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Updated November 27, 2017 - 11:24 PM EST
Islamist Leader Calls for End to Pakistan Protest
  Pakistan Army Won't Use Force on Protesters After Crackdown Failed
  Growing Protests Shut Down Karachi, Hit Other Major Cities
Egypt Reels After Friday Mosque Attack in Sinai
US Reverses Order to Close PLO Office in DC
Pentagon Wants Afghan Child Sex Abuse Report Classified
First Aid Ship Finally Allowed Into Blockaded Yemen Port
NSA Surveillance Set for Renewal, Will Reforms Happen?
item Why There Is No Peace on Earth  by David Stockman
item Congressmen Pressed Obama to Pardon Spy Lawrence Franklin  by Grant Smith
item White House Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story  by Adam Johnson
item Is #TheResistance a CIA Front?  by Justin Raimondo
item Trump Would Be a Fool to Arm Ukraine  by Daniel Larison
item Libya Is a Failed State (and It's America's Fault)  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Dubai Security Chief Calls for Bombing of Al Jazeera
Robert Mugabe to Get $10m Payoff and Immunity for His Family
Russia's Putin Signs 'Foreign Agents' Media Law
Cuba Holds Municipal Vote on Road to Castro Era's End
US Troops Killed in Plane Crashes Skyrockets in 2017
Pakistan Islamists Rally on After Deadly Clashes With Police
Another Pakistan Lawmaker Quits Over Crackdown
US Warns of Repercussions for Pakistan Over Freed Militant
Access to News Channels, Social Media Suspended in Pakistan
Suicide Bomber Hits Southwest Pakistan
Multiple Protests in Karachi Bring City to a Standstill
North Korea
China Shuts Main Route Into North Korea as Nuclear Tensions Dominate Region
Japan Coast Guard Finds Body of Dead Male Suspected From North Korea
Clashes Between ISIS, Taliban Displace Hundreds in Eastern Afghanistan
Bangladesh Says Agreed With Myanmar for UNHCR to Assist Rohingya's Return
Nepal Votes in Landmark Poll; Army Blames Rogue Maoists for Blasts
Egyptian Air Raid Kills 'Terrorist' Mosque Attackers
Mosque Attack Is a Testament to Egypt's Impotence in Sinai
Israel Says It Will 'Lend a Hand' in Egypt's Fight Against ISIS
ISIS Raises Stakes With Egypt Mosque Attack
Gunmen in Egypt Mosque Attack Carried ISIS Flag, Prosecutor Says
Egyptian Village Where Mosque Was Attacked Had Been Warned
To the World, They Are Muslims. to ISIS, Sufis Are Heretics.
Egypt Attack to Spur on Saudi-Backed Muslim Military Alliance: Crown Prince
Zimbabwe Court Says Military Takeover Was Legal
Suddenly, Zimbabwe's Biggest Newspaper Can Print Exactly What It Wants. It's Harder Than It Sounds.
Nigerian Army Repels Boko Haram Attack on Town: Spokesman
British Aid Worker Shot Dead in Nigeria After Singing Amazing Grace
Militants Kill Egyptian UN Peacekeeper in Central African Republic
Thirty-One Bodies Recovered After Migrant Boat Sinks Off Libya
President Favored as Hondurans Vote, but Critics Fear Power Grab
Russian Strikes Kill 53 Civilians in Syria's Deir Ezzor: Monitor
Syrian Government Push for Damascus Rebel Enclave Kills at Least 23
US to Keep Supporting SDF, Including Kurds, in Syria
Syria's Kurds To Hold Second Phase of Elections in North
Russian Long-Range Bombers Hit ISIS Targets in Syria: Agencies
UN Tries to Jump-Start Struggling Syria Peace Talks
What Is the Future of the Syrian Democratic Forces?
Iran's Rouhani Says Sochi Summit 'Right Step, at Right Time' for Syria
Yazidi Mass Grave Found; 173 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Offers Nine Oil and Gas Blocks for Exploration Near Iran, Kuwait Borders
Lebanon's Hariri Takes Critical Line on Hezbollah
Lebanon Skips Saudi-Led Anti-Terrorism Summit
Lebanese Actor Arrested for 'Collaborating' With Israel
PA Controls Just 5% of Gaza, Senior Abbas Minister Says
Netanyahu Said to Warn Assad: We'll Strike if You Let Iran Set Up Bases in Syria
Israeli Security Officer Resigns After Locking Consul in Embassy
Middle East
UN Says 11 Million Yemen Children Desperately Need Aid
Qatar Calls for Joint Efforts to Combat Terrorism Financing
Separatists and Unionists Tied for Support Ahead of Catalan Elections: Poll
Sacked Catalan Leader Challenges EU to Respect Election Outcome
New Separatist Leader Appointed in Eastern Ukraine
South Ossetia in Three-Way Prisoner Swap With Tbilisi
Looters Arrested in Brussels After Protest Against Libyan Slave Trade
The War at Home
Judge Who Once Ruled Against NSA Metadata Program Tosses Lawsuit
Extreme Digital Vetting of Visitors to the US Moves Forward Under a New Name
Pilot Who Buzzed Colorado Canyon in Fighter Jet, Snapping Power Lines, Says Power Company at Fault in Accident
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