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Updated November 6, 2017 - 11:22 PM EST
Pentagon: Ground Invasion To Destroy NK Nukes
  Trump Open to Meeting North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Yemeni Ballistic Missile
  ISIS Car Bomber Kills 15 in South Yemen
US Airstrikes Kill 14 Civilians in N. Afghanistan
ISIS Car Bomb Kills 75 Civilians in Eastern Syria
Saudis Arrest Princes, Cabinet in Crackdown
Lebanese PM Resigns, Claiming Assassination Plot
Belgium Releases Catalan Leaders Pending Extradition
US Troops Fighting on Mali Border Before Niger Ambush
item War Making in the Age of the Imperial Presidency  by Danny Sjursen
item Quit Worrying About the Russians in Our Borderless World  by Sheldon Richman
item Saudi 'Night of the Long Knives' Is a Panic-Fueled Move  by Bernard
item Trump: Year One  by Justin Raimondo
item Mission Creep in Darkest Africa  by Eric Margolis
item America's Love Affair With Uniformed Men Is Problematic  The Economist

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26 Killed in Mass Shooting at Texas Church
Special Counsel Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Charge Flynn, Son: NBC
Sen. Rand Paul Recovering From Five Broken Ribs After Assault
South Dakota's Secret Nuke Missile Accident Revealed
Suicide Bombers Attack Kirkuk; 43 Killed in Iraq
Deadly Suicide Attacks Hit Iraq's Kirkuk
New Zealand Could Pull Out of Iraq Deployment
Iraqi PM Raises Flag in Border Area Taken From ISIS
Tony Blair 'Duped' by the US Into Backing Iraq War, Says Gordon Brown
Trump Administration Is Keeping a US Citizen Secretly Locked Up in Iraq Without Charges
Washington Silent on Report US Official Went to Damascus
Syria Deal May Be on Agenda for Putin-Trump Asia Meeting
Druze Spiritual Leader: IDF Must Set Red Line to Nusra Front in Hader
Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Says Will Fight ISIS in Syria Border Town
Russian Bombers Strike ISIS Targets in Syria
Marine Artillery Barrage of Raqqa Was So Intense Two Howitzers Burned Out
Lebanese President Won't Accept PM's Resignation Until He Returns
Lebanese Army Hasn't Uncovered Any Assassination Plans
Hezbollah Says Saudi 'Imposed' Lebanon PM's Resignation
Western Intel Warned Hariri of Death Plot: Asharq Al-Awsat
Saudi Arabia
Trump Backs New York in Bourses' Battle for Saudi Aramco Listing
Saudi Prince Killed in Helicopter Crash Near Yemen Border
Ritz Roundup Is Dark Side of Grand Saudi Ambition
Saudi Prince, Relieved From National Guard, Once Seen as Throne Contender
35 Yemeni Fighters Killed in Battles With Govt Forces
Saudi-Led Coalition Says Strike Hit a Legitimate Target in Yemen
Saudi-Led Coalition Closes Yemen's Land, Sea and Air Ports After Missile Targeted Riyadh
Human Rights Worker: Settlers Threw Rocks at Palestinian Olive Harvesters
Israeli Army Calls for Gaza 'Marshall Plan' to Thwart Takeover by Forces More Extreme Than Hamas
Israel Holding Bodies of Gaza Terrorists Killed in Tunnel Blast
Middle East
Iran's Hard-Liners Use Trump's Rhetoric to Target Rivals at Home
German, Turkish Foreign Ministers Meet After Detainee Released
United Nations
UN Reports 31 New Allegations of Sex Abuse and Exploitation
The War at Home
Resigned USS Cole Case Lawyers to Defy Court Judge's Order Again
'Fat Leonard' Probe Expands to Ensnare More Than 60 Admirals
US Army, Navy Cyber Commands Ready Far Ahead of Schedule
Senators Raise Concern That TSA Employees Still Afraid to Blow the Whistle
North Korea
Kremlin: No Cooperation Between Russia and US on North Korea
Trump Said 'Samurai' Japan Should Have Shot Down Overflying North Korean Missiles
US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan: US Military
Philippines Arrests Indonesian Wife of Slain Islamist Militant Leader
US Monitoring Sanctions Regime in Response to Myanmar Situation: Official
Ousted Catalan Leader Calls for United Front for Independence
Catalan 5 Cannot Leave Belgium Before Ruling
Thousands of Basque Protesters Take Sides in Catalonia Dispute
Russian Police Detain Over 400 at Anti-Putin Protests: Monitors
Gunman, Police Officer Killed in Ingushetia Road Checkpoint Attack
Thousands March in London Against Balfour Declaration
German Army Contemplates EU Fissures in Scenario Study
US Journalist Faces 20 Years in Prison for Insulting Mugabe
Mugabe's Wife Says Ready to Take Over in Zimbabwe
Egypt Rights Lawyer to Run for President in 2018
Egypt Summons Several Western Ambassadors Over Criticism of Rights Lawyer's Detention
Renegade Colonel Surrenders in Eastern Congo After Clashes, Seven Dead
US Diplomatic Staff Told to Leave Mogadishu After 'Specific' Threat
Armed Group Shuts Down Libya Comic Con for 'Attack on Morals'
'We Are Everywhere': How Ethiopia Became a Land of Prying Eyes
Tension in South Sudan Capital After Bid to Disarm Detained Ex-Army Chief
Niger Delta Leader Calls on Avengers to Hold Off Oil Attacks
Venezuela Opposition Leader Guevara Seeks Refuge in Chile Ambassador's Home
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