and Peacemakers  by Nozomi Hayase
item Mutual Assured Destruction  by Philip Giraldi
item The Ridiculous Anti-Qatar Conference  by Daniel Larison

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My Guantanamo Diary, Uncensored
by Mohamedou Ould Slahi
Army Judge Considering Dismissing Case Against Bowe Bergdahl
New 'Security Interviews' to Begin for Fliers on US-Bound Flights
House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Sanctions on Hezbollah
Tillerson in Afghanistan: Photo of Meeting Apparently Doctored
Attack on Peshmerga Launched, Shelling on Christian Town Drags On; 41 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Christians Divided Over Their Areas in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Christians Forced to Flee Homes Again After Skirmishes Between Kurds and Central Government
Iran Re-Opens Border Crossing With Iraqi Kurdistan Region: State Media
Nearly 30,000 Kurds Displaced From City Near Kirkuk: Aid Groups
Former Turkish Minister Launches Party to Challenge Erdogan
Turkey Court Releases Eight Activists on Bail in Terrorism Case
US Navy Aids Iran Fishing Boat After Pirate Attack
Iran Says Defense Capabilities Not Negotiable Amid US Pressure
Israel Approves 176 Settlement Homes for East Jerusalem
Not Taking PM at His Word, Settler Leader Intensifies West Bank Roads Campaign
Israeli Ministers Set to Vote on Annexing West Bank Settlements to Jerusalem
Netanyahu Meets Settler Leaders, Pledges $230 Million for West Bank Settlement Development
US, Gulf Nations Target Yemen Terrorism Financing
Cuban Investigators Say US Sonic Attack Allegations 'Science Fiction'
Colombia Rebel Held in US Makes Jailhouse Pledge for Peace
North Korea
India Defends Ties With North Korea in Talks With Tillerson
Navy Mum on Cause of May Ship Crash Near Korean Peninsula
Philippines, Russia Sign Two Military Deals
Mattis Praises Philippine Army on Winning Fight in Marawi Without Rights Abuse
Trump Congratulates China's Xi on 'Extraordinary Elevation'
In Rare Show of Force, Navy Now Has Three Carriers in Pacific
Crisis Over Catalan Independence Nears Crucial Few Days
Catalan Separatist Leader Turns Down Chance to Talk to Spanish Senate
Bodyguard Killed, MP and Two Others Wounded in Kiev Blast
Italian Government Wins All Five Confidence Votes on Electoral Law
German Police Raid Places Linked to Suspected Islamist Militant, Seize Guns
Kenya Opposition Leader Urges Vote Boycott, Civil Disobedience
Kenyans Entitled to Rebel if Vote Goes Ahead: Kisumu Governor
US Voices Concern About Efforts to Undermine Kenya Presidential Vote
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill Eight Soldiers, One Civilian in Nigeria's Northeast: Police
Three People Die in Bomb and Gun Attacks in Somalia
US Has Lost Trust in S. Sudan, Trump Envoy Tells President
Libyan Monarchists to Call on Prince Mohamed to Return to Libya
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