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Updated November 21, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
US Airstrikes Target Taliban Opium Labs
  Prosecutor Seeks Probe of US Personnel in Afghanistan
One in Five US Airstrikes in Iraq Kills Civilians
  Iraqi Kurds Ask US to Appoint Special Envoy to Mediate Dispute
After Detour, Lebanon PM Finally Returns Home
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Resigns
Trump to Set N. Korea a State Sponsor of Terror
UN 'Horrified' by Libya Slave Auctions
Bomber Kills at Least 50 in Nigeria Mosque
US Sanctions Euro Firms Over Iran 'Counterfeiting Scheme'
Israeli Minister Confirms Covert Ties With Saudi Govt
item Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?  by Ron Paul
item How to Stop a President From Ordering a Nuclear First Strike  by Thomas Knapp
item Western Elites Find New 'China Threat' Theory  by Jiang Feng
item Who's a 'Foreign Agent'?  by Justin Raimondo
item 60 Minutes Imagines a Different War in Yemen  by Derek Davison
item Killing More Innocents Than We Admit  by Paul R. Pillar

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Two Detained Catalan Govt Members Say They Accept Madrid's Control
The Saudi System and Why Its Change May Fail
Iran, Lebanon Reject Arab League Criticism as Tensions Mount
Burkina Faso Recalls Ambassador to Libya Over 'Slave Markets' Report
US General Sets Two-Year Goal for Driving Back Afghan Taliban
The US Just Flew a Stealth Fighter to Bomb Drug Labs in Afghanistan
North Korean Foreign Minister Heads to Cuba
Twenty Chinese Uighurs Use Blankets to Escape Thai Cell
China Upset as Indian President Visits Disputed Border Region
Cambodia's Opposition Gives Up Posts After Ban
Zimbabwe Opposition Wants Inclusive Political Process After Military Intervention
Boko Haram Kills Six in NE Nigeria: Militia, Local
Kenya's Supreme Court Upholds Kenyatta Election Win
Argentina Navy: Missing Sub 'Had Called to Report Breakdown'
Turkey Detains 51 Teachers Over Suspected Links to Coup: Dogan
Syrian Kurdish Militia Attacks Turkish Outpost in Syria's Idlib, No Casualties
Riyad Hijab Quits as Head of Syrian Opposition's HNC
Mass Grave Found in Yazidi Town; 46 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Court Rules Kurdish Independence Vote Unconstitutional
Lebanon's Hezbollah Denies Sending Weapons to Yemen
Red Cross: 2.5 Million Yemenis Now Lack Access to Clean Water
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Squeezes Detainees as It Tries to Seize Assets
Saudi Agency Says Country Targeted in Cyber Spying Campaign
Nasrallah Admits: Hezbollah Smuggled Advanced Arms Into Gaza
Is Dutch Foreign Minister Lying About Israeli Settlements Deal?
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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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