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Updated December 1, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
Trump Threatens Tillerson in New York Times
Western Nuke Nations to Boycott Nobel Ceremony
  Pentagon Indefinitely Delays Cluster Bomb Ban
Coalition: Over 400 US Marines to Leave Syria
  Israelis Reportedly Attack Iranian Military Base Near Damascus
  US Admits to Tiny Fraction of Civilians Killed in Iraq and Syria
  Mass Yazidi Grave Yields Hundreds of Bodies; 260 Killed in Iraq
NSA Secretly Helped Convict Defendants in US Courts: Docs
  Judge Orders Govt Disclosures on American Held by US Military
Pentagon Will Begin To Use Armed Drones in Niger
Honduran Police Clash With Protesters After Contested Vote
Anti-Saudi Allies Clash for Second Day in Yemen’s Capital
item How Hillary Clinton Screwed Honduran Democracy  by Justin Raimondo
item Rex Tillerson 'Is a Dead Man Walking'  by Peter Van Buren
item Lawmakers Scrambling to Prevent Trump From Starting Nuclear War  by Lisa Fuller
item Little Rocket Man's Risky Game  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item What's Wrong With Talking to North Korea?  by Jonathan Marshall
item Militarism Is One of the True Religions of the United States  Interview with Matthew Hoh

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UK Government Pressured Over Secret Base's Role in Trump's Drone Strikes
Romania Signs Deal to Buy US Missile Defense System
Canada's Top Court to Rule on Press Freedoms
Death Toll From Somalia Truck Bomb in October Now at 512: Probe Committee
Mass Yazidi Grave Yields Hundreds of Bodies; 260 Killed in Iraq
The World 'Owes' Iraq a Marshall Plan, Says FM
Kurdish 'Liberation Army' Threatens to Attack Militia in Tuz Khurmato
UN Brings Syria Talks Under One Roof, Not Yet Into One Room
UN Appeal to Evacuate Civilians From Syria's Rebel-Held Ghouta
In Warning to Ankara, EU Cuts Funds for Turkey's Membership Bid
Turkish Prosecutors Investigating Claims of Erdogan Family Money Transfers
Turkish Gold Trader Implicates Erdogan in Iran Money Laundering
UK PM May Says We Must Stand Firm in Support of Iran Deal
US Companies Are the Biggest Losers From Sanctions, Iran's Energy Minister Says
China Pushing Billions Into Iranian Economy as Western Firms Stall
Trump's Gulf Policies Impulsive and Dangerous: Iranian Minister
US Officials: Trump Mulls Declaring Jerusalem Israel's Capital
Israel Raids Three Palestinian Villages Where Hundreds Are Slated to Be Expelled From Their Homes
Israel Strikes Militant Targets in Gaza After Mortar Barrage
IDF: Islamic Jihad Carried Out Gaza Mortar Fire in Retaliation for Tunnel Strike
Palestinian Farmer Shot Dead by Israeli Settler
Israeli Soldier Stabbed to Death in Southern Israel in Suspected Terror Attack
In an Unprecedented Move, 10 Democratic Senators Demand That Netanyahu Halt Israel Demolition of Palestinian Village
ICC Prosecutor Reaffirms She Won't Open Gaza Flotilla Probe
Middle East
Theresa May: Saudi Blockade on Yemen Must Be Eased
French Defense Minister Hopeful for Fighter Jets, Armored Vehicle Sale to Qatar
Venezuela Arrests Ex-Oil Bosses for Graft in Widening Purge
InVideo, Detained Venezuela Oil Minister Says Is 'Victim'
Spanish Court Orders Prison for Ex-Salvadoran Officer Over Priests' Massacre
Bolivia's Morales Says He'll Defy US by Seeking 4th Term
The War at Home
Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Cellphone Location Tracking in Landmark Privacy Case
American Detained by Military Wants a Lawyer, Government Acknowledges
Blackwater Founder Tells House Investigators He Met With Kremlin-Linked Banker in Seychelles
Son of Russian Lawmaker Sentenced in US for Role in Cyber Crime Ring
North Korea
US Threatens to 'Utterly Destroy' North Korean Regime
Germany Withdraws Diplomat From North Korea
Mattis Says Has Confidence in Diplomatic Efforts on North Korea
Kremlin Says US Idea to Cut All Ties With North Korea Simplistic
Russia Accuses US of Trying to Provoke North Korean Leader 'To Fly Off Handle'
Tillerson: China Could Do More to Curb Oil Exports to North Korea
North Korea Missile Test: Experts Dissect New Images, Weigh In
Suspected US Drone Targets Haqqani Militants in Pakistan, Killing Four
Roadside Bomb Kills Five Anti-Taliban Fighters in Pakistan
Russian PM Says US-Russia Ties at Low Ebb but Trump 'Friendly'
Kremlin Calls US Congress Move Against RT TV Station 'Very Unfriendly'
Video Gives New Prominence to Charges of Libyan Slave Trade
Libyan PM Asks for Easing of Arms Embargo
Russia and Egypt Move Toward Deal on Air Bases
UAE Denies It Barred Egypt's Former Premier From Leaving Country
Zimbabwe's New Leader Appoints Cabinet; Ruling Party Favored
Mauritanian Activists Arrested Over Massacre Protest: Rights Groups
Donald Trump's 'Working Visit' to UK Dropped as Tensions With Theresa May Grow Over President's Far-Right Retweets
Denmark Passes Law That Could Ban Russian Pipeline From Going Through Its Waters
Two Dead After Bereaved Father Sets Off Grenades at Murder Trial in Ukraine
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