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Updated November 30, 2017 - 11:19 PM EST
Trump Threatens Tillerson in New York Times
Report: US Special Forces Massacred Somalis
  Despite Evidence, Pentagon Denies US Troops Killed Somali Civilians
Turkey Says Killed 80 'Militants' in North Iraq
  Kurds Attack Shi'ite Militiamen; 173 Killed in Iraq
  Russia Accuses US of Trying to Partition Syria
Report: Trump To Announce Embassy Move to Jerusalem
North Korea's Declaration Could Be a Prelude to Talks
US Firms Sold $42 Billion in Arms Overseas in 2017
NATO Should Defend Sweden, Finland if Attacked: Official
Clashes Kill 4 in Yemen Capital as Anti-Saudi Alliance Frays
item Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya  by Ben Norton
item Why the US Wants to Shut Down PLO Office  by Ramzy Baroud
item Biased Reporting on a Bad Guy: Mohammed Bin Salman  by Michael S. Rozeff
item US Bows to Israeli/Saudi Alliance in Blaming Iran  by Ted Snider
item Trump's Mission Creep in Syria  by Daniel Larison
item What US Enmity Has Wrought in Iran  by Paul R. Pillar

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Tillerson's Swan Song? or Just Getting Started?
US, Britain, France Accused of Snubbing Anti-Nuclear Nobel Prize
White House May Share Nuclear Power Technology With Saudi Arabia
Philippine Troops Kill 14 Maoist Rebels in Clash
Kurds Attack Shi'ite Militiamen; 173 Killed in Iraq
US Deployed Large Military Presence to Kirkuk: Provincial Official
Kurdish 'Liberation Army' Threatens to Attack Militia in Tuz Khurmato
Ghouta Child Malnutrition Worst in Syria's War: UN
Israel, Egypt Pushed US to Bomb Iran Before Nuclear Deal, John Kerry Says
Iran Denies Airspace Access to Bulgarian PM's Plane En Route to Riyadh: Minister
Car Bomb Kills Five in Southern Yemen; ISIS Claims Responsibility
Red Cross Buying Fuel to Pump Clean Water in Yemen as 'Last Resort'
GCC Summit to Convene Despite Qatar Crisis
Qatar Builds Dairy Industry in Desert as It Defies Arab Boycott
Egyptian General Arrives in Gaza to Oversee Hamas-Fatah Deal Implementation
Palestinian Rivals Delay Full Gaza Handover by 10 Days
Report: Netanyahu Asked Mubarak to Settle Palestinians in Sinai
What a US Embassy in Jerusalem Means to Palestinians
Trump Administration Using Unjust US Law to Pressure Palestinians
Israel Is Shooting Itself in the Foot by Declaring Its Ties to Saudi Arabia, Expert Warns
American Jewish Visitor Forced to Sign Loyalty Oath in Order to Get Tourist Visa to Israel
Middle East
Lebanon's Hariri Signals May Withdraw Resignation Next Week
Turkey Seeks Arrest of 360 People in Probe Targeting Gulen Network in Army: Media
Venezuela's Maduro Strips Rival of UN Post Amid Corruption Purge: Sources
Venezuela Systematically Abused Foes in 2017 Protests: Rights Groups
Election Crisis Engulfs Honduras With Rival Candidates Neck-And-Neck
Two Human Heads Found Outside Broadcaster's Office in Mexico
Bolivian President Welcomes, Opposition Slams Re-Election Ruling
Argentine Court Sentences 29 to Life for Dictatorship Crimes
Philippine Troops Kill 14 Maoist Rebels in Clash: Army
The War at Home
Lawsuit Aims to Uncover How Government Surveils Journalists
Trump Retweets 5-Year-Old Violent Videos From Syria, Egypt
US Lawmaker Says House Intel Panel Near Consensus on NSA Spy Program
Ex-Contractor Found Guilty in Land-Lease Scheme Involving Iraqi General
NSA Caught Navy Officer Illegally Trying to Pry Into American's Phone
US Government Uses Project Veritas Video in Trial of Anti-Trump Protesters
Libya Allows Emergency Migrant 'Evacuations' After Slavery Uproar
LNA-Linked Groups Appear Responsible for East Libya Killings: HRW
Egypt's Sisi Calls on Military Chief to Secure Sinai in Three Months
Egyptian Presidential Hopeful Says Barred From Travel From UAE
Somalia: Top ISIS Commander in Somalia Killed in US Airstrike
Tribal Militia Kill 43 in South Sudan's Jonglei State, Abduct Women, Children
Sudan Armed Groups Still Deploy Child Soldiers: UN
UN Urges DR Congo to 'Respect Freedom' Ahead of Protest
A Bosnian Croat War General Is Dead After Drinking Poison in War Crimes Trial
Judges Uphold Bosnian Croat Convictions in Last Verdict of Yugoslav War Tribunal
Joining NATO Would Help Finland's Security but Unlikely for Now: Finance Minister
Three Dead Bodies Pulled From Sea Near Spain After Migrant Boat Sinks
Germany's Top Court Frees Far-Right 'Refugee' Soldier Accused of Planning Terrorist Attack
Ukraine, Rebels to Release War Captives
Greece Charges Nine Over Links to Banned Turkish Group
After Threats, EU Lawmakers Seek 'Protection' on Malta Visit
North Korea
US Calls for Global Shutdown of All Ties to North Korea
US Asks China to Cut Off Oil Supply to North Korea
China Expresses 'Grave Concern' Over North Korean Missile Test
Gunmen Kill Intelligence Officer at Islamabad Shi'ite Mosque
Pakistan Raises $2.5 Billion in Dollar Debt as Reserves Fall
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