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Updated October 27, 2017 - 10:35 PM EDT
US Soldiers Were Left Behind in Niger Evacuation
  Pentagon: 2nd Special Forces Team in Niger Near Ambush
  US Military Activity a Terrorist 'Recruiting Tool' Across West Africa
Iraq, Turkey Reject Kurd 'Freeze' of Independence
  US Reports on Civilian Deaths in Iraq/Syria, Vastly Underreport Toll
  Iraqi, Syrian Forces Converge on Last Major ISIS Stronghold
  Tillerson: Assad Can Have No Role in Syria's Future
House Passes New Missile Sanctions Against Iran
Catalan Parliament Declares Independence
item Iran and 9/11: Down the Rabbit Hole of Blame  by Kristen Breitweiser
item John McCain Fights Nationalism With More Nationalism  by Brittany Hunter
item US Must Find a Diplomatic Solution to the North Korea Crisis  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Madmen, North Korea, and War  by Peter Van Buren
item Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button  by Rebecca Gordon
item Forget the 'Slippery Slope' – Israel Already Is an Apartheid State  by Neil MacDonald

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Trump Blocks Release of Some JFK Assassination Records
Hiroshima Survivor to Jointly Receive Nobel Peace Prize With ICAN
Pakistan Mocks US Military Mission in Afghanistan
Tillerson Says Iraq Must Resist Iran Influence
Syrians Killed as Iraq-Kurd Fight Crosses Border; 65 Killed in Iraq and Syria
Turkey Says Iraqi Kurdish Offer to Suspend Independence Drive Insufficient
UN Pushes Iraq, Kurds to Hold Talks
Red Cross Says Has Access to ISIS Families Held Near Mosul
Middle East
Iran Says Forces Kill Four 'Terrorists' Near Turkey Border
Syrian Army Captures ISIS Position, Eyes Final Stronghold
Qatar, Russia Sign Agreements on Air Defense, Supplies
Hezbollah Says US Sanctions Aim to Stir Unrest in Lebanon
Four Killed in Kenya as Protests Prompt Partial Vote Delay
In Nairobi Slum, Rock-Throwers, Police Keep Voters at Bay
Boycott, Shooting, and Tear Gas Mar Kenya Election Re-Run
Kenyan Opposition Protester Dies From Gunshot Wound in Kisumu: Medic
Kenya Opposition, Ruling Party MPs Exchange Blows at Rival News Conferences
French Army Kills 15 Mali Jihadists, Mine Kills Peacekeepers
At Least Five Killed as Police Fire at Protest in Ethiopia
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack in Nigeria
Egypt Election in View, Sisi Supporters Fire Up Campaign for Mandate
Cuba Presents Detailed Defense Against Sonic Attack Charges
Colombia Ex-Rebels Begin Building 'Commune' Cities in Rural Areas
Canada Settles With Wrongly Accused Terror Suspects for Can$31.5 Million
The War at Home
Houston Suburb Cancels Hurricane Aid Requirement That Homeowners Must Denounce Israel Boycotts
Missing Engine Parts Caused April F-16 Crash Near DC: Air Force
McAfee Says It No Longer Will Permit Govt Source Code Reviews
Marines Want a Truck-Mounted Rocket-Launcher That Fits in an Osprey
New South Korean Missile Would Target North's Bunkers, Long-Range Artillery
Sanctions on North Korea May Hurt Citizens' Rights: UN Expert
Pentagon Chief Visits Korean DMZ in Show of Solidarity
US Sanctions North Koreans for 'Flagrant' Rights Abuse
North Korea to Release Captured South Korean Fishermen
Afghan Air Force to Get More A-29 Super Tucanos
Philippines' Duterte Orders Army to Recruit 10 New Battalions to Crush Militants
Catalonia Faces Madrid Rule After Leader Refuses to Call Election
Catalan Government Business Head Resigns Over Independence Strategy
Twitter Bans Ads From Two Russian Media Outlets, Cites Election Meddling
Russia's Putin Urges Tough Action Against Online Extremism
Russian Editor Says Newspaper Plans to Arm Its Journalists
Finland: Four Killed, 11 Injured as Train Collides With Army Truck
Venezuelan Anti-Maduro Governor Sacked, Opposition in Chaos
Further Isolation of Venezuela May Be Needed: Latin American Group
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