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Updated November 2, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
House Panel Guts Challenge to Yemen War
  Statement on Setback for HCR 81 To Stop US Support of Yemen
  Saudis Attack Yemen Market, Kill 29 Civilians
Iraq Threatens to Resume Invading Kurd Territory
  Israel Attacks Homs Province, Syria Fires Anti-Aircraft Missiles
President: South Korea Won't Possess Nukes
  Defector Warns US Attack on North Korea Would Trigger Retaliation
  US Quietly Pursues Direct Diplomacy With North Korea
NY Truck Suspect Says Attack Was ISIS-Inspired
  New York Truck Attack: Trump Backs Guantanamo for Suspect
Niger DM: US Can Use Armed Drones 'As Needed'
Catalan President Won't Return to Spain to Face Charges
Osama bin Laden File Release: Most Bizarre Discoveries
Hamas Hands Border Crossings to Palestinian Authority
item Four Dead in Africa: The Addiction to World Policing Must End  by Bonnie Kristian
item Walls and Militarized Police: How Israel Is Exporting Its Occupation to the US  by Ramzy Baroud
item Mueller Mugs America  by David Stockman
item Trump's Iran Deal Message to North Korea: Do Not Trust Washington  by Doug Bandow

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Gitmo Judge Sends Marine General Lawyer to 21 Days Jail for Disobeying Orders
FBI Complaint: NYC Attacker Motivated by Killings in Iraq War III
As Senators Debate Endless War, Activists Call for Resurgence of Antiwar Movement
The War at Home
NYC Suspect Planned Terror Attack for Weeks, Official Says
NSA Wanted to Use the Espionage Act to Prosecute a Journalist for Using FOIA
Navy Crews at Fault in Fatal Collisions, Investigations Find
NJ Police Chief Said Black People Are 'Like ISIS' and He'd Like to Be 'On the Firing Squad'
Russia's Medvedev Says the World Shouldn't Be Dominated by One Currency
Putin Assassination Plot Suspect Wounded, Wife Killed in Attack
British FM: No Evidence of Russian Interference in UK Votes
UK Seeks Arrest of Manchester Bomber's Brother, Asks Libya to Extradite Him
Catalan Separatists Counted on Support From the EU but They Got the Cold Shoulder
Russia Won't Hand Over Suspect in Montenegro Coup Attempt: RIA
Germany Issues Arrest Warrant Against Syrian Bomb Plot Suspect
Two Years After Paris Attacks, France Ends State of Emergency
At Least 15 Killed in Afghan Tanker Blast
Philippines Arrests Indonesian Pro-Islamist Militant in Marawi
Rare Protest in Junta-Ruled Thailand After Mourning Chaos
Colombia's FARC Leader to Run for Presidency in 2018
UN Calls Again for End of US Embargo on Cuba
Prosecutors: Two Heads Dumped Near Historic Mexico City Center
Booby-Traps Target Returning Civilians in Mosul; 19 Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Leader Departs, Leaving Nephew Faced With Reconciliation
HRW: Anbar Displaced Barred From Going Home
Is Iraq the Most Dangerous Country for Journalists?
Turkey Says Unacceptable to Invite Syrian Kurdish YPG to Astana Talks: Erdogan Spokesman
Russian Bombers Hit Militant Targets in Syria's Deir Al-Zor: Agencies
Russia's Putin Says Situation in Syria Developing Positively
Russia Says Need to Prevent New Sanctions Against Iran, Keep Nuclear Deal: RIA
Khamenei Says Iran, Russia Should Cooperate to Isolate US, Foster Middle East Stability
Middle East
Bahrain Accuses Opposition Leaders of Spying for Qatar
Kuwait's Ruler Reappoints PM: State News Agency
28 Killed in Rare Protests in Eritrea, Opposition Group Says
Canada to Propose Helicopters for UN Mali Mission: Sources
Seven Bodies Found in Migrant Boat Off Libya
Suspected Islamist Arrested After Knife Attack Near Tunis Parliament
Liberia's Supreme Court Halts Election Preparation Over Fraud Accusations
South Sudan Media Regulator Bans Press Groups, Raising Censorship Fears
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