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Updated November 3, 2017 - 10:05 PM EDT
US Carries Out 1st Strikes Against ISIS in Somalia
Bowe Bergdahl Gets Discharge, Avoids Prison
White House: 'Running Out of Time' on N. Korea
  North Korea: US Carried Out 'Surprise' Strike Drill Thursday
Turkish Troops, Kurds Clash Near Iraqi Border
  State-Oil Marketer: Iraq in Talks to Sell Kurdish Oil
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Groups Dispute Iranian Influence
  Report: Syrian Army Finishes Capturing Deir Ezzor From ISIS
Serbian FM Dismisses US Call to Choose West or Russia
item Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Groups Dispute Iranian Influence  by Patrick Cockburn
item Jabhat Al Nusra and al-Qaeda: The Riddle, the Ruse and the Reality  by Hassan Hassan
item How the US-Saudi Marriage Gave Birth to Jihad  by Daniel Lazare
item Sorting Out the Russia Mess  by Robert Parry

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McMaster May Move Afghanistan Envoy Position to White House
Pope, at US Military Cemetery, Makes Emotional Antiwar Address
Town of Qaim Close to Liberation; 60 Killed in Iraq
Iraq 'Not Interested' in Reaching Deal, Say Kurds
Iraqi Forces Capture Akkas Gas Field From ISIS: Minister
Kurds Offer Joint Border Deployment as Iraq Threatens More Military Operations
UN Says ISIS Executed Hundreds During Siege of Mosul
More Than 180,000 People, Mostly Kurds, Displaced by Iraqi-Kurdish Conflict
Iraq Not Equipped to Try ISIS's Atrocities in Mosul: UN
Russia Sets Out Why It Thinks UN Wrongly Accused Syria Over Sarin Attack
Syria Urges UN to Take 'Strict and Immediate' Action Against Israel After Attack
World's Most Dangerous Place for Press: Covering the War in Syria
Turkey's Defense Industry Says Planning 22 Projects Worth $5 Billion
Russia Wants $2 Billion From Turkey for S-400 Air Defense Missiles: Tass
Palestinians Throw Shoes at Effigy of British Lord 100 Years After His Divisive Declaration
Fighting Israel's Foes in US Courts, Lawyer Had Help From Mossad
Times of Israel Hit by Hack Attack
After Air Strike, Israeli Minister Warns Against Arms Shipments to Hezbollah
UK Raises 'Grave Concerns' About Illegal Settlements With Israel's Netanyahu: May's Office
Thousands of Ethiopia Troops Enter Somalia to Hunt Al-Shabab
G5 Sahel Launches Military Operation in African Scrublands
Tunisia Policeman Dies After Attack, Security Unions Seek More Protection
Libyan Force Says Will Not Extradite Brother of Manchester Suicide Bomber to UK
Liberia Opposition Leader Calls for New Election Commission
The War at Home
Pentagon: The War on Terror Has Cost $250 Million a Day for 16 Years
Survey Says Veterans Strongly Back Legalizing Medical Marijuana
YouTube and Facebook Are Removing Evidence of Atrocities, Jeopardizing Cases Against War Criminals
Spanish Judge to Grill Catalan Separatists – Except Puigdemont
Spanish Judge Jails Eight Catalan Separatists Before Trial
Arrest Warrant for Ex-Catalan Leader 'Normal' if He Doesn't Testify: Supreme Court
Belgian Procedures for Executing a European Arrest Warrant
Scottish Lawmakers Call for International Recognition for Catalan Independence
Swiss Admit Drone Test Bungle in Golan Heights
Kremlin Calls Updated US Sanctions on Russia Extremely Negative
Macedonia Jails 33 Ethnic Albanians for 2015 Shootout
Poland to Ban Ukrainians With 'Anti-Polish Views'
South Korea Spy Agency Sees Signs of Planned New Missile Test by North
North Korea Dismisses Report That Sixth Nuclear Test Killed Many People
'These Weapons Are Killing Our People': Rohingya Activist Urges Israel to Halt Arms Sales to Myanmar
US Lawmakers Target Myanmar Military With New Sanctions
One in Five Indonesian Students Support Islamic Caliphate: Survey
Ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Returns to Face Trial
Filipino Lawyers' Group Challenges Duterte's War on Drugs
Mexico Women Protest Violence in Skeletal Day of Dead March
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