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Updated November 7, 2017 - 10:43 PM EST
Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon, Iran Declare War
  Saudi Purge Mounts, Another Prince Dies, Travel Bans Imposed
  Trump Endorses Saudi Crackdown to 'Neutralize Iran'
  Saudi Arabia Prevents Yemeni Govt Returning to South Yemen
Trump Seeks $5.9 Billion More for Military
  Visiting Japan, Trump Pushes Abe to Buy US Arms
Iraq Looks to Cut Kurds' Funding to Punish Them
  Military Releases Qaim Casualty Figures; 502 Killed in Iraq
item Does Congress Have the Guts to Invoke War Powers?  by Daniel Larison
item Facebook Farce Shows Lawmaker Deviousness  by Jim Bovard
item Trump's Vow to Hit ISIS Guarantees More Terrorism Against Americans  by Mehdi Hasan
item Red Lines and Lost Credibility  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item US Sells Out the Kurds – Again  by Reese Erlich
item Will the Saudi People Remain Bystanders?  by Michael Beer

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Libyan Rivals Split Over Army Leadership: Tripoli Parliament Head
Only 1 in 7 Catalans See Dispute With Madrid Ending in Independence: Poll
Former CIA Agent to Do Community Service for Cleric Kidnap
Texas Church Shooter Booted From Air Force After Beating Wife, Child
Military Releases Qaim Casualty Figures; 502 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Court Rules No Region Can Secede After Kurdish Independence Bid
Kurdistan to Handover Oil, Border Revenues if Baghdad Sends 17 Percent Budget Share: Barzani
Saudi Arabia/Iran/Yemen
Second Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz Confirmed Dead
Saudi-Led Coalition Blames Iran for Yemen Houthi Missile Attack
Saudi Says Reserves Right to Respond to Iran 'Hostile Actions'
Iran Says Saudi Arabia Facing Results of Its 'Wars of Aggression'
Saudi Policeman Shot Dead in Restive Qatif Region
The Saudi Power Struggle Hits the Arab World's Poorest Country
Detention of Amnesty Official by Israel Raises Alarm
Israel Condemned for Using Bodies as 'Bargaining Chips'
Middle East
Too Early to Talk About Lebanon's Government Resigning: Parliament Speaker
US, Turkey Restart Issuing Visas but Tensions Over Detentions Fester
Four Russian Reporters Injured in Syria's Deir Al-Zor
Catalonia's Ex-Leader Granted Freedom to Campaign for Independence
Gunmen Fire Shots at Greece's Socialist Party Headquarters
March in Poland Mourns Man Who Set Himself on Fire in Anti-Government Protest
US Investigates Reports of Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan
Pakistani Diplomat Shot in Afghanistan
Erik Prince Believes Trump Will Eventually Privatize Afghanistan War
Philippines Hunts for Possible New ISIS 'Emir' in South East Asia
UN Security Council Urges Myanmar to Stop Excessive Military Force
Bangladesh Police Arrest Militant Suspected of Killing US Blogger
French Raid Last Month Killed Hostage Malian Soldiers
Somalia's Islamist Insurgency Executes Four Men Accused of Spying
Liberian Court Halts Presidential Run-Off Vote Amid Fraud Probe
Togo Says Open to Talks With Opposition Over Demos
Petition Filed in Kenya Court Challenging Kenyatta's Election Victory
UK Says Briton Kidnapped in Nigeria Last Month Killed, Three Others Released
Mexico Arrests Two Police in Killing of US Citizen, Resident
Chile Willing to Grant Asylum to Venezuelan Opposition Lawmaker
The War at Home
'Fat Leonard' Corruption Probe Expands to 60 Admirals: Report
Nikki Haley: Unless UN Rights Council Reforms, US Is Out
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