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I write this under great duress, and against my better judgment: it has never been my policy to mix my personal life and my writing/professional life. This time, however, I don't see how I can avoid it.

My regular readers will have noticed that I've skipped more than a couple of columns recently, with no explanation. Well, here's the explanation: I have been diagnosed with late-stage adenocarcinoma cancer, and am now undergoing experimental therapy with the new drug Keytruda. Read on...

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Updated November 15, 2017 - 10:29 PM EST
House Passes $700 Billion Military Spending Bill
Saudis Bomb Yemen Airport, Block Aid Deliveries
  Huge Explosion Rocks Yemen's Aden, Casualties Reported
Russia Says US Providing Cover for ISIS Fighters
  Turkey 'Appalled' US Backed Deal on ISIS Withdrawal From Raqqa
  Netanyahu: Israel Will Act Alone to Force Iran Out of Syria
South Korea President: North Can't Denuclearize Quickly
  US Claims North Korea Behind Fallchill Malware
Zimbabwe Army Arrests Mugabe in Apparent Coup
Retired General: Military Would Reject First-Strike Orders
Lebanon PM Hariri Says He'll Return Within Two Days
item Congress Votes to Say It Hasn't Authorized War in Yemen, Yet War in Yemen Goes On  by Zaid Jilani
item Corruption in Israel Is Not Just an Israeli Issue  by Ramzy Baroud
item Washington Relegated to Bystander Status in Syria Talks  by Geoffrey Aronson
item How to Wield Influence and Sell Weaponry in Washington  by William Hartung
item Catalonia and the Art of Differential Diagnosis  by Thomas Harrington
item Behind the Saudi Troublemaking  by Paul Cochrane

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Debating America's Purpose
Dubious Russia Meddling 'Expert' Lobbied US Govt to 'Quell Information Rebellions'
My Son Survived a Tour in Afghanistan, but Not PTSD
Germany Quintuples Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Edward S. Herman: Master of Dissent (1925-2017)
ISIS Battles Near Kirkuk; 33 Killed in Iraq
Russia Says Didn't Promise Withdrawal of Pro-Iranian Forces From Syria
Iran, Lebanon's Hariri Differ on Key Meeting
Iran 'Hopes Hariri Will Remain Lebanon's Prime Minister'
EU Says Hariri Must Return to Lebanon, Warns Against Saudi Interference
At Least Six Killed in Yemen Suicide Bombing Claimed by ISIS
UN Warns Millions at Risk in Yemen, Urges Saudi Coalition to Open Ports
As Yemen Slides Further Into the Hell of War, One Town Is Thriving Like Never Before
Israel Uses US Tax Dollars to Abuse Palestinian Children. This Bill Would Put an End to That.
First Ever Bill on Palestinian Human Rights Introduced to US Congress
Palestinian Torture Survivors Hunt Ghosts of Their Past
Israeli Kamikaze-Drone Exporter Under Police Investigation Over Deal With 'Key Client'
Middle East
Arab Countries in Row With Qatar Are Not Interested in Solution: Emir
Bahrain Oil Minister Says No Reason Why Supply Cut Agreement Shouldn't Be Extended
Far-Right Italian Politician May Have Joined ISIS
Britain Has Not Seen Any Evidence of Successful Meddling in Elections
Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Bureau Launches Case Against Sister Agency
Bosnia Making Military Progress in NATO Bid: Alliance General
Four Serbs Get Suspended Sentences for 2008 Attack on US Embassy
Venezuelan Telecoms Regulator to Monitor Social Media Posts
Venezuela Opposition Says Talks With Government Delayed
Australia to Introduce Safeguards Against Covert Foreign Interference
France Says 'Go Ahead' to African Security Initiatives
Japan's PM Says North Korea Still Developing Missiles Despite Launch Pause
Duterte: War With North Korea Would 'End Humanity'
Defecting North Korean Soldier Critical After Escape in Hail of Bullets
Taliban Attack Afghan Checkpoints, Killing More Than 20 Police
Afghans Believe Country Headed in Wrong Direction, but Optimism Rising Slightly: Survey
Myanmar Military Clears Self on Rohingya
Tillerson to Press Myanmar Army Chief to Halt Violence So Rohingya Can Return
Donald Trump Skips East Asia Summit on Final Day of 12-Day Tour
Sri Lanka Defense Minister Denies Allegations of Torture, Rape
South China Sea Code of Conduct Talks to Be 'Stabilizer' for Region: China Premier
Pakistan Police Arrest Dozens From Islamist Party Blocking Entrance to Capital
Duterte Berates Canada's Trudeau at End of Philippines Summit
Tanks Rolls Into Zimbabwe Capital Hours After Coup Threat Against Robert Mugabe
Explosions Rock Zimbabwe Capital as Coup Speculation Intensifies
Zimbabwe Army Says Robert Mugabe Is 'Safe and Sound' Amid Reports of Explosions in Capital
Zimbabwe State Media Censors Army Chief's Comments on Zanu-Pf Purges
Zimbabwe's Army Warns That Any Provocation 'Will Be Met With an Appropriate Response'
Zimbabwe Crisis: Army Says It Is 'Targeting Criminals', Not Mugabe
Soldiers Seize Zimbabwe State Broadcaster, Anti-Mugabe Coup Talk Intensifies
Zimbabwe Military Threatens Coup Against Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF
Zimbabwe: Army Chief Accused of 'Treasonable Conduct'
Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Says Will Never Succumb to Army Threats
South Sudan
South Sudan Supreme Court Judge Quits Citing Lack of Independence
After US Visit, South Sudan's Kiir Orders Unhindered Aid Access
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