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Updated November 20, 2017 - 9:34 PM EST
One in Five US Airstrikes in Iraq Kills Civilians
  Iraq PM Bans Militia Leaders From May Election
US War Zone Deaths Rising First Time in 6 Years
  Trump Era Sparks New Debate About Nuclear War Authority
14K US Troops in Afghanistan, Surge 'Completed'
  Afghan Army Recruitment Dwindles Amid Taliban Threats
  DoD IG: US Troops Told to Ignore Child Sex Abuse by Afghan Forces
Palestinians to End US Ties if PLO Office Closed
  Egypt Reopens Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza Strip
60 Minutes, Barred From Yemen, Got the Footage
  Amid Yemen Carnage, Civilians Hit by US War on Terror
US Quietly Builds Up Troops in Somalia
Robert Mugabe Reversal: Won't Quit Presidency
Starved, 'Mutilated' Migrants Auctioned as Slaves in Libya
item Making Nuclear Weapons Usable Again  by Michael Klare
item There's No Such Thing as a Clean War  by Charles P. Pierce
item Trump Can't Declare War on North Korea – Only Congress Can  by Daniel L. Davis
item Israel's Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike  by Gareth Porter
item Make Saudi Arabia Great Again!  by Reese Erlich
item Russia-Gate Spreads to Europe  by Robert Parry

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Dark Cloud: Inside the Pentagon's Leaked Internet Surveillance Archive
Pentagon Left Public Intelligence Gathering Data on Exposed Server
Demonstrators in Germany Protest US, North Korea Tensions
The Color-Coded Israeli ID System for Palestinians
Mass Grave Found in Yazidi Town; 46 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Declares 'End' of ISIS Presence in Iraq
ISIS Left Clinging to Scraps in Syria and Iraq
Iraqi Children With War Trauma Cling to Hopes for Better Future
Demario Mayfield Is Iraq's New Basketball Star, and He's American
Syrian Army, Allies Take Back Albu Kamal From ISIS
Syrian Raids on Rebel-Held Region Kill 14 Civilians: Monitor
UN Calls on Syria Warring Sides to Stop Targeting Civilians
IDF Tank Fires Warning Shot at Syrian Forces Near Golan Border
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander, Another Fighter, Killed in Syria: Iranian Media
Turkey, Russia, and Iran Meet to Discuss Syria
Coming to Grips With the Fear of War in Lebanon
Hezbollah Raises Alert Status Across Lebanon
Lebanon Under 'Total Control' of Hezbollah: Bahrain FM
Hariri Supporters Hold Out Little Hope for Change
Saudi Arabia Recalls Envoy to Germany Over Lebanon Comments
France Ready to Host Int'l Meeting on Lebanon if Needed
Turkey Prosecutors Open Probe of Former, Acting US Attorneys
Turkey's Erdogan Rebuffs NATO Apology Over 'Enemy Poster'
Turkish Capital Bans LGBT Cinema, Exhibitions
Arab League Delivers Harsh Criticism of Iran and Hezbollah, but Little Action
France Should Not Interfere in Iran's Missile Program: Adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader
Israel's Attorney General Paves Way for Legalization of at Least 13 West Bank Outposts
Entire Bedouin Village Faced With Forced Displacement
Israeli Minister Reveals Covert Contacts With Saudi Arabia
The Color-Coded Israeli ID System for Palestinians
Palestinians Speak Out on 50th Anniversary of Resolution 242
Israeli Commando Unit May Get New 'Super Rifle' in Coming Months
Israel to Deport 40,000 African Refugees Without Their Consent
Haiti Police Accused of Executing Civilians
Haitian Army Set to Make Controversial Return After Two Decades
Ousted Caracas Mayor Arrives in Madrid After Fleeing House Arrest
US Military
Sexual Assault Reports in US Military Have Sharply Increased Since 2013
What's Inside the $700 Billion Defense Budget Plan Headed to Trump's Desk?
Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen Challenges US to Cut All Aid to His Country
Cambodia Charges Two Radio Free Asia Journalists With Espionage
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Deploys Troops to Prevent Communal Riots
Sri Lanka Arrests 19 After Buddhist-Muslim Violence; Four Injured
Japanese Tug Boat Scrapes US Navy Ship During Exercise
US Serviceman Arrested for Fatal Road Accident in Okinawa
US Service Members in Japan Forbidden From Buying or Drinking Alcohol After Fatal Crash
Attacks Leave 11 Afghan Police Dead
Kashmir: Seven Killed in Fierce Gun Battle
China Military Website to Report Leaks
Bangladesh Arrests Militant Suspect in US Blogger Killing
Robert Mugabe Is Ousted From His Ruling Party in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Army Stops Crowd Marching on Mugabe's Official Home
Zimbabwe War Vets Leader Says Mugabe Will Be Impeached
Zimbabwe's Mugabe 'Ready to Die for What Is Correct', Nephew Tells Reuters
Sale of Migrants as Slaves in Libya Causes Outrage in Africa and Paris
Gambia: 12 Soldiers Charged Over Attempted Coup
Clashes as Four Bodies Found in Nairobi Slum
Egyptian Activists Detained by Court for Protesting Red Sea Islands Transfer
NSC to Present Trump $47m Deal to Arm Ukraine Against Russia
Police: At Least Six Officers Injured During Odessa Protest
Ukraine Summons Polish Envoy as Diplomatic Row Between Neighbors Deepens
Land Mines in Ukraine's East Put It Among World's Most Dangerous Areas for Civilians
US and Poland Strike $10.5 Billion Missile Defense Deal
France to 'Prevent' Muslim Street Prayers in Paris Suburb
British F-35 Engines Must Be Sent to Turkey for Overhaul
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