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Updated November 9, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
Senate to Hold Hearings on Trump Nuke Authority
Army Secretary Pushes for Less Overseas Ops
  Cost of War Since 9/11 Actually 3 Times the Pentagon's Estimate
  US Budgetary Costs of Post-9/11 Wars Through FY2018: $5.6 Trillion
US To Have 16,000 Troops in Afghanistan Soon
Syrian Troops Seize 'Last' ISIS Stronghold
US, EU Back Lebanon, Despite Saudi War Threats
Spain Annuls Catalonia Independence Declaration
Palestinian Authority Resumes Security Ties With Israel
NATO To Upgrade Cyber Weapons 'To Combat Russia'
item 'Creeping Annexation': Why Israel Shelved 'Greater Jerusalem Law'  by Ramzy Baroud
item More 'Fake News,' Alas, From the New York Times  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Why We Shouldn't Exaggerate the Scale of Terrorism  by John Mueller
item Learning to Love McCarthyism  by Robert Parry
item Sadism in Afghanistan  by Tommy Raskin
item Trump Plays With Fire in Saudi Arabia  by Emma Ashford

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A Year On, Foreign Policy Restrainers Assess the Trump Administration
Young US Jews Want to Know Why No One Told Them About the Israeli Occupation

Dick Cheney Once Warned Against Military Action on North Korea

Mosul Family Perishes in Booby-Trapped Home; 11 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Stops Kurd Medical Supply, Causing Shortage for Locals, IDPs
Kirkuk Arabs Demand to Know Fate of Jailed Loved Ones
The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters
Iraq Foreign Minister Says Against 'Isolating and Besieging' Any Country
Israel Campaigns to Keep Hezbollah Out of Lebanese Government
Lebanon Speaker Says Government Still Stands After PM Quit: Sources
Lebanon Crisis: Iran-Saudi Power Struggle Over Hariri
Fuel Crisis Hits Yemen's Capital as Saudis Tighten Blockade
UN Warns if No Yemen Aid Access, World Will See Largest Famine in Decades
Turkish Opposition Calls for PM's Resignation Over Sons' Offshore Assets
Turkish Court Frees Opposition Journalist on Bail in Terrorism Trial: Paper
Turkey Signs Missile Accord With Paris and Rome
Israel Approves 240 East Jerusalem Settler Homes: Official
Move to Increase Powers of Detention for Israeli Guards Draws Criticism From Rights Groups
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Makes Fresh Arrests in Anti-Graft Crackdown: Sources
Iran's Velayati Says East Syria, Idlib to Be Cleared 'Soon'
In Abu Dhabi, France's Macron Says Must Remain Firm With Iran
Venezuela Assembly Passes New Law Clamping Down on Media
EU to Impose Arms Embargo on Venezuela, Lays Basis for Sanctions: Diplomats
US Military Joins Brazil Army Exercises in Amazon
Nicaragua Deploys Police to Quell Post-Poll Violence
The War at Home
Pentagon Confirms Rare, Three Aircraft Carrier Drill Nov. 11-14
Army to Determine if Bergdahl Is Owed Back Pay for His Time in Captivity
Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Apologizes for Data Breach, Blames Russians
North Korea
North Korea Says Sanctions Hurting Women, Children
Germany Urges North Korea to Accept US Talks Offer
China Says Will Investigate if UN Resolutions on North Korea Contravened
Philippines' Duterte to Trump: 'Lay Off' Human Rights When We Meet
Philippines to Ask China to Clarify Its Intentions in Disputed Sea
Philippine Ombudsman Files Criminal Case Against Ex-President Aquino in Botched Anti-Militant Raid
Sri Lanka
Men Report Rape, Branding, and Torture by Sri Lankan Forces
Catalan Strike Severs Road Links as Secessionist Leader Regroups
Caught Up in Catalan Crisis, Belgian PM Urges 'Dialogue'
OSCE Sees Increase in Ceasefire Violations in East Ukraine
Kremlin Warns of Mutual Damage if Ukraine Cuts Diplomatic Ties
NATO Green Lights Plan to Improve the Way It Commands Forces
British Aid Minister Resigns Over Undisclosed Meetings in Israel
ISIS's Footprint Spreading in Northern Somalia: UN
Kenya's Parliament Takes Three-Week Break at Opposition's Request
Cameroon Separatists Kill at Least Two Gendarmes as Anglophone Dispute Escalates
New US Government Rules Restrict Travel and Trade With Cuba
Cuban Opposition Falls at First Hurdle as Castro Handover Looms
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