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Updated December 5, 2017 - 11:21 PM EST
Trump Announces Embassy Move to Jerusalem
  Palestinians Fume: Saudi Peace Plan Biased Toward Israel
Houthi Forces Kill Former Yemen President Saleh
  Mounting Clashes in Yemen's Capital Halt Aid, Trap Civilians
  GOP Senator Presses Trump Administration Over Saudi Blockade
  US Patriot Missiles Reportedly Failed During Use in Riyadh
Israel Launches New Attacks on Syrian Targets
  US Officials Claim Assad 'Not Capable of Winning' in Syria War
Honduras President Leading After 'Partial Recount'
  Honduras Deploying US-Trained Forces Against Election Protesters
Trump Mulls Creating Private Spy Network
US, South Korea Launch Air Drills Amid N. Korea Warnings
CBO: Trump Military Buildup Would Cost Extra $683 Billion
item The FBI's Perjury Trap of the Century  by David Stockman
item No, the 'Long War' Didn't Fail Because of American Democracy  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Korea: End the 67-Year War  by Robert Alvarez
item Why Is There No 'Saudi-Gate'?  by Branko Marcetic
item Is Flynn's Defection a Death Blow?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Libertarianism and Restraint  by Christopher A. Preble

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Finland Should Stay Militarily Non-Aligned: Prime Minister
Corsica's Nationalists Press for Autonomy Talks After Local Vote
US Senators Cautiously Challenge Ethnic Cleansing by Israel
Lebanon's Hariri to Meet Major Powers in Paris
Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 91 Killed in Iraq
'Reasonable Basis' for British War Crimes in Iraq: ICC
Iraq Accused of Violating Due Process for ISIS Suspects
Iraqi VP 'Baffled' by French Demand to Disband Militia
Syrian Walkout From Talks 'An Embarrassment to Russia': Opposition
Before and After: Satellite Photos Reveal Aftermath of Alleged Israeli Strike on 'Iranian' Military 'Base' in Syria
Syrian Refugees Trapped in a No Man's Land
Palestinian Shot in West Bank Clashes: Officials
Israel Lobby Billionaire Praises Kushner for Collusion With Netanyahu
Palestine in Pictures: November 2017
An Ominous Warning: 'Netanyahu Needs a War With Iran. and He Needs It Soon'
'Kiss of Death' to Two-State Solution if Jerusalem Declared Israel Capital: PLO Envoy
Middle East
US Firms Invited to Bid for Saudi Nuclear Plants
Jordan Sentences Syrian Militant to Death Over Border Attack
Turkey Says Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital Would Cause Catastrophe
OAS Says Honduran Vote Results in Doubt Due to 'Irregularities'
US Document Certifies Honduras as Supporting Rights Amid Vote Crisis
Bolivians Spoil Ballots in Judicial Vote to Protest Morales
Yemen: 'Now There Will Be a New Level of Civil War'
Fiercest Clashes Yet in Sanaa, Yemen Casualties Growing: Red Cross
Fighting and Air Strikes in Yemen's Sanaa Trap Civilians and Halt Aid: UN
US Calls on Yemen's Warring Factions to Re-Energize Talks
Hadi Calls on Yemenis to Rise Up Against Houthis After Saleh's Death: Live Speech
Qatar Foreign Minister Joins GCC Peers in Kuwait Meeting
France Close to Qatar Military, Transport Contracts: Presidential Source
Spain's Supreme Court Refuses Bail for Former Catalonia Cabinet Members
Catalonia's Pro-Independence Parties Seen Losing Majority in Election: Poll
German Pilots Refuse to Carry Out Deportations
On Foreign Policy, Lets Stop Waiting for US Decisions, German Minister Says
Egyptian Security Forces Kill Five Suspected Militants in Raid
Former Egypt Premier Says He's 'Fine' and Still Mulling Election Bid
Militants Kill UN Peacekeeper in Central African Republic
HRW: DRC Recruited M23 to Crush Anti-Kabila Protests
Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis Deepening
Senior UN Official to Visit North Korea
Mattis Tells Pakistan to 'Redouble' Counterterrorism Efforts in First Visit
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