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Updated November 1, 2017 - 10:28 PM EDT
House Panel Guts Challenge to Yemen War
  Saudis Attack Yemen Market, Kill 29 Civilians
  House Dem Whip Resists Effort to End US Support of Yemen War
  Saudi Strikes Kill 40 in Yemen Houthi Training Camp
US General Says 4,000 American Troops in Syria
  Tillerson: US Troops Will Stay in Iraq Even if Asked to Leave
  Iraq Troops Sent to Turkey Border Crossing
  1,649 Killed in Iraq During October
  Patrick Cockburn Interviews Iraqi PM Abadi
Truck Attack Kills Eight in NYC 'Terrorism'
Congressional Bid to Stop Trump From Attacking Korea
Cost of US Nuclear Arsenal Rehaul Estimated at $1.2 Trillion
China May Mandate Prison for Disrespecting Nat'l Anthem
Catalan President Backs Elections, Says He's Still in Charge
item How America Spreads Global Chaos  by Nicolas JS Davies
item US Military Worship: Beyond the Pentagon's Pervasive Advertising  by Peter Crowley
item An Epic Film on the Vietnam War Stops Short  by Barbara Myers
item Doing bin Laden's Bidding  by Tom Engelhardt
item Russia-Gate Breeds 'Establishment McCarthyism'  by Robert Parry
item Palestinian Reconciliation, in the Hands of Israel  by Paul R. Pillar

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Senate's NSA Bill Would Roll Back Warrantless Surveillance
Sgt. Bergdahl's Sentence May Be Lighter Because of Trump's Comments
Do Americans Want to Renegotiate the Nuclear Deal With Iran?
Support for an Independent Catalonia Rises to Three-Year High: Poll
'Like Any EU Citizen': Belgium's Catalan Asylum Fix
Carles Puigdemont Says He Cannot Return to Catalonia
Ousted Catalan Leader Summoned to Madrid Court
Israel Won't Recognize an Independent Catalonia for Now
What Next in the Catalan Crisis?
Kremlin Says Russia Not Accused in US Case Against Ex-Trump Aides
Boy in Suicide Vest Kills at Least 7 in Attack on Kabul Diplomatic Enclave
The Fence Driving a Wedge Between Pakistan and Afghanistan
Beijing Seen Poised for Fresh South China Sea Assertiveness
Philippine Military Kills Escaping Islamist Militant in Marawi
Thailand's Political Activity Ban Stays for Now: PM
Indonesian Police Kill Two 'Terrorists' on Eastern Island
Tunnel Collapse May Have Killed 200 After North Korea Nuclear Test: Japanese Broadcaster
Colombia Authorizes Air Raids Against Dissident FARC, Crime Gangs
US to Vote Against UN Resolution Calling for End to Cuba Embargo
Shelling Hits Besieged Syrian Ghouta School Gate After Aid Delivery
Assad Sets Sights on Kurdish Areas, Risking New Syria Conflict
Russian Submarine Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS Targets in Syria's Deir Al-Zor: RIA
Russia Invites Syrian Kurds to People's Congress: Kurdish Official
Those Who Boycott Syrian Congress May Be Sidelined, Russia Warns
Turkey, Iran Agree to Discuss Russia's Syrian Congress Proposal
Syrian Government Says Ready to Take Part in Moscow-Backed Congress
Kurdish Journalist Among Nine Killed in Iraq
Iraq Bans Israeli Flags After Kurds Wave Them at Independence Rallies
Pregnant US Teenager Moved to Iraq From Syria: Officials
Middle East
This Powerful Adelson-Funded Israel Lobby Could Soon Rival AIPAC's Influence in Washington
Lebanese Army Gets Two A-29 Light-Attack Aircraft From US
At Least 12 Killed in East Libya Air Strike: Medical Source
Man Seized Over Benghazi Attack Is Syrian Linked to Suspected Ringleader: Libyan Officials
Six Dead After Ambush on Malian High Court's President
Egypt Says Bombs Militants Responsible for Western Desert Attack
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