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Updated December 8, 2017 - 9:54 PM EST
UN Security Council Condemns Jerusalem Move
  Israel Braces for Palestinians' Friday 'Day of Rage'
  US Asks Israel to 'Restrain' Response to Jerusalem Recognition
  Anger Over Jerusalem Speeds Gaza Handover Talks
  EU Vows Push to Make Jerusalem Capital for Palestinians Too
Saudi-Backed Forces Seize Yemen Coastal Area
  White House 'Believes' Saudis Will Open Yemen Port to Aid
Defector: Thousands of ISIS Left Raqqa in Secret Deal
Tillerson: Ukraine Is Biggest Obstacle to Normal Russia Ties
item Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Harms the US  by Grant Smith
item Is Rapprochement With Russia Still Possible?  by Daniel Larison
item Trump's Decision Will Torpedo US Influence in Muslim World  by Patrick Cockburn
item The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Is America Headed Toward War With North Korea?  by Curt Mills
item Tangled Threads of Russia-Gate  by Robert Parry

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The Doomsday Machine
by Daniel Ellsberg
Erik Prince Has His Eye on Afghanistan's Rare Metals
Lavrov: US Pressure on Russian Diplomats and Media Is Unacceptable
Kurdish Refugee Camp Bombed; 18 Killed in Iraq
Secret Scholar Who Battled ISIS Goes Public
Syrian Boys Caught in 'Vicious Cycle' of Sex Abuse: UN
Qatar's Tamim Ready to Resolve Row With Gulf Arabs, Says Sovereignty Sacred
France and Qatar Sign Deals Worth 12 Billion Euros: Macron
Middle East
Yemen Houthi Rebel 'Abuses' Stir HRW Concerns
Ousted Miss Turkey Said Facing Up to a Year in Jail Over Tweet
UN Aviation Agency Not Eyeing 'No-Fly' Zone Around North Korea: Sources
White House Says US Will Attend Winter Olympics in South Korea Despite Reports It May Pull Out Over Security Fears
Army Chief Says Pakistan Should 'Revisit' Islamic Madrassa Schools
China Says India Drone 'Invaded' Its Airspace Before Crashing
How Rodrigo Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon – With a Little Help From Facebook
Nepal Votes in First Parliamentary Election Since 1999
US Lawmakers Dismiss Venezuela's Plan to Create Crypto-Currency
Hamas Calls for Third Intifada After US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
After Trump Speech, Fatah Official Says Pence 'Unwanted in Palestine'
Israel Strikes Gaza Militant Posts After Rockets Fired at Israel: Army
Israel Uses Palestinian Land to Illegally Dump Toxic Waste
Jerusalem: Global Reaction
All 28 EU Foreign Ministers Warned Trump Administration Not to Move US Embassy
Jordanians Demand Closure of US Embassy in Amman
Aoun to Abbas: Lebanon Stands With Palestine
Czech President Wants to Follow US on Jerusalem Embassy Move
Al Qaeda Condemns Trump's Jerusalem Move, Calls for Action
Turkey Says US 'Pulled the Pin on Bomb' With Jerusalem Decision
Ukraine Shelves Controversial Corruption Law After Donor Pressure
British Muslim Men Charged With Terror Offenses
Nigerian Police Official Defends Unit Against Brutality Accusations
Swearing in Unofficial President Is 'Treason', Kenya Attorney General Says
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