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Updated December 6, 2017 - 11:04 PM EST
Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli Capital
Trump Tells Saudis To End Yemen Blockade
  Saudi Airstrikes Continue as UN Urges Yemen Ceasefire
  Fighting Slows in Yemen Prepares for Saleh Funeral
  Yemen's War Is Destroying a Generation of Children
Pentagon: US Troops to Remain in Syria
  US-Led Coalition: Less Than 3,000 ISIS Fighters Left in Iraq, Syria
Russia Barred From Winter Olympics
  Russia Labels Radio Free Europe, Voice of America as 'Foreign Agents'
Lebanese PM Reports Deal, Rescinds Resignation
US Airstrikes Rise in Afghanistan – So Do Civilian Deaths
Russia Promises to Exert Influence on North Korea
Islamist Plot to Assassinate PM Theresa May 'Foiled'
item The Saudi Blockade Keeps Killing Yemenis With Starvation, Disease  by Daniel Larison
item Russia: Our New (and Old) Official Enemy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item There Is Still Time to Develop a Solution to the North Korea Crisis  by Doug Bandow
item The Next Niger
 by Nick Turse
item Russiagate Becomes Israelgate  by Philip Giraldi
item Veterans and the Public Agree: US Foreign Policy Isn't Working  by Bonnie Kristian

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Dana Rohrabacher to Testify on Meeting With Assange
Case Against 9/11 Defendant Starts to Emerge at Guantanamo
Navy's 2nd Stealthy Destroyer Heads Out to Sea
Top al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Warrant for Puigdemont, Catalan Separatist, Dropped
Family Blown Up in Mosul; 35 Killed in Iraq
Bus Bomb Kills Eight in Syria's Homs City: State Media
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Destroy Those in Syria Linked to Kurdish Militants
US Embassies Warned to Boost Security Ahead of Possible Jerusalem Announcement: Report
Trump's Jerusalem Decision: Palestinians Declare Three 'Days of Rage' Across West Bank; Arab World Outraged
Abbas Asks Pope, World Powers, to Intervene Against US Embassy Move: Spokesman
TV: Netanyahu and Aides Were 'Active Partners' With Trump Team on Jerusalem Move
Saudi King Warns Trump Against US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Agency
In Generational Shift, Millennial Evangelicals Not as Supportive of Israel
Iraq Opposed to US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli Capital
US Embassy Move Can Be Done in 'Two Minutes': Jerusalem Mayor
Turkey President Erdogan Tells Trump Declaring Jerusalem Israel's Capital Is a 'Red Line' for Muslims
Russia Expects New Sanctions to Further Sour Its Ties With US in 2018: RIA
In Brussels, Rex Tillerson Reaffirms US Commitment to EU at NATO Meeting
UN Urges Kosovo to Stop Citizens From Joining Terror Groups
Supporters Free Ex-Georgian Leader Saakashvili From Ukrainian Police Amid Chaotic Scenes
Cameroonians Flee Govt Troops in English-Speaking Regions
Nigeria's Senate to Probe Police Brutality Allegations
Toll in Sanaa Fighting Rises to 234 Killed, 400 Wounded: Red Cross
Yemen Humanitarian Situation Likely to Worsen With Saleh Death: Mattis
'This Is Very Much a US/Saudi War on Yemen'
Saleh's Nephew Killed in Yemen Fighting
Dozens of Journalists Held Hostage by Houthis in Yemen
Exiled Son of Yemen's Saleh Takes Up Anti-Houthi Cause
Arab League Says Death of Saleh Risks 'Explosion' in Yemen
Middle East
Turkish Academics to Be Tried in April Over Kurdish Letter
Saudi Says Most People Detained in Anti-Corruption Sweep Have Settled
Gulf Rulers Boycotting Qatar Skip Annual Summit
UN Official's Visit to North Korea Sparks Hope of Mediation Role
UN Envoy Not Carrying US Government Message on North Korea Visit: US Official
Russia Increasing Oil Exports to North Korea
US B-1b Bombers to Fly Over Korean Peninsula, Yonhap Reports
Six Dead in North Waziristan Roadside Bombing
Pakistani Peace Activist Reported Missing, Police Say
Shoot-Out Between Colombia Rebels Kills 13, Government Says
Trump Names Career Diplomat to Head Cuban Embassy: Sources
Honduras Opposition Proposes Election Recount or Run-Off
Venezuela's UN Envoy Says He Was Pushed Out by Maduro
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